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The one on the right has just announced a review into the dodgy dealings of the one on the left. Why do I doubt it will be thorough and impartial?

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⚓️🚢Imani Gandy 🚢⚓️
⚓️🚢Imani Gandy 🚢⚓️ ()

Andrew Sullivan got into a very public debate about The Bell Curve with Ta Nehisi Coates several years, lost that debate resoundingly, and didn’t have the sense to stop talking.

David M. Perry
David M. Perry ()

The disgrace of Andrew Sullivan is not that he’s an openly racist eugenicist, but that he never hid what he was and yet still had a vibrant career in paid formal media.

Darlis Stefany
Darlis Stefany ()

Bueno, rápidamente vengo a asumir mi responsabilidad. Ayer no fue que tiré el capítulo y huí, fue que lo subí sin luz y luego mi teléfono murió. Aunque quedó chevere tirar la bomba y desaparecer😂 Para los perdidos (que nunca faltan) y que me preguntarán: ¿De qué hablo? Es Andrew

The Matt Skidmore Show
The Matt Skidmore Show ()

BREAKING: A new poll from @dataforprogress shows Andrew Yang is leading the Democratic primary race to become the next mayor of New York City. Yang 26% Adams 13% Stringer 11% Wiley 10% (n=1,007 likely Democratic voters, conducted March 21st-April 5th)

(27-28) ()

Andrew Wiggins starting every single game this season doesn’t get talked about enough

Jeff Svoboda
Jeff Svoboda ()

#CBJ going to its first PK of the night. Andrew Peeke for hooking. Stars get a power-play chance.

Frank Amari
Frank Amari ()

@seanhannity At the risk of confusing the issue with facts: Supreme Court: Changing number of justices NOT a new idea. John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, ABRAHAM LINCOLN and Ulysses S. Grant have successfully taken advantage of the option.

isa is f*kn around
Isa is f*kn around ()

mas esse cover é perfeito a voz do andrew é tão gostosa e a da arden é a de um proprio anjo

GenX_Racing ()

Nice work by driver Andrew Russo (aka @Darth_Ojutai ) finishing 5th in last night NiS race at Richmond.

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cinnamon 📕🪑🦄🍎🗽
Cinnamon 📕🪑🦄🍎🗽 ()

Love how the media just collectively decided to completely ignore the fact that Andrew Yang’s campaign has been endorsed and is being co-chaired by MLK jr’s son

Andrew Mulville
Andrew Mulville ()

All of the #NHLTradeDeadline talk over the past week got me thinking about the previous deadline deals the @TBLightning have made. Recently I wrote an article about the trade that landed Barclay Goodrow!⤵️ #GoBolts @TheHockeyWriter

Prof Kate Williams 💙
Prof Kate Williams 💙 ()

From what we know, Harry never requested to wear military uniform - Andrew did, as sources have said. This decision is about Andrew‘s desire to turn up in full military regalia when he should have lost his titles long ago. But suddenly the story is all about Harry. Odd!

Wealth Sovereign Grand Inspector General
Wealth Sovereign Grand Inspector General ()

Andrew in Dirgeni yani Daily günlük Weekly haftalık demek Hiç ingilizce bilmiyorsanız en azından trade ile ilgili ufak tefek şeylere gözünüz alışsın

Andrew Cleave
Andrew Cleave ()

@TheOnlyGuru It looks like a backlog of maintenance & project work has now been financed under fiscal stimulus. As long as those funds r spent with local companies, then the funds should have their intended effect. The same was done in the 2009 recession & had good effect 4 local companies.

#free_queen_of_pop ()

Sgb Weiner Investments, LLC | (707) 387-0999 | Los Angeles. (ANDREW WALLET OWNS/ RUNS INVESTMENT COMPANY) ⁦@SurpriseWitnes⁩

Scouse Socialista 🟨🟥
Scouse Socialista 🟨🟥 ()

Say their names 🙌🏻💖 #jft96 Jon-Paul Gilhooley, 10 Philip Hammond, 14 Thomas Anthony Howard, 14 Paul Brian Murray, 14 Lee Nicol, 14 Adam Edward Spearritt, 14 Peter Andrew Harrison, 15 Victoria Jane Hicks, 15 Philip John Steele, 15 Kevin Tyrrell, 15 Kevin Daniel Williams, 15

Kulaaid ()

So Andrew and I were laying in bed - our power stopped and then something blew up in our backyard sooooooo stream tomorrow is tenative

Steven Hamilton
Steven Hamilton ()

@Andrew___Baker I told people last year that this is what the recovery would look like and they laughed at me.

Garance Franke-Ruta
Garance Franke-Ruta ()

Hmmm. They all also continue to work for Tusk Strategies’ other corporate clients at the same time – even if Yang’s campaign takes up most of their days.

Panoramas 📸📱
Panoramas 📸📱 ()

We love this simple B&W #panoramic shot of a very long tree branch from @apkeedle! 😊 Andrew makes good use of the pano format to capture the width of his subject!

Lex ()

Mm Andrew was a good boy. Clearly all my other a’s suck. $end of your name starts with a B now 👀 I’m trying to see something.

Pox Spotter
Pox Spotter ()

@people In a show defiance Prince Andrew stood at the gates of Window Castle in a different uniform he is demanding Queen Elizabeth allow him to wear. 🍕

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Tess Wilkinson-Ryan
Tess Wilkinson-Ryan ()

@Andrew___Baker @HoffProf I am a mere descriptive researcher and know nothing of ‘legit things’ or pathologies. It’s like mindfulness. I observe Dave’s just world bias without judgment—very peaceful! I’ll send you both a discount code for the app I use

ani batemanista
Ani batemanista ()

remember that day dylan recreated the pradas at the cleaners scene and lin texted it to andrew and he replied? my brain exploded

Andrew Adonis
Andrew Adonis ()

The one on the right has just announced a review into the dodgy dealings of the one on the left. Why do I doubt it will be thorough and impartial?

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Kyle Griffin
Kyle Griffin ()

Republican Andrew Clyde will be forced to pay upwards of $15,000 in fines over two separate incidents in which he evaded Capitol security screenings, after his appeal was rejected by the House Ethics Committee.

Andrew ()

@CityOfChamps55 @BradyyNFL Yup. I remember they wouldn’t show the replay in the first away game I ever went to. Place was about 60% Pats fans

PolarBearPolitico ()

@StarshipRanger1 @CallitWatUwant2 Anfisa and Larissa are also contenders. But Andrew is godawful.

Andrew Adonis
Andrew Adonis ()

The truly extraordinary event of the week is the failure of the prime minister to go to Belfast to defend and advance the peace process

Lorena Fernández Álvarez (she/her)
Lorena Fernández Álvarez (she/her) ()

#TalDíaComoHoy en 2019 se publica la 1ª foto de un agujero negro tomada gracias a algoritmo creado por equipo liderado por Katie ó en redes muchos ataques machistas indicando que su compañero Andrew Chael había sido el líder.Él mismo tuvo que desmentirlo #WomenInSTEM

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