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@cricketaakash #aapkivani can india go to this playing 11 in world Cup? 1 rohit 2 dhawan 3 kohli 4 iyer 5 pant 6 krunal 7 hardik 8 jadeja 9 kuldeep/chahal 10 bumrah 11 bhuvneshwar.

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@cricketaakash What do you think of Rohit Sharma opening in away test matches ? Obviously he is too good a player to not score runs in India. #AapKiVani #AakashVani.

@cricketaakash #AapKiVani How many century Virat Kohli Hit in South Africa test Series.

@cricketaakash #AapKiVani Sir which serious do you think brings more excitement when it comes👇👇👇 THE ASHES or WORLD CUP ?.

@cricketaakash #AapKiVani Sir do you think VIRAT KOHLI is the best test captain of the Indian cricket team ever?.

@cricketaakash #AapKiVani अगर Rohit या Mayank में कोई बल्लेबाज साउथ अफ्रीका टेस्ट में अच्छा नही करता है तो क्या शुबमन गिल को बांग्लादेश के खिलाफ मैच में मौका देना चाहिए या सिर्फ ड्रेसिंग रूम में बैठाये रखना ताकि राहुल और शॉ आकर अपनी जगह फिर से बना ले.

@cricketaakash Why are performances of Warner and Smith completely different although both served a year ban? #AapKiVani #AakashVani.

@cricketaakash Did Panchal or Easwaran not deserve a chance ahead of Gill in Tests? #AapKiVani #AakashVani.

@cricketaakash Should India include Samson or Ishan Kishan in white ball cricket to keep Pant on his toes? #AapKiVani #AakashVani.

@cricketaakash Should India try Shivam Dube or Krishnappa Gautam in lower middle order in T20s? #AapKiVani #AakashVani.

@cricketaakash Is Rohit-Shikhar the ideal opening combination in T20s looking ahead to the World Cup? #AapKiVani #AakashVani.

@cricketaakash #AapKiVani सर क्या इस सीरीज को पिंक बॉल day night नही कर सकते थे ये सीरीज भारत मे हो रही है और फिर हम दुनिया के लीडर है टेस्ट में तो हम क्यो नही कर रहे है???.

@cricketaakash Can we consider Hanuma vihari in oneday instead of Kedar it may help us for building team for next World Cup #AapKiVani #akashvaani.

@cricketaakash #aapkivani can india go to this playing 11 in world Cup? 1 rohit 2 dhawan 3 kohli 4 iyer 5 pant 6 krunal 7 hardik 8 jadeja 9 kuldeep/chahal 10 bumrah 11 bhuvneshwar.

#aapkivani who will open with mayank in test- @ImRo45 and @RealShubmanGill.

@cricketaakash #AapKiVani do you think if eswaran or panchal were selected ahead of shubhman would make more sense as they have performed excellently in domestic cricket & on the other hand we can groom shubhman gill for T20s.

@cricketaakash #AapkiVani Who will be seen in the first T20 opening with Rohit, Shikhar Dhawan or KL Rahul.

@cricketaakash #AapKiVani Rohith - Subhman Gill should open in tests what do u !.

Given how horrific pace bowling attack we have now, what kind of pitches we will see? If we are going with pace friendly pitches there are chances it could backfire. #AapKiVani @cricketaakash.

@cricketaakash #aapkivani is Umpiring standards going to low? And will @BCCI allow Indian players to play big bash this season to prapare for WT20 🤔.

@cricketaakash सर जैसे पकिस्तान के क्रिकेटर कश्मीर मुद्धे पर खुलकर अपने देश का समर्थन करते है पर भारतीय क्रिकेटर अपने देश का समर्थन क्यो नही कर पाते क्या मजबूरिया है? #aapkivani.

@cricketaakash #aapkivani When R u going To Open for RCB. So that we can Win the IPL trophy..

@cricketaakash Sir .. what about Now ashwins role .. he has tried too much in his .action ..which cause him now .. from starting he has tried too much to copy others do uhh think #aapkivani.

Sir for which team u played ranji, is it Delhi or Rajasthan?? @cricketaakash #AakashVani #AapKiVani.

अरे सर जी कभी कप्तान भी थे। वाह! तभी बोलूं सर के पास इतना ज्ञान आता कहाँ से है। अपने आकाश भईया तो शुरु से ही शानदार रहे हैं। सर तब के टाइम हम बच्चे थे और इंटरनेट हमारे पहुँच से बाहर था। कुछ बताइये क्या सब हुआ था😊😍 @cricketaakash #AakashVani #AapKiVani.

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#AapKiVani Sir How Australia Retained The Ashes Now ??🤔🤔🤔 If England Draw this series On 2 - 2 so This Ashes , So How Australia Got The Ashes 🤔🤔🤔???.

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