India Twitter Trending Hashtag & Tweets Now

Updated: September 18th, 2021 03:45 PM IST
S.No.Twitter Trends IndiaTweet Volume
1.#राष्ट्रीय_बेरोजगार_दिवस 2M+ tweets
2.#NationalUnemploymentDay 1M+ tweets
3.#HappyBdayModiji 765K+ tweets
4.Vaccine 727K+ tweets
5.Biden 713K+ tweets
6.Pakistan 524K+ tweets
8.China 351K+ tweets
9.Vaccination 255K+ tweets
10.नरेंद्र मोदी 237K+ tweets
11.#GlobalGoals 235K+ tweets
12.New Zealand 219K+ tweets
13.#PAKvNZ 200K+ tweets
14.Prime Minister 199K+ tweets
15.Australia 194K+ tweets
16.#CallOutRacismHateSpeech 177K+ tweets
17.Nicki 163K+ tweets
18.Taliban 147K+ tweets
19.Who is He 145K+ tweets
20.Eric 112K+ tweets
21.Captain 103K+ tweets
22.Ruby 94K+ tweets
23.Appeal To PMO 4 SSR Justice 93K+ tweets
24.PM TODAY 85K+ tweets
25.Pentagon 73K+ tweets
26.Fool 69K+ tweets
27.Jean 69K+ tweets
28.भगवान विश्वकर्मा 67K+ tweets
29.श्री राम 66K+ tweets
30.SubodhJi Expose SSR Killers 65K+ tweets
31.#वामन_मेश्राम_दुसरा_कांशीराम 64K+ tweets
32.#우리지민또1위했네 63K+ tweets
33.PM Shri 59K+ tweets
34.Happy Birthday Sir 57K+ tweets
35.Bond 55K+ tweets
36.Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj 55K+ tweets
37.Drake 54K+ tweets
38.#SmackDown 53K+ tweets
39.Congratulations Jimin 53K+ tweets
40.Guru 52K+ tweets
41.Otis 52K+ tweets
42.AnilD Denied CBI4SSR 48K+ tweets
43.May God 47K+ tweets
44.#HappyBirthdayKV 46K+ tweets
45.#PakvsNz 46K+ tweets
46.Arsenal 46K+ tweets
47.#27Sept_BharatBandhWithFarmers 41K+ tweets
48.विश्वकर्मा पूजा 38K+ tweets
49.Ganesh ji 38K+ tweets
50.Lemme 38K+ tweets
51.Leeds 38K+ tweets
52.COLBERT 38K+ tweets
53.Satlok Ashram Youtube 37K+ tweets
54.Arnab Roar Again 4 SSRDisha 35K+ tweets
55.Newcastle 33K+ tweets
56.Sadhna TV 32K+ tweets
57.Christchurch 32K+ tweets
58.Watch Sadhna 32K+ tweets
59.Satlok Ashram Youtube Channel 32K+ tweets
60.US and Australia 28K+ tweets
62.#StoryOfAadiGanesha 26K+ tweets
63.Best Actor 25K+ tweets
64.#HinduWithBJP 25K+ tweets
65.Isaac 24K+ tweets
66.साधना चैनल 23K+ tweets
67.#Maharshi 22K+ tweets
68.#Ashwinkumar02 18K+ tweets
69.Congratulations India 18K+ tweets
70.Royalty 18K+ tweets
72.25 Million 17K+ tweets
73.Big E 17K+ tweets
74.वामन मेश्राम 16K+ tweets
75.#VaccinationDrive 16K+ tweets
76.कबीर साहेब 16K+ tweets
77.Osama 16K+ tweets
78.Best Film 15K+ tweets
79.Sterling 15K+ tweets
80.#राज_JEN_परीक्षा_रद्द_करो 15K+ tweets
81.Saint Dr 14K+ tweets
82.#Justice_For_Gulab_Devi 14K+ tweets
83.#GodMorningSaturday 14K+ tweets
84.Good Morning Friends 13K+ tweets
85.Saint Maximin 13K+ tweets
86.Sakshi Excellence 13K+ tweets
87.#Suriya 12K+ tweets
88.श्री कृष्ण 12K+ tweets
89.Congress party 12K+ tweets
90.#CSKvMI 10K+ tweets
91.Ganesh Utsav 10K+ tweets
92.Cadbury <10K tweets
93.IIT Madras <10K tweets
94.#SaturdayVibes <10K tweets
95.#Drushyam2FirstLook <10K tweets
96.Laden <10K tweets
97.बाबुल सुप्रियो <10K tweets
98.Gita Chapter 15 <10K tweets
99.ब्रह्म लोक <10K tweets
100.#Punjab <10K tweets
101.Ayling <10K tweets
102.#uriattack <10K tweets
103.Jabalpur <10K tweets
104.#Vishnuvardhan <10K tweets
105.#ShabanaAzmi <10K tweets
106.Shankar Shah <10K tweets
107.Kabir Saheb <10K tweets
108.Sonu Sood <10K tweets
109.Roman Reigns <10K tweets
110.#RNRavi <10K tweets
111.Raghunath Shah <10K tweets
112.#BharatKaYug <10K tweets
113.#BabulSupriyo <10K tweets
114.Dera Sacha Sauda <10K tweets
115.#HBDVigneshShivan <10K tweets
116.Harmonics Twins S2 <10K tweets
117.#Drushyam2 <10K tweets
118.Shikhar Dhawan <10K tweets
119.#VishnuDada <10K tweets
120.Rs 20 <10K tweets
121.Asansol <10K tweets
122.RUSHA KA ROKA <10K tweets
123.#BatmanDay <10K tweets
124.#AskCPBlr <10K tweets
125.#TheCryptoSummit <10K tweets
126.#NationalIdealDay <10K tweets
127.#MP_JanjatiyaGaurav <10K tweets
128.Osama Bin Laden <10K tweets
129.Trinamool Congress <10K tweets
130.#StartFromOne <10K tweets
131.#NewZealandCricket <10K tweets
132.#TNGovernor <10K tweets
133.Rakhi Sawant <10K tweets
134.#BJPHonouringTribalHeroes <10K tweets
135.#JnanaShakti <10K tweets
136.#My11CirclePeKhelnaZarooriHai <10K tweets
137.श्री हनुमान <10K tweets
138.#DoctorReleaseDate <10K tweets
139.#WorldBambooDay <10K tweets
140.Vaze Key 2 SSR Disha Truth <10K tweets
141.Burnol <10K tweets
142.Sidhu <10K tweets
143.Satguru <10K tweets
144.#RuShaKiShaadi <10K tweets
145.#IndiasPrideViratKohli <10K tweets
146.2.5 Cr <10K tweets
147.Harshal Patel <10K tweets
148.#HappyBirthdayUpendra <10K tweets
149.Sonia Gandhi <10K tweets
150.#SaturdayMorning <10K tweets
India Top Tweets Now

Every Indian would be proud of today’s record vaccination numbers. I acknowledge our doctors, innovators, administrators, nurses, healthcare and all front-line workers who have toiled to make the vaccination drive a success. Let us keep boosting vaccination to defeat COVID-19.

Wishing you a fantastic year ahead, Ash bhai. May the opposition batsmen always gift you wickets 😉 @ashwinravi99

Countless individuals and organisations have immersed themselves in some or the other noble deed of community service today. I salute them for their noteworthy efforts. There is nothing better than giving back to society and helping others.

A while ago, I noted that we were vaccinating the equivalent of one Australia every three days. Yesterday, we vaccinated the equivalent of one Australia in a day. If there was a ‘Vaccine Olympics’ we’d be on top of the podium, with a Gold medal and a new world record…

Australia - Twitter trends in India now

17th September: India reported 2 crore vaccinations at pm. More than 2 crore people vaccinated in a single day. 🇮🇳 Salute to all healthcare workers.

According to Pakistani media, the New Zealand cricket team walked out because…RAW conspired with Mossad who told CIA which then informed MI6…got it??? Hindi mein samjhata hoon. John Abraham ne Lior Raz ko bataya…uss ne Tom Cruise ko bataya jiss ne Daniel Craig ko bola. Ok?

Pakistanis are saying cancelling tour by New Zealand is a conspiracy planned by India😃 Bhaijaan🇵🇰,Cricket is played with ball/bat and not with grenade/bomb & bullets Imran Khan should call Taliban cricket team to play with will be a Match between Equals #PakvsNz

Thank you Vice President @MVenkaiahNaidu Garu for the thoughtful wishes. @VPSecretariat

Padhai likhai kari hoti toh milta Rozgar tuje #झुक_हंसराज_तुझे_रोजगार_दूं

1 घंटे में एक लाख ट्वीट और जमीन पर आक्रोश व्यक्त हुआ। राष्ट्रीय बेरोजगार दिवस सफल हुआ। सभी का शुक्रिया। #6बजे6मिनट

All the best to the passionate producer, a movie lover and an actor @ganeshbandla gaaru wishing you & team a huge success 👍👍

Best Actor - Twitter trends in India now

And the countdown begins for the new chapter of the Congress Party in Telangana. #ChaloGajwel @revanth_anumula @INCTelangana

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