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4 anillos en los últimos 8 años. La dinastía de los Golden State Warriors. #PortadaSp_.

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Early prediction: It’s the Defending World Champion Golden State @warriors and the Milwaukee @Bucks in next year’s NBA Finals. 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Ref penalising panthers through the wazoo to give warriors a chance #NRLWarriorsPanthers.

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter in basketball history. The truth is he still writing basketball history. Warriors Have created a dynasty. Bob Myers is the best GM in the NBA. Warriors have the best ownership in basketball. They have one objective that is to win..

@mobleydelisi_4 Warriors’ın 1946’dan beri NBA’de olma avantajı var. 60’larda Wilt, 70’lerde Barry dönemleri var. O yüzden warriors..

@RiversUnitedFC Chijioke Akuneto is the only player to have scored three braces (two goals) and a hat trick in the current #NPFL22. He scored two goals each against Plateau United, MFM FC and Abia Warriors while his only hat trick was against Akwa United. Goal king..

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@keekerz685 He is so leaga to the Warriors 😂😂 Just cares about the kama and his ugly Manly eagle’s 😂.

Los Warriors terminaron llevándose el título (4-2) con una decisión brillante de Kerr:.

I picked the warriors but I’m truly disappointed in the celtics. They were the better team and that series showed it. They crumbled in Game 5 and 6. Congrats to the greatest dynasty in my lifetime, @warriors.

los #Warriors dieron un gran salto de calidad, terminaron primeros en el Oeste y Curry se llevó su primer MVP de la temporada regular..

What is it with these right wing warriors? Posts this then blocks replies straight away. Such brave, hard keyboard warriors!.

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@DanielWineberg Warriors been sneaky this entire post season in that took away the 3 n it was a lay up tried to do the same ur good to see loyalty pay off in this era of play w ur friends nba.

Jornal de Desporto às 12h30📻 🐉Princípio de acordo com @Arsenal por Fábio Vieira. Nuno Lobo e José Fernando Rio analisam; família feliz 🦁Palhinha e Matheus Nunes de saída? Desafio para Amorim, diz Barão 🇧🇷Vitórias para Abel e Luís Castro 🏀Golden State Warriors campeões da NBA.

Warriors n their team have a right to talk shit, cuz they won a chip. Doesn’t rlly deter me at all, got a young small market team making noise that’s how you know they’re good. Gotta be doin something right if we’re that small of a market and ppl still got us on their mind lol.

Happy for this guy ! His story couldn’t have been any Give him a reasonable bag too @warriors.

Is every single Warriors player comment after winning a championship about them being aggrieved in some way, or is that just my timeline?.

@warriors son los campeones de la @NBA.

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Warriors ganharam? Se os Celtic tivessem este hall-of-famer teria sido #BoaChallenge.

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June 17,2022⌚️7:10am Friday Da🤴🏽Boss CongratNBA 👯‍♂️👯‍♀️Champ’s Da Winner Martini 🍸🍸🍸🍸💍 💍💍💍🏆✌️🍾🥂🎉🥳👏👍😁🤵🏽‍♂️👦🏽👨‍👦‍👦🤴🏽Cary 🤴🏽🫶🏽StephenCurry 🤴🏽🫶🏽DrayGreen🤴🏽🫶🏽JordanPoole🤴🏽🫶🏽AndrewWiggins🤴🏽🫶🏽Gary PaytonRayjrsLegendary Performance Built A Dynasty 4 Our Warriors 🍾🎊🎈🥂.

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And to think folks was really saying if Wggins has another big game, he would possible be finals MVP #Warriors.

Check out this listing I just added to my #Poshmark closet: NEW LISTING🎉🎉🎉6/17 FRIDAY ❤️❤️MULAN WARRIORS. #shopmycloset @poshmarkapp.

Worcester Warriors skipper Ted Hill has not been included in England’s match day squad for Sunday’s game against the Barbarians. #COYW.


But how this narrative abt KD come dey sef. The warriors were the best team ever before KD joined. Man got carried and was only a luxury to the warriors. So where all this energy against KD dey come from? Ah!.

@bedalari Essa temporada não devia ter existido, né mano Warriors ganhando, Lakers fora dos play offs A única coisa que salvou foi o Morango.

Good morning to everyone especially the warriors for winning me so much bread this playoff run young me would be proud I stopped fading the splash brothers.

Athletics +✅ Padres ML✅ Blue jays ❌reversed🤣 Guardians ML✅ Phillies ✅ Yankees ❌ Mets ML✅ Rangers ✅ Mariners ML❌ Warriors ML✅✅✅✅✅.

falo falo falo que o warriors ganhou a porrada tudo mas triste por dentro pq ultrapassaram meu bulls vamo meu bulls, ano que vem é.

Golden State Warriors win fourth NBA title since 2015: The Golden State Warriors captured their fourth NBA title in eight seasons on Thursday, defeating the Boston Celtics. via NBCNews.

@openedend Warriors deserve a lot of credit, for sure. I’m so excited for Rob’s future man. He’s just getting started and he showed some brilliant flashes in the series.

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