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Updated: July 30th, 2021 09:45 AM IST

Twitter trends in India now - #सवर्ण_सांसद_हिजड़े_है, Scarlett Johansson, Dhawan, Paradise, OBCs, sushant was brutally murdered.

RankingTwitter Trends IndiaTweets Volume
1.jungkook 1836122
2.So What 618332
3.MY TIME 481348
4.Weverse 437596
5.#PrayForTurkey 342541
6.Louis Tomlinson 326773
7.Disney 241594
8.Snapchat 202245
9.Euphoria 181031
10.cbi grill sandip singh 4 ssr 168362
11.NOTA 162517
12.London 158793
13.Lakers 158252
14.Leave The Door Open 136156
15.#जीवन_मांगे_आयांश 119826
16.Paradise 117639
17.#HimantaIsTheProblem 115831
18.#RadheShyam 111203
19.Westbrook 110478
20.Baepsae 99388
21.Rapid 98028
22.#Prabhas 80242
23.#TransformingEducation 77282
24.Kerala 76027
25.Mizoram 75157
26.Villa 71613
27.#Archery 70796
28.श्री राम 69042
29.HIS VOICE 67891
30.billie 66953
31.#InternationalTigerDay 66839
33.Gomez 63426
34.Russ 56418
35.Lebron 54675
36.Liverpool 54177
37.Fitness Freak Sushant 51222
38.Lewis 50606
39.Scarlett Johansson 49817
40.Morgan 46914
41.Black Widow 45265
42.COME ON GIRL 43378
43.#Hawkeye 41789
44.Saint Dr. 36790
45.LIFE GOES ON 36129
46.Hield 35720
47.Mizo 34838
48.Kookie 33941
49.27% OBC 32543
50.#Shame_On_Zoramthanga 32375
51.Singh Ji Insan 31742
53.Caste 29991
54.#Reservation 29127
55.#JusticeForSameer 28961
56.#Boxing 28373
57.ABEL 28315
58.Yoga 28289
59.dreamer sushant 27979
62.National Education Policy 27274
63.#SLvIND 26488
64.Rana 24541
65.Sri Lanka 24459
66.#ParliamentAaoModi 24148
67.Satlok Ashram Youtube Channel 23786
68.#Athletics 23058
69.Van Dijk 22784
70.Social Justice 22575
71.OBCs 21475
72.General Category 21026
73.#ThankYouMKS 20828
74.10% EWS 20523
75.Assamese 19417
76.Red Bull 19389
77.#taekook 18134
78.#किसान_नहीं_भाजपा_मवाली 18116
79.#MaryKom 17954
80.Grealish 16942
81.T20I 16141
82.Virgil 15828
83.#GodMorningFriday 15668
84.#किसान_नहीं_अय्याशजीवी 14920
85.Good Morning Friends 14256
86.Atanu Das 13857
87.#VLIVE 13732
88.श्री कृष्ण 13701
89.#OBC_आरक्षण_वापस_लो 13343
90.#HappierThanEver 13098
91.#ReleaseTheAyerCut 12982
92.Semis 12590
93.#BRONZE 11426
94.Quarters 11089
95.Mizos 10991
96.MBBS 10355
97.#FridayVibes <10k
98.आरती श्रृंगार दर्शन <10k
99.वित्त विभाग <10k
100.Nitish Rana <10k
101.#LovlinaBorgohain <10k
102.#DeepikaKumari <10k
103.#सवर्ण_सांसद_हिजड़े_है <10k
104.#galaxya225g <10k
105.David Ayer <10k
106.#FridayThoughts <10k
107.दीपिका कुमारी <10k
108.#FridayFitness <10k
110.Chen Nien <10k
111.bhai bhai song out now <10k
112.#FascistJaganFilesReverseCases <10k
113.Horner <10k
114.#fridaymorning <10k
115.Deepika Kumari <10k
116.पुलिस दूरसंचार <10k
117.Dhawan <10k
118.Go for Gold <10k
119.sushant was brutally murdered <10k
120.#ThankYouMKStalin <10k
121.#FridayFeeling <10k
122.Manu Bhaker <10k
123.Bhuvi <10k
124.#IndiaTodayAtOlympics <10k
125.Happy Birthday BABA <10k
126.#Ishq <10k
127.#Reservations <10k
128.National Record <10k
129.Daniel Alexander <10k
130.#ChristopherNolan <10k
132.#HappyBirthdaySonuSood <10k
133.Chutia <10k
134.Rahul Chahar <10k
135.Chinese Taipei <10k
136.Dravid <10k
137.OBC PM <10k
138.#आदिवासी_भगवाकरण_रोको <10k
139.Bharadwaj <10k
140.Ksenia Perova <10k
141.Masterstroke <10k
142.Tech Mahindra <10k
143.#generalcategory <10k
144.True Indology <10k
145.#विश्व_आदिवासी_दिवस_NH_हो <10k
146.Swaraj <10k
147.25m Pistol <10k
148.#INDvsSL2021 <10k
149.Keita <10k
150.Sandeep Warrier <10k

India Top Tweets Now

Our Government has taken a landmark decision for providing 27% reservation for OBCs and 10% reservation for Economically Weaker Section in the All India Quota Scheme for undergraduate and postgraduate medical/dental courses from the current academic year.

Dear Mary Kom, you lost in Tokyo Olympics by just one point but for me you are always a champion! You have achieved what no other female boxer in the world has ever achieved. You are a legend. India is proud of you🇮🇳 BOXING & OLYMPICS will miss you @MangteC 🙏

Mary - Twitter trends in India now

On this day last year, India took a monumental step ahead in the education sector by introducing the National Education Policy. The aim of this policy was #TransformingEducation sector and placing it at par with world-class systems which bring out the best in our students.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi congratulated Mamta didi for losing her seat and Mamta didi congratulated Congress on getting 0 seats in Bengal.

Congress - Twitter trends in India now

On Kathua case: In a Temple, I repeat in a Temple. Minor girl raped in Delhi Mosque: In the home of God. Stop pointing fingers at Swara Bhasker.

THE GIRL - Twitter trends in India now

This will immensely help thousands of our youth every year get better opportunities and create a new paradigm of social justice in our country.

Addressing a programme to mark a year of the National Education Policy. #TransformingEducation

#TeamIndia bowlers having a go at in the nets ahead of the #ENGvIND Test series 💪💪

Nets - Twitter trends in India now

सपा के आंदोलन के आगे अंततः आरक्षण विरोधी भाजपा को झुकना ही पड़ा। भाजपा ने लाख हथकंडे और चालें चलीं पर आख़िर उसे मेडिकल में 27% OBC व 10% EWS का सांविधानिक अधिकार देना ही पड़ा। ये सपा के सामाजिक न्याय के संघर्ष की जीत है। इस जीत के बाद हम 2022 भी जीतेंगे। #बाइस_में_बाइसकिल

After a long wait, India got a National Education Policy. This policy caters to the dreams and aspirations of India’s talented youth. As the Policy completes a year today, glad to see new initiatives being launched relating to implementation of key components in the policy.

Mary Kom, you are a LEGEND. You’ve shown us what it takes to be the best in the world, not once, but throughout your inspirational career. Your knockout punches are etched in the memory of every Indian 🇮🇳. @MangteC

Mary - Twitter trends in India now

‘राष्ट्रीय शिक्षा नीति’ युवाओं को यह विश्वास दिलाती है कि देश अब पूरी तरह से उनके साथ है, उनके हौसलों के साथ है। युवा मन जिस दिशा में भी सोचना चाहे, खुले आकाश में जैसे उड़ना चाहे, देश की नई शिक्षा व्यवस्था उसे वैसे ही अवसर उपलब्ध करवाएगी। #TransformingEducation

Our focus is on academic flexibility, extensive learning, promoting regional languages and harnessing technology. #TransformingEducation

Wishing @ActorSatyaDev super success with the release of #Thimmarusu tomorrow!! Catch the film at the theatres near you! #StayMasked

#Thimmarusu - Twitter trends in India now

Tears of joy! ☺️ The wait is finally over. Welcome to international cricket, Sandeep Warrier. 👏 👏 Go well! 👍 👍 #TeamIndia #SLvIND Follow the match 👉

My leader! OBCs of other states should thank @mkstalin and @arivalayam DMK for getting 27 percent #Reservation for the OBC. Tamil Nadu OBCs should get 50%. Despite today’s announcement, NEET remains elitist and against state board poor students. #BanNeet

#Reservation - Twitter trends in India now

आरक्षण भीख नहीं, एहसान नहीं, अधिकार है। जय भीम। #Reservation

India is confirmed of 2nd Olympics medal🇮🇳 What a lovely Boxing from Lovlina🥊 @LovlinaBorgohai has reached semi-finals and looking for Gold medal in #Tokyo2020 Olympics! #Cheer4India

Kan thalai rualten Social Media kaltlanga kan ram leh hnam an hmangaihna an luanliampui dan hi ropui ka ti takzet! IT leh Youth Affairs Minister ka nih angin kan thalaite chhuanawm zia hi ka luanliampui lo theilo a ni. Pathian hminglam chungin Mizo thalaite i tangrual zel ang u.

This is a BIG punch ❤️ You continue to make us proud #LovlinaBorgohain and keep India’s flag high & shining at #TokyoOlympics2020. Well done 👏 @LovlinaBorgohai

#LovlinaBorgohain - Twitter trends in India now
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