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Updated: November 29th, 2022 11:42 AM IST
RankTrendTweet Volume
1.Apple 863K+
2.Elon 496K+
3.Portugal 493K+
4.Casemiro 410K+
5.Ronaldo 405K+
6.Korea 361K+
7.Hobi 236K+
8.Suga 227K+
9.App Store 188K+
10.Propaganda 160K+
11.Israel 145K+
12.Tesla 136K+
14.Cameroon 124K+
15.Bruno Fernandes 118K+
16.cause of conspiracy 118K+
17.hurdle for missionaries 114K+
18.Sant Shri Asharamji Bapu 95K+
19.Congress Aave Che 88K+
21.Ram Rahim Ji 80K+
22.proud bbm winner shiv 78K+
23.taekook 69K+
24.Holocaust 67K+
25.Genocide 66K+
26.cleanathon with kkundrra 64K+
27.श्री राम 62K+
28.Belgium 62K+
29.Jury 62K+
30.Politics Hindering SSRCase 59K+
31.#MondayMotivation 59K+
32.Israeli 59K+
33.Vulgar 55K+
34.Suarez 52K+
35.#PORURU 50K+
36.Palestinian 49K+
37.Morocco 49K+
39.#WWERaw 46K+
40.Happy Morning 45K+
41.Palestine 41K+
42.Ambassador 39K+
43.Lakers 37K+
44.Nunez 32K+
45.Valverde 31K+
46.#Brazil 29K+
47.Sushant A Renaissance Man 29K+
48.International Film Festival 29K+
49.#Ranjithame 26K+
50.Round of 16 26K+
51.#Uruguay 26K+
52.Jago Hindu 25K+
53.#स्वधर्मे_निधनं_श्रेय 25K+
54.Hindu Sahishnu Hai Kayar Nahi 25K+
55.Bentancur 25K+
56.Nadav Lapid 22K+
57.#KashmirFiles 17K+
59.#Vaarasudu 15K+
60.Islamophobia 15K+
61.#RuturajGaikwad 14K+
62.#PushpaTheRise 14K+
63.7 sixes 14K+
64.Chat Pe Chat 12K+
65.Cancelo 12K+
66.#10MViews 10K+
67.Jaguar 10K+
68.#tuesdayvibe <10K
69.#DeekshaDivas <10K
70.Very Good Morning <10K
71.#TuesdayMotivaton <10K
72.#SSMB29 <10K
73.#FILBangalore <10K
74.Delay Dubious InSSRCase <10K
75.#Jiodown <10K
76.#AIIMS <10K
77.Vivek Agnihotri <10K month to salmans bday <10K
79.#tuesdaymotivations <10K
80.Anurag Thakur <10K
81.#TuesdayThoughts <10K
82.sips <10K
83.#happybirthdayramya <10K
84.#MCD_में_फिर_BJP <10K
85.Chetan Bhagat <10K
86.#AnupamKher <10K
87.Thaanks <10K
88.#NadavLapid <10K
89.Schindler <10K
90.सिया राम <10K
91.#GodMorningTuesday <10K
92.#जय_श्रीराम <10K
93.Riyan Parag <10K
94.#VivekAgnihotri <10K
95.श्री हनुमान <10K

India Top Tweets Today

Chair of the Jury of Goa Film Festival says that the Jury felt that Kashmir Files was a vulgar propaganda film, inappropriate for the film festival


7 sixes in a single over by Ruturaj Gaikwad in Vijay Hazare Quarter-Final.

Shameless statement on The Kashmir Files by someone who comes across as illiterate. Will this Israeli film director Nadav Lapid call Holocaust a propaganda? Will he call Schindler’s List and The Pianist as propaganda films? @netanyahu @NaorGilon

Hackers have allegedly demanded around Rs 200 cr in cryptocurrency from AIIMS-Delhi as its server remains out of order for sixth consecutive day; patient care services in emergency, outpatient, inpatient, laboratory wings being managed manually: Sources

As we moan the dearth of batters who can bowl, Riyan Parag is quietly sending the selectors some reminders by delivering performances that match his stature

This triggers so many horrible memories. Growing up as a Muslim in India was never ever fun. From your elite private schools to govt colleges, Indian educational institutions are a hotbed of Islamophobia. Cannot even fathom what it’s like for Muslim students post 2014.


Riyan Parag smashed hundred from just 77 balls while chasing 351 runs in the Vijay Hazare Quarter-final.


Ruturaj Gaikwad smashed 7 sixes in a single over in Vijay Hazare. 6,6,6,6+Nb,6,6

Twitter trends India - 7 sixes by Johns.

India is moving towards becoming a superpower. The maximum number of films are made in India. Our films are produced in several languages: Actor Akshay Kumar at the 53rd International Film Festival of India (IFFI) in Goa

Twitter trends India - IFFI by ANI
Parth MN
Parth MN

Important: Jury chairperson, Nadav Lipid, of International film festival of India (IFFI) has called #TheKashmirFiles a propaganda film. He said that the jury was disturbed and shocked at the movie and said it was inappropriate for such a prestigious film festival.

All other students are silently sitting while their Muslim classmate is facing Islamophobia. Tells a lot about why our country stands where it is today.

अरे #Casteist_BCCI वालों, ये नहीं दिख रहा है तुम लोगों को। बंदा कब से धुआँधार खेल रहा है। पंत और राहुल के आगे भी दुनिया है। देखना चाहोगे, तब दिखेगा। @BCCI #RuturajGaikwad

Twitter trends India - #RuturajGaikwad by Dilip Mandal

Nadav Lapid statement from Government of India platform is against Kashmiri Hindu genocide and ethnic cleansing. This is akin to Antisemitism. Like abusing Jews and denying brutal Holocaust. I hope Govt officially rejects it and puts him in his place. @narendramodi @ianuragthakur


Just too pretty! 💕💙 #KatrinaKaif stuns in a powder blue saree.

Twitter trends India - #KatrinaKaif by Filmfare

Riyan Parag smashed 174 runs from just 116 balls including 12 fours and 12 sixes while chasing 351 runs in the Vijay Hazare Quarter-Final.