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They will soon say there was no anti-Muslims riot in Gujarat that killed 2000 Muslims in 2002. It was just a Pakistani conspiracy theory, propagated by India’s then liberal media!.

‘Larger conspiracy’ debunked again: SC upholds SIT’s clean chit to Narendra Modi in 2002 Gujarat riots, says Zakia Jafri’s plea is ‘devoid of merit’.

गुजरात दंगा मामले में पीएम मोदी की क्लीन चिट को मिली चुनौती, सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने याचिका की खारिज.

The SC dismissed a plea filed by Zakia Jafri challenging the clean chit given by the Special Investigation Team (SIT) to then Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi and several others in the 2002 Gujarat riots. Who is Zakia Jafri? Read:.

Union Minister Amit Shah seeks apology from those who leveled politically motivated allegations against #NarendraModi in the 2002 #GujaratRiots case.

(Supreme court),(2002 Gujarat) IPS sajiv Bhatt well known the gujrat Riots,.

2002 Gujarat Photo,2002 Gujarat Photo by UTTAMCHAND अहिरवाल,UTTAMCHAND अहिरवाल on twitter tweets 2002 Gujarat Photo

Till July 2002 neither Jan Sangharsh Manch (Mukul Sinha’s front) nor Gujarat Pradesh Congress Committee nor anyone else had suggested that the Godhra carnage was not done by Islamist mob..

2002 Gujarat riots: Why the ‘clean chit’ given to Narendra Modi does not absolve him via @scroll_in.

Union Home Minister #AmitShah sought an apology from people who leveled politically motivated allegations against the then #Gujarat Chief Minister following the 2002 riots..

Zakia Jafri is the wife of Congress leader Ehsan Jafri who was killed during the violence at Gulberg Society in Ahmedabad in 2002. @jayantrld @RLDparty.

2002 के गुजरात दंगों पर अमित शाह इंटरव्यू में बोले :- मोदी जी भगवान शंकर की तरह 18-19 साल तक विषपान करते रहे,अब सत्य सोने जैसा चमक रहा है @AmitShah @narendramodi.

Gujarat riots 2002: गुजरात दंगा मामले में जाकिया जाफरी को सुप्रीम कोर्ट से मिला झटका, मोदी के खिलाफ दाखिल याचिका खारिज #Gujaratriots2002.

Thanks to PM Shri @narendramodi ji’s Shala Praveshotsav initiative when he was the Gujarat CM, the drop out rate of the state’s schools fell from in 2002 to a mere in 2022. #ShalaPraveshotsav2022.

@MirrorNow @minakshibhanja1 Truth is come out by clean chit given to the Hon Narendra Modiji the then CM of Gujarat during 2002. now he is holding Indian Highest post as a P M of India. I wish him all the best sir.

@ashoswai @SinghN458 Time has come to ask ourselves (Indians) this very important Q? 👉Do we even need spineless pliable SC / Judiciary? When jungle raj has to continue despite having Judiciary 👉👉Why waste public money on running courts? Whole world know who was mastermind of 2002 Gujarat riots?.

2002 Gujarat Photo,2002 Gujarat Photo by 🌞S.Kumar👉🌱🌲🌳👈,🌞S.Kumar👉🌱🌲🌳👈 on twitter tweets 2002 Gujarat Photo

#RaviVisvesvarayaSharadaPrasad 2002 Gujarat riots: Zakia Jafri filed the petition to keep the pot boiling, says Supreme Court.

@ANI Her husband was burnt alive in the 2002 Gujarat riots. Has she received justice???.

@KhalidBaig85 She made name, fame & money from Gujarat 2002 riots. Modi ji gets clean cheat. @RanaAyyub Sab bik gaye hain..

2002 Gujarat & 2020 Covid both dismissed! Those numbers have everything in common One was state sponsored & the other where million Indians died due to the arrogance of ONE MAN.

बस यही देखना बचा था भगवान अपने भक्तों को मारने के लिए नही छोड़ते जैसे मोदीजी ने बंगाल मे किया.

Even if History forgives 2002 sponsorship, how can we discount the continuous sins of CAA, Hijab harassment, and demolitions till This is nothing but cruel gladiatorial excitement of torturing others for audience pleasure..

Watch: Amit Shah breaks his silence over Gujarat Riots 2002 and its aftermath #News by #EconomicTimes.


पत्रकार ने कहा कि उन्हें कई बार पूछताछ के लिए गांधीनगर बुलाया गया। #GujaratRiots.

More than 200 Muslims lost their lives in 2002 Gujarat riots, its a fact. I am not blamming anyone here but rather asking who was the culprit and why he/she is not punished till now. How can people deny justice to that unborn baby, just because his parents were muslims ?.

From fetus killed with sword to Sanjiv Bhatt’s imaginary meeting with CM Modi: Busting 5 myths used to defame Modi and Shah after 2002 Gujarat riots via @OpIndia_com.

Gujarat riots 2002: Clean chit of PM Modi intact in Gujarat riots case, know what happened when and when?.

As Amit Shah blames ideologically aligned journalists for making the 2002 Gujarat riots worse, here is how they impacted the entire media narrative via @OpIndia_com.

POLITICIANS, JOURNALIST, GOV OFFICIAL everyone trying to frame one man @narendramodi into Gujarat Riots 2002 but when you asked them what was the root cause of these riots all these EDUCATED ILLITERATE consume favicol These HYPOCRITE are more DANGEROUS than REDICAL ISLAMIST..

Responding to a question about allegations that the BJP uses riots as a way to gain political ground, Shah said: Under BJP, there have been less riots. If it was the votes that we were looking for, wouldn’t there have been more riots?.

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