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After the bombshell revelation that Angela Rayner attended the opera, there’s more evidence of out-of-touch elitism within the Labour Party as photos emerge of Jess Phillips buying an avocado..

“For, if they take you in the morning, they will be coming for us that night.” — James Baldwin in a letter to Angela Davis, 1970.

Angela Merkel hat einen Eid geschworen. Spätestens heute ist klar, dass sie diesen Eid - mindestens grob fahrlässig - gebrochen hat. Deutschlands Verfassungsrechtler sollten darüber nachdenken, wie man sie dafür belangen kann. Sonst ist unser wichtigster Amtseid wertlos..

a. rye
A. rye

56% of Black people in America live in the south. Rolling back abortion rights in these states will disproportionately impact Black women and birthing people and will severely limit or restrict their access to abortion services. #WinWithBlackWomen.

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Hoy es un día histórico para las personas LGTBI 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ porque por fin el Consejo de Ministras aprueba la #LeyTransLGTBI. Una norma que hemos mejorado en los últimos meses y que aun será enriquecida cuando llegue al Congreso 🧵.

a. rye
A. rye

Ron DeSantis ran a campaign funded by illegal foreign contributions. Punishment? Campaigning for PRESIDENT. Donald J. Trump: tax evasion, seditious conspiracy, and illegal campaign contributions. Punishment? Campaigning for PRESIDENT (again)..

Angela Bassett’s face in Waiting to Exhale. Perfect and intense..

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Lmaoooo not y’all still saying Angela ain’t get over Nicki putting her in her place years ago on the Breakfast Club..

🏳️ Arbitragem | 🇨🇦 Canadá x Turquia 🇹🇷 #VoleiNoSporTV 🇧🇷 Angela Grass 🇵🇷 Hector Ortiz.


all I know is let something go wrong with nicki minaj set it’s over and I will be dragging yee yee ass angela and #ESSENCEFest.

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\公式HP先行受付中!/ 9月開催の3年ぶりのワンマンツアー 「angela Tourism -aLIVE & Message-」 🗓受付期間 7月4日(月)23:59迄 ✅お申込はコチラ 要チェックです💥 ▶️詳細 #angela_jpn.


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@ATONATON12 あとサーミも一応地名(いわゆるラップランド)だったはず、まあつづりがSapmiだから発音上ほぼ消えるとはいえp音はするとおもわれるから若干遠いが…….


@angela_rye She must be , extremely, very, super duper concerned now. Dare say an eyebrow was raised..

#90DayFiance Has Michael (Angela) made it to the yet? Talk about.

They literally believe they own you once you have an embryo inside of you. Angela apparently has sold herself to the Republican politicians that believe they control her bodily autonomy..

WTS LFB KAIA ╰─▸ KAIA Angela official pc & KAIA Angela fankit pc •mint condi •mop:gcash •mod:sco # wts lfb kaia charlotte sophia charice angela alexa.

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@bowyer_pw @DominicRaab Indeed . Dominic’s wink was sexy I’m surprised Angela hasn’t complained about it She will probably wait until another election is announced. Remember she called all the conservative mp’s misogynistic right before the local elections but didn’t mention this before. #labour.

☑️ En reconocimiento y gratitud a Flor Ángela Cepeda Galindo, Yoana Aguirre Jefe de @ControlIntCund y todo el equipo (OCI) le agradecen por los 27 años de vocación al servicio en la entidad. 👩‍💻⭐️ ¡Deseamos éxitos y bendiciones en esta nueva etapa! #RegiónQueProgresa.

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Wonder how many Mercy/Angela accounts are active… perhaps even help with Clair’s biggest kink~? She is a nurse after all, suppose one of them shows up and treats to the Gym Leader please~?.

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#Atletismo | Les compartimos las declaraciones de Ángela Tenorio tras conseguir la medalla de oro en los 100m planos @JBolivarianos22 🏃🏻‍♀️🏅 #LaRadioQueSiempreEstá.

La Vibra
La Vibra

Le caen encima a Ángela Aguilar por polémico comentario ‘clasista’: ‘El raspado es de pobres’.

ÁNGELA somos todes: mi corazón se va con LALI ❤ #LaVozArgentina.

@VMallarino Y encerró todo eso dentro de un marco de legalidad ? Ah no verdad ? Pequeño detalle….. es que gobernar desde la emoción pasando por encima de las instituciones si muy berraco…..

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