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Akshay Kumar took a break from stealing the limelight from women in movies, to turning his trolls towards women on Twitter..

#RichaChadha to popular actress bhi ni h, fir bhi why no one from Bollywood is calling her out? Only Akshay Kumar came forward, no comment from other big or small actors!!.


In Marathi there is a word for people like Akshay Kumar it’s called “Bhadya” #IstandwithRichaChadha.

@baxiabhishek If Akshay Kumar with Canadian citizenship is raising his voice against @RichaChadha mocking our Army, and you Liberandus with Indian citizenship are supporting her, YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED. He is definitely more Indian than you.

Akshay kumar ₚᵣₒᵤd fₑₑₗ ᵢ ❤️ ₐₖₛₕₐy ᵢ ❤️ ₐᵣₘy.

Akshay Kumar Photo,Akshay Kumar Photo by 𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇 𝐁𝐀𝐉𝐈𝐘𝐀 10K,𝐃𝐈𝐍𝐄𝐒𝐇 𝐁𝐀𝐉𝐈𝐘𝐀 10K on twitter tweets Akshay Kumar Photo

@sambitnk @kumariika Yes but richa chaddha self destroyed herself & the movie The movie would surely tank in box office as boycott is round the corner Whereas maybe Akshay kumar jumped in at the right time to pull in the nationalists.

@rohini_sgh @akshaykumar Akshay Kumar like mother Canada more worthy than mother India. Now he is Canadian citizen, but earning money from mother India. Money is real mother and father, who care country? Baap bada na Bhaiya Saab se baada rupaiya. 🤔🤭.


@awryaditi Nonsense ! How do you even think Akshay Kumar picked on her because she’s a woman?? Akshay Kumar has been around in movies longer than this Richa has been on this planet ,, he knows better ,, come on! Sumting Wong wit yue !!.

@baxiabhishek How cleverly these Pakistanis turned the issue into a personal fight between Richa Chadha and Akshay Kumar..

@CheromTapa4 @akshaykumar Akshay Kumar is a I became a fan from his movie Also he is a superb human Being and an What is ur so called Selmon Boi?? What did this fatso ever did for the well being of society??.

@CheromTapa4 @akshaykumar Bewaquf baatein mat kar bhai hosh mein aa poore bollywood mein akshay kumar jaisa koi bhi nahin khans se to boht behtar hai.

#ISupportAkshayKumar GUYS SOMEBODY JUST NOTE DOWN LIST AND FORWARD WHO IS BOYCOTT TO AKSHAY KUMAR. BCZ ITS NOT ABOUT AKSHAY KUMAR BUT TRAITORS MUST MARKED. @RichaChadha #RichaChadha Supported by whom we need this list. @adgpi doing work in border. we do inside List.

Akshay Kumar ko target hamesha congress, leptish or secular log karte he to fir akki ke nibbe fans ko hamesha bjp ke log hi kiyo dikhte he #AkshayKumar.

जलने वालोको सालो से जलन हो रही है. आज भी होती होगी. और आगे भी जलन होती ही रहेगी. 🔥 जलने वालो काम है...जलना 🔥 🔥 @akshaykumar सर आप... आगे बढते रहीये.... हम हर कदम पर आपके साथ हैं🤝 WE LOVE YOU AKSHAY KUMAR.

@TheDeshBhakt Akshay Kumar one tweet shows us who is favour of our country or who is against our tu kya hai uska proof bhi dikha gya.

@desimojito Can you please tell me when did he call akshay Kumar Canadian? And second thing, agar stats aur world records batana fake news hai, to sach kya hai? Whatsapp University ka gyaan?.

@akshaykumar Akshay Kumar ji ki movie hit karwao ab. Taki sarey bollywood waley Deshpremi ban jaye.😂.

Akshay Kumar is a great example of how the rags to riches story for Hindus in India almost always comes with finding a sense of self steeped in spite towards their historical others. Being a Modi pick me and troll is just another predictable stunt for this stuntsman..

@UberFacts Akshay Kumar wining lost battles for India. In movies only. @akshaykumar.

@BrittonCallie @AbhishBanerj He made a comment about how privileged it was for people to criticize Akshay Kumar but not Greta thunberg, and other international folks to talk about domestic indian issues..

According to some intellectuals Rishi Sunak having British citizenship who had done nothing for India is an Indian but Akshay Kumar having Canadian citizenship who lives in India, pays taxes and did hundred contributions for India is a Candian. #AkshayKumar.

@rohini_sgh @akshaykumar You did not like the tweet of Akshay Kumar but you liked the tweet or Richa Chadda. This shows your Anti National Mentality. Why so much hate for our Nation?.

@thakkar_sameet @iamsrk abbe kumar aur tujh mein koi faraq bhi chaatne waala woh tu chaatega se indian jo ban na hai jaake uska first day first show usko kaam milega aur tujhe tere 2 rupee.

@chitraaum Papa akshay kumar actor ki bahu ka naam kiyara galti say likh diya tha .ERA naam hein BHT lamba midday hein kaise btaou. Tomorrow in tweet u.

@rohini_sgh @akshaykumar give up your chamchagiri to the family and then talk about akshay kumar.

@PriyaaReturnz @akshaykumar Only thing that hurts Akshay Kumar - जब मोदी जी आम न काटके खाते हैं, न चुसके.

She has courage to show mirror to Loud-Mouth army Commander who has broken Tradition of Indian Army & given o Political statment which Denotes A-political Army too is tool of Internal Politics of Nation. Canadian Citizen is claiming to be Indian?Akshay Kumar isnot Indian at all..

@MumbaiAkkians @akshaykumar But Akshay Kumar is Canadian and worried what is told about Indian Army, this shows he is not loyal towards his county Canada. Jo apne mulk Canada ka Naa howa who India ka Kya Hoga..

@akshaykumar O farzi desh bhagat akshay Kumar tum sirf talwe chato modi ji kai desh ki baat bollywood main sirf sherni @RichaChadha kar sakti hai.

@PJkanojia @RichaChadha Apki dushmani modi se hogi, akshay kumar se Army wala jo stand le rhe ho k we stand with you Isko justify kar IIMC se ho na . Itna to seekhaya hi gaya hoga na??.

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