India Twitter Trending Hashtags & Topic Today

Here are the top twitter trends in India today.

RankingHashtag/Topic IndiaTweets Volume
1.#BTS_Butter 2109999
2.Dynamite 1782829
3.#방탄소년단 1198785
4.gfriend 417082
5.taemin 368623
6.#CongressToolkitExposed 340811
7.Ariana Grande 301346
8.#GazaUnderAttackk 261812
9.Sehun 244710
10.Benzema 238139
11.#IsraelStopPlayingVictim 207989
12.Deschamps 198816
13.Hobi 144512
14.Tags 141759
15.Sushant Assaulted & Killed 129916
16.#OneOfAKindPerformerJIHYO 127591
17.JIHYO 127140
19.Mbappe 96922
20.Cavani 90811
21.#MUFC 89195
22.Garcia 79369
23.Indian Variant 74460
24.Connection 73660
25.SOTY 64580
26.#पृथ्वीराज_बैरवा_को_बहाल_करो 61104
28.Creation 58929
29.#BJPLiesIndiaCries 58370
30.#कांग्रेस_की_विभाजनकारी_नीति 53725
31.Portugal 52538
32.Singapore 51141
33.JUNG HOSEOK 50849
34.Kim Namjoon 48740
35.Cabinet 46100
36.Werner 43508
37.Mason 42803
38.Griezmann 40680
39.South Africa 40605
40.Spurs 40340
41.Roger 37985
42.#CHELEI 34038
43.#HBDSudigaliSudheer 34030
44.Indian Strain 33593
47.#SidNaaz 28679
48.Martial 28431
49.#HBDShehbazBadesha 27354
50.Brighton 27125
51.CBSE 27114
52.Giroud 25821
53.Russell 25382
54.सुदर्शन न्यूज़ 25243 joon 23792
56.Modi Strain 22811
57.#Arrest_prathviraj_lodwal 22804
59.#ButterVideoTeaser 19983
60.JUNGKOOKS 19910
61.#toolkit 19785
62.#RadheShyam 18065
63.#munful 16532
64.Foden 16341
65.#FOXY 15967
66.eunwoo 15757
67.कांग्रेस पार्टी 15605
68.Sambit Patra 15197
69.Fulham 13977
70.Amartey 13550
71.Greenwood 13339
72.Most Handsome Sushant 13296
73.Old Trafford 13226
74.#SaluteToCoronaWarriors 13161
75.#Quds_हमारा_है 12847
76.Belgium 12324
78.De Gea 12222
79.AMDAsks PM50000 FMGDoctors 11735
81.#ZainKaBDay 11434
82.Material You 11071
83.Federer 10500
84.#127zensVSdreamzens 10347
85.Rudiger 10240
86.Android 12 <10k
87.#देश_की_माँग_राहुल_गांधी <10k
88.#GoogleIO <10k
89.Rodri <10k
90.Smriti Irani <10k
91.Sagar <10k
92.Option 2 <10k
93.Cancelo <10k 2,500 <10k
95.#BHAMCI <10k
96.Gal Constructor <10k
97.Lindelof <10k
98.Padma Shri <10k
99.#2YrsToMishBirMilestone <10k
100.#Android12 <10k
101.Cricket South Africa <10k
102.Pinarayi Vijayan <10k
103.#KTBFFH <10k
104.#PinarayiVijayan <10k
105.FIRs <10k
106.#पृथ्वीराजबैरवा_सही_है <10k
107.West Indies <10k
108.#PremierLeague <10k
109.#SunoSarkar <10k
110.#സ്നേഹംBTS <10k
111.Pulisic <10k
112.Khangress <10k
113.#RichieToTheMoon <10k
114.#ModiStrain <10k
115.#വെണ്ണparty <10k
116.#BringBackShailajaTeacher <10k
117.Kovacic <10k
118.#Tauktecyclone <10k
119.#genevaopen <10k
120.#matic <10k
121.CPIM <10k
122.Rs 50,000 <10k
123.टूल किट <10k
124.#ManUtd <10k
125.#TataMotors <10k
126.Pinarayi <10k
127.Bhupesh Hai To Bharosa Hai <10k
128.Yash <10k
129.#shailajateacher <10k
130.Simmons <10k
131.Amethi <10k
132.RIP Sir <10k
133.Stretford End <10k
134.#AbDeVilliers <10k
135.Kaash Aisa Hota <10k
136.#Nayanthara <10k
137.Katrina <10k
138.#Ahmedabad <10k
139.Amphan <10k
140.#keralacabinet <10k
141.McFred <10k
142.#EchoTeaser <10k
143.JAI CHARAN <10k
144.Mike Dean <10k
145.Tiger Zinda Hai <10k
146.El Matador <10k
147.#राजकुमार_मीना_को_बहाल_करो <10k

India Top Tweets Now

Tejasvi Surya
Tejasvi Surya ()

It’s disgusting that Congress & it’s ecosystem are using biggest pandemic in last century to score political points against PM Modi. Rejoicing deaths, defaming county by international publications & deliberately spreading misinformation - is criminal. #Congresstoolkitexposed

Tejasvi Surya
Tejasvi Surya ()

The #CongressToolkitExposed clearly instructs cadre & ecosystem to block beds in hospitals to create artificial scarcity. No wonder entire ecosystem pounced on me with fake propaganda from the minute I exposed bed allocation irregularities in Bengaluru.

H D Devegowda
H D Devegowda ()

I thank Hon’ble Prime Minister @narendramodi avaru for calling me early this morning to wish me for my birthday. I pray God to give him the strength to lead our nation during this crisis caused by the pandemic.

Anshul Saxena
Anshul Saxena ()

The virus is not Chinese but its variant is Indian. Coronavirus should not be called Chinese virus or Wuhan virus. This is racism. Ok. But, variant should be called Indian variant. And, this is not racism?

Smriti Z Irani
Smriti Z Irani ()

“Respond to help only if a person tags the IYC handle” ... understandable when ‘death’ becomes a vote bank. #CongressToolkitExposed

Priyanka Chaturvedi🇮🇳
Priyanka Chaturvedi🇮🇳 ()

The Cabinet Ministers of India are provided Trollkit every morning by their party’s IT cell to help maintain their troll credentials.

Singapore in India
Singapore in India ()

There is no truth in the assertion that there is a new COVID strain in Singapore. Phylogenetic testing has shown that the variant is the prevalent strain in many of the COVID cases, including in children, in recent weeks in Singapore.

Tejasvi Surya
Tejasvi Surya ()

While Congress Party had hesitancy to champion Indian Vaccine, They were more than eager to brand new mutant as Indian strain. One does not need a bigger proof of the Congress Party’s extra territorial loyalties. #CongressToolkitExposed

karthik subbaraj
Karthik subbaraj ()

மறக்கவும் இல்லை.... மன்னிக்கவும் இல்லை..... #May18TamilGenocideDay #JusticeForTamilGenocide

#JusticeForTamilGenocide,Twitter trends in India now
Sudarshan News
Sudarshan News ()

आज फिर विश्व भर के जिहादी @SureshChavhanke जी के विरुद्ध ट्रेंड चला रहे हैं। सब मिलकर घेरने की कोशिश कर रहे हैं। पर देश भक्त कह रहे हैं #I_SUPPORT_SUDARSHANNEWS

#I_SUPPORT_SUDARSHANNEWS,Twitter trends in India now
Hansraj Meena
Hansraj Meena ()

भाजपा भगाओ, किसान बचाओ, देश बचाओ। #BoycottBJP4Farmers

Shikhar Dhawan
Shikhar Dhawan ()

Saddened by the news of Dr KK Aggarwal’s passing - one of our country’s finest doctors. My deepest condolences to his loved ones. He made an incredible mark in his field and will be missed immensely. RIP Sir 🙏

RIP Sir,Twitter trends in India now
Anshul Saxena
Anshul Saxena ()

1. Maharashtra: - 12000 gelatin sticks & 3008 detonators recovered in Bhiwandi. - 1300 gelatin sticks & 835 detonators recovered in Amravati. 2. BSF recovered weapons dropped by Pakistani drone in J&K. 3. Large cache of arms, ammunition recovered from India-Myanmar border.

Major Surendra Poonia
Major Surendra Poonia ()

After reading every line of Congress’s toolkit ,even a layman can summarised it in one line “जब भारत हारेगा तब कांग्रेस जीतेगा “ जब कोई राजनैतिक पार्टी राष्ट्र के पतन को अपना लक्ष्य मान कर राजनीति करे तो समझो कि वो दुश्मन देश से ख़तरनाक हैं ये दीमक हैं #CongressToolkitExposed

कांग्रेस पार्टी,Twitter trends in India now
Dhanya Rajendran
Dhanya Rajendran ()

KK Shailaja will not be in Pinarayi 2 cabinet. MB Rajesh will be the Speaker. The party has to explain this decisio. Was this mandate not for Shailaja teacher too?

Monica ()

“Block Covid resources such as beds and release only on request Don’t help anyone who doesn’t tag “IYC” Prioritise help to journalists and influencers” Innocent Indians were losing their lives and Congress was still playing politics!

REQUEST,Twitter trends in India now
Dr. S. Jaishankar
Dr. S. Jaishankar ()

Deeply grieved at the passing away this morning of Amb. Aravinda Deo, former Ambassador to Nepal and Hungary. Mentor and friend to so many of us. Om Shanti.

Hungary,Twitter trends in India now
Swatantra Dev Singh
Swatantra Dev Singh ()

इस महामारी के बीच कांग्रेस झूठ फैलाने के लिए ‘टूल-किट’ बनाने में अपनी पूरी ताकत लगा रही है। वहीं, भाजपा के कार्यकर्ता जनता की सेवा के लिए ‘राशन-किट व दवाई-किट’ बनाने में अपनी पूरी ताकत लगा रहे है। फर्क साफ है…

Press Trust of India
Press Trust of India ()

Padma Shri awardee and former Indian Medical Association (IMA) president Dr KK Aggarwal dies of COVID-19

Gajendra Chauhan
Gajendra Chauhan ()

मोदीजी से ही उम्मीदें हैं, बाकियों नें तो अबतक देश को नर्क ही बनाया है.. #सबके_मोदीजी

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