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Fastest optic fiber network in India !!. Now better and faster experiences made possible by @ACTFibernet #ACTIsNew.

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Now I’m going to #ACTIsNew to witness this transformation Extremely excited @ACTFibernetHYD.

This is really a amazing transformation from @ACTFibernet for better experience of fastest internet #ACTIsNew.

Do you know friends Speed internet would be the new experience that @ACTFibernet could give us #ACTIsNew.

Here the best fastest optic fiber network in India. Completely digital and bills are very easy to pay online. @ACTFibernet #ACTIsNew.

Yes you heard it right iguys More reliable network, more speed only guaranteed by @ACTFibernet #ACTIsNew.

I have fallen in love with this, ACT Fibernet’s transformation, Internet services just got 1000 times better! #ACTIsNew #FeelTheAdvantage @ACTFibernet.

Hope you have a plethora of advantages for us #ACTIsNew all the best @ACTFibernet.

People gonna have a cool time with @ACTFibernet transforming. Eagerly thinking of the good entertainment it shall be now. #ACTIsNew.

Now @ACTFibernet is all set for enhanced, elevated and amazingly great online experiences. #ACTIsNew.

Now its time to feel the betterment on this platform and all of this by @ACTFibernet #ACTIsNew.

इससे अद्भुत परिवर्तन होता है @ACTFibernet को #ACTIsNew का हिस्सा होना चाहिए.

Discover how the new brand identity can be a differentiated approach towards offering innovative solutions that will help you #FeelTheAdvantage. Take a look at our digital press release: #ACTIsNew.

Best clap this and learn more about this great strengthen @ACTFibernet. #ACTIsNew.

Advantages that I had been sitting tight for. Much appreciated, @ACTFibernet. This is extraordinary! #ACTIsNew.

@ACTFibernetFinally बहुप्रतीक्षित परिवर्तन! मेरा इंटरनेट अनुभव अगले स्तर तक पहुंचने वाला है बेहद आश्चर्यजनक #ACTIsNew.

Definitely, I wanted to happen! And appreciate Better experiences made possible by @ACTFibernet #ACTIsNew.

#ACTIsNew . @ACTFibernet This is going to change my online experiences in a really great way..

I have used many internet service provider but I can say @ACTFibernet online experiences is really great . I can already #ACTIsNew.

[email protected] Only it changes my online experiences in a really great way. Now I can already #ACTIsNew.

This is awesome for all, now we are going to explore new level on internet because of [email protected] transformation #ACTIsNew.

This transformation is a proud moment for all who are connected to @ACTFibernet. This is an amazing change! I’m going to #ACTIsNew.

एसीटी फाइबरनेट के परिवर्तन के साथ, इंटरनेट सेवाएं सिर्फ 1000 गुना बेहतर हो गईं! #ACTIsNew @ACTFibernet.

This is the first time that a lot has happened. New India #ACTIsNew.

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[email protected] like this change is going to promise me a lot of leisure time after work. More movies, more gaming!I’m going to #ACTIsNew.

Fastest optic fiber network in India !!. Now better and faster experiences made possible by @ACTFibernet #ACTIsNew.

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