India Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 25th, 2021 10:50 PM IST
S.No.Twitter Trends IndiaTweet Volume
1.GET OUT 342K+ tweets
2.Jesus 203K+ tweets
3.Major 170K+ tweets
4.Ronaldo 145K+ tweets
5.speech 141K+ tweets
6.#ShehnaazGill 131K+ tweets
7.#UNGA 126K+ tweets
8.Chelsea 107K+ tweets
9.Cristiano 100K+ tweets
10.#MUFC 88K+ tweets
12.Penalty 80K+ tweets
13.#AskModiOnFarmersProtest 78K+ tweets
14.UPSC 75K+ tweets
15.Imran Khan 70K+ tweets
16.Russell 70K+ tweets
17.Villa 68K+ tweets
18.#1BStreamsforRM 64K+ tweets
20.Never Forget 61K+ tweets
21.Miller 58K+ tweets
22.#5YearsWithBME 58K+ tweets
23.General Assembly 57K+ tweets
24.Man City 54K+ tweets
25.#DoctorTrailer 53K+ tweets
26.Thank You Jimin 48K+ tweets
27.Liverpool 48K+ tweets
28.Happy Morning 43K+ tweets
29.DANCING KING J-HOPE 42K+ tweets
30.Lando 41K+ tweets
31.#GodMorningSaturday 40K+ tweets
32.पंडित दीनदयाल उपाध्याय 40K+ tweets
33.Lewis 40K+ tweets
34.Gandhi 40K+ tweets
35.Norris 39K+ tweets
38.#OleOut 36K+ tweets
39.#PawanKalyanForSDT 36K+ tweets
40.#SevaSamarpan 34K+ tweets
41.#CHEMCI 33K+ tweets
42.FILE 302 FASTRACK SSR CASE 33K+ tweets
43.Proofs At SSR Flat Destroyed 31K+ tweets
44.mitch 31K+ tweets
45.#MalabarHinduGenocideDay 31K+ tweets
46.Bruno Fernandes 29K+ tweets
47.#26सितंबर_गुर्जर_दादरी_चलो 29K+ tweets
48.Tuchel 29K+ tweets
49.एकात्म मानववाद 28K+ tweets
50.#PMModiAtUNGA 26K+ tweets
51.Donny 25K+ tweets
52.RAQESH WON HEARTS 25K+ tweets
53.Conte 25K+ tweets
54.Nelson 23K+ tweets
55.Ruben 22K+ tweets
56.#MUNAVL 22K+ tweets
57.Lukaku 22K+ tweets
58.Mendy 22K+ tweets
59.Mason 21K+ tweets
60.Kim Namjoon 21K+ tweets
61.#SahkarSeSamriddhi 21K+ tweets
62.Greenwood 20K+ tweets
63.When India 20K+ tweets
64.Cavani 20K+ tweets
65.Alonso 19K+ tweets
66.Indo-Pacific 18K+ tweets
67.Kante 18K+ tweets
68.Sainz 17K+ tweets
69.Brentford 17K+ tweets
70.#युवा_जननायक_दुष्यंत_चौटाला 17K+ tweets
71.Kane 17K+ tweets
72.Moplah 16K+ tweets
73.McLaren 16K+ tweets
74.Sancho 14K+ tweets
75.Werner 13K+ tweets
76.Shaw 12K+ tweets
77.Pogba 11K+ tweets
78.Warner 11K+ tweets
79.Maguire 11K+ tweets
80.Zidane 10K+ tweets
81.KHATRA GANG IS BACK 10K+ tweets
82.Old Trafford 10K+ tweets
83.Never Forgive 10K+ tweets
84.श्री हनुमान 10K+ tweets
85.Morris 10K+ tweets
86.Havertz 10K+ tweets
87.Shiv 10K+ tweets
88.#DilFilmySunoFilmy <10K tweets
89.#AnjanaOmKashyap <10K tweets
90.#HallaBol <10K tweets
92.Rest in Power <10K tweets
93.Emi Martinez <10K tweets
94.#DCvRR <10K tweets
95.#AajtakGetOut <10K tweets
96.#SaturdayMorning <10K tweets
97.De Gea <10K tweets
98.#FashionBoleTohMyntraBFF <10K tweets
99.#HappyBirthdayRahulKanal <10K tweets
100.Shamsi <10K tweets
101.Reece <10K tweets
102.श्री कृष्णा <10K tweets
103.Antyodaya <10K tweets
104.Shami <10K tweets
105.#pharmacy <10K tweets
106.Grealish <10K tweets
107.Happy Birthday Sir <10K tweets
108.#Sooryavanshi <10K tweets
109.Darshan <10K tweets
110.PANEER BHURJI ROLL <10K tweets
111.#RRvsDC <10K tweets
112.#StrangerThings4 <10K tweets
113.#spbliveson <10K tweets
114.#MyntraIsIndiasFashionExpert <10K tweets
115.#JabDilMeinHoJazbaat <10K tweets
116.Shreyas <10K tweets
117.Livingstone <10K tweets
118.#SnehaDubey <10K tweets
119.Democracy Can Deliver <10K tweets
120.#CycloneGulab <10K tweets
121.Very Good Morning <10K tweets
122.Mystic Space <10K tweets
123.#KamlaBhasin <10K tweets
124.#DeenDayalUpadhyaya <10K tweets
126.Arctic Dawn <10K tweets
127.Jai Shri Ram <10K tweets
128.3 YEARS OF PARTH AS ANURAG <10K tweets
129.#ReetExam2021 <10K tweets
130.Ladakh <10K tweets
132.#SaturdayThoughts <10K tweets
133.#ACPGautam <10K tweets
134.Jadhav <10K tweets
135.#Hinduhater_Bollywood <10K tweets
136.Hair Dryer <10K tweets
137.#DeenDayalUpadhyay <10K tweets
139.#IFFCOKisan <10K tweets
140.Bhuvi <10K tweets
141.Rajasthan Royals <10K tweets
142.5000 mAh <10K tweets
143.Integral Humanism <10K tweets
144.#RozgarGuaranteeYatra <10K tweets
145.#RepublicPreReleaseEvent <10K tweets
146.#यूपी_10cr_पार <10K tweets
147.Ashwin <10K tweets
148.Godse <10K tweets
149.Vardy <10K tweets
150.andhra pradesh <10K tweets
India Top Tweets Now

To those young friends who did not clear the UPSC examination, I would like to say- you are very talented individuals. There are more attempts awaiting. At the same time, India is full of diverse opportunities waiting to be explored. Best wishes in whatever you decide to do.

Landed in New York City. Will be addressing the UNGA at 6:30 PM (IST) on the 25th.

#UNGA - Twitter trends in India now

एकात्म मानव दर्शन के प्रणेता पंडित दीनदयाल उपाध्याय जी को उनकी जयंती पर शत-शत नमन। उन्होंने राष्ट्र निर्माण में अपना जीवन समर्पित कर दिया। उनके विचार देशवासियों को सदैव प्रेरित करते रहेंगे।

Congratulations to those who successfully cleared the UPSC Civil Services examination. An exciting and satisfying career in public service awaits. Those who have cleared the exam will go on to have key administrative roles during an important period of our nation’s journey.

CSK is rocking it. Romba Nalla . Absolutely Brilliant use of Bowlers from Dhoni and a comfortable chase for Chennai. Deja Vu with Dhoni and Raina finishing it. #CSKvRCB

Raina - Twitter trends in India now

Young Indian Diplomat Sneha Dubey slams Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan for justifying terrorism at the @UN. Powerful interjection with facts against Pakistan’s propaganda, lies and falsehoods. Must listen to the entire speech.

Pakistani cricketers say that saying no to Pakistan is easy and saying no to India is difficult because “money talks”. Well, nobody says no even to Kenya and Zimbabwe. It’s not about money. It’s about who you are. Think 🤔

Very clever run chase from #CSK. Love how they kept finding the boundaries and then just knocked it around. The 6s from Moeen and Rayudu were the difference

When India grows, the world grows. When India reforms, the world transforms.

Top class innings from Sanju Samson. The gulf between him and the other batsmen has been there to see.

भारत सरकार ने UPSC से 836 अफसरों की लिस्ट माँगी। UPSC ने केवल 761 लोगों का ही अंतिम परिणाम दिया। बाकी 75 लोग कहाँ गए? मैं बताता हूँ ये 75 लोग (OBC -55, SC-5, ST-1, EWS-14 =75 seats) जो UR category में बाजी मार गए है और अब इनसे सीधे लेटरल एंट्री द्वारा खेल होगा। समझे? #UPSC_Scam


We exercise our right of reply to one more attempt by the leader of Pakistan to tarnish the image of this august forum by bringing in matters internal to my country & going so far as to spew falsehoods on the world stage: Sneha Dubey, First Secretary at UNGA

Sneha Dubey - Twitter trends in India now
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