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“हाँ एक हत्या मेरे हाथ से हुई है, लेकिन…,” Wrestling Federation के अध्यक्ष बाहुबली बृजभूष्ण शरण सिंह.. लीजिये ख़ुद सांसद जी की सुनिए, जब मैंने उनसे हत्या के आरोप पर सवाल किया। भई अगर आप भले आदमी है तो gang war में क्या करने गये थे? Videos Courtesy: @TNNavbharat.

about Shiv’s movie is on the internet, some they’ve said on Lf. Nimrit was asked to play w/o mandali indirectly, Shiv was indirectly told he isn’t top 2 & idk what they were trying to do bringing up Pri/ ankit’s relation. I just hope she doesn’t take this Sasta Astro seriously..

पंचमुखी संकट मोचन हनुमान दर्शन रूपम गोविंदा❣️.

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@Rose11347228 @ColorsTV I never thought I would find anyone more dumb and irritating that PriShit, but here We Are! God help any producers or Directors who give her a project after this! I wonder now how Ravi and sargun put up with this lady during her time on udaryiaan ?They always seem to favor ankit!.

From what I understood, they’re trying to hit Priyanka’s weak spot which is Ankit. It would make sense if he was coming back (drama) but he’s not so why? Pri isn’t going to speak about it. #PriyAnkit.

@wakanda_11 Hamari observation mein sayad ankit thoda change hua hai Lekin hua hai ya nahi ye rab Sudden distance make u realize PRIYANKIT TILL ETERNITY #PriyAnkit.

@Ankit___IND @SSharmajsr 🙏🏻जय श्री राम 🙏🏻ॐ हं हनुमते नमः🙏🏻 🥀जय शनिदेव🥀 शुभ प्रभात ☕.

@TheKhabriTweets Colors bahus are fixed winners do you don’t take the credit for any of it! Even we know it as does everyone! What has she done but be with Ankit and then yell and fight and make mudda a where there are no and get into other people mudda a! So leave us alone! 🤮.

What he meant was Priyanka’s one sided love (the script of bb). Pri said they are friends but acc to script it’s one sided love so that’s why he doesn’t see a future bec ankit doesn’t want marriage Pri does. He didn’t say Ankit doesn’t value Pri. He said why is Pri running +.

Abe bhai usko bola ke tu jeet sakti hai demotivate he karna hota toh pura he karta na jahilo wali baate hai yeh sab unka waise bhi kuch nhi ho sakta woh ankit ki koi hai bahar interview me bhi ladki dikhi thi uske bed pr baithi huwi toh yeh #PriyAnkit ka chochla bnd karo.

@divinesoul2019 @TheKhabriTweets Toh mat dekho tum log Pgl ho kya tum Ankit bhi yoh colors ka face tha usko kyu nikala Tumhari kiyni jalti hee Priyanka se jbki she is thee most deserving.

@Ankit___IND @ramsundersing18 जय श्री राम🚩 आपका दिन शुभ एवं मंगलमय हो🙏.

@rishigu91417882 @fh529 I started watching BB this year only for Ankit and Priyanka. No more from next year the way BB have stooped to the worst level now. The way they humiliate contestants other than the mandali..

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