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19k + tweets for show which aired 9yrs #9YrsOfTereLiye.

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#9YrsOfTereLiye #HarshadChopda stay happy handsome and Come back soon.

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í hαd nєvєr wαtchєd tєrєlíчє вut hαrѕhαd íѕ вєѕt ín híѕ αctíí knσw hє wαѕ grєαt αѕ Anurα cuz hє íѕ KING σf #HarshadChopda #9YrsOfTereLiye.

19k + tweets for show which aired 9yrs #9YrsOfTereLiye.

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We can feel the C-H-E-M-I-S-T-R-Y ❤️ its so mesmerizing. #9YrsOfTereLiye. . @hotstartweets @hotstar_helps Upload it plz.

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TaAnu Craze is Insane. 9 years has been passed but still this show is stucked on our minds as fresh memory. I m hoping on fans huge demand you will upload it soon on hotstar. #9YrsOfTereLiye . @hotstartweets @hotstar_helps.

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@BepannaahNo1Fan Isn’t it strange a show that ended 9 years ago is still popular amongst fans Go Tere Liye Congrats to everyone who participated in the trend #9YrsOfTereLiye.

Cute? Hot? which one should I use for this? 🤭🔥😍 #9YrsOfTereLiye.

The first time he expressed his luv for her which she was craving for yrs 😘😭 #9YrsOfTereLiye.

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I am searching tere liye every where on internet but did not find it also on plz plz hotstar upload tere liye full #9yrsoftereliye.

Guys do any one have tereliye episodes or scenes in Google drive? If so then pls send me #9YrsOfTereLiye.

Dont forget guys to nominate harshad chopda for Dubai stars only few days left if you want to see him in Dubai and in Arabic country for the first time so keep nominating him #9YrsOfTereLiye.

one of my laugh out loud scenes between Anurag and Robbi is when Anurag was listening to Robbi lying to Mauli to empress her that Anurag drink too much and Anurag gifted him a U-turn slap for it!! I was watched it on loop LOL #9YrsOfTereLiye.

9 year old show still loved immensely it deserves to be retelecasted or a remaje with the same cast #9YrsOfTereLiye.

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Bond of Onu and Robi <3 Can I get these two actors together in a show again? @Rajattokas191 nd @ChopdaHarshad #9YrsOfTereLiye.

Tere Liye Has one of the Best Title Tracks. It is so Soothing & Pure. Posesses the power to change your mood. #9YrsOfTereLiye.

The jealousy phase of Anurag was amazingly portrayed by harshad. He was so amazing as Anurag #9YrsOfTereLiye.

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