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The question Professor Waqas Farooq Kuttay posed to students taking the Political Science exam was: “Do you find any similarities between fascism/Nazism and Hindu right-wing Hindutva? Elaborate with arguments.”.

So what! Who says that Stone Age Africans were not Hindus?! Or any earlier form of human life. Not just on Earth, but in the entire Galaxy/ Cosmos/ Universe/ Bramhaand! ps: Quite possibly, even #dinosaurs were Hindu, because डायन+असुर= डायनॉसोर. So simple and obvious, no? 🤣.

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Mai sabhi hindu ho ya muslim kisi bhi aurton ko jisko bhi apni koi bhi fantasy gandi se gandi ya achhi se achhi puri karwani ho mujhse mile pls DM me i am a 27 year single boy pls DM if any intrested.

The Ram Navami violence stands out in a country rife with atrocities. However, if mythology is any guide—for this government, it is—good always triumphs over evil. The threat always looks unstoppable until a woman finds a way to stop it. @VidyaKrishnan:.

Can you believe how comfortably they make such movies, serials n dialogue, so much normalization of demonizing Hindu’s Now even I am finding awkward to call “Gunaho ka khuda” or “Hawas ka Maulana” ! 🙄 It is all Khan-wood dialogue writers n directors, they don’t feel any shame.

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So what do we call people who believe in gods that approve of slavery, endorse misogyny, and command genocide of non-believers? Because I don’t see those religions as “different but valid” paths. Nor have I read anything in any Hindu text that would lead me to think otherwise..

@AmitLeliSlayer Secular n Jimmy attitude of Hindu’s doesn’t go away, I also doesn’t feel comfortable many time, but my key motive is to expose elite Muslims hypocrisy, as hardly any Muslim actors shows similar sentiments for any Hindus cause, but they only scared in india, all 4 Ummah cause 🙄🙄.

#Aurangzeb was one of the most Brutal, narcissistic, tyrant and Oppressor emperor/occupier. He was islam absolutist and Persecuted virtually any and every non-muslim. He killed countless natives including Hindu, Buddhists and Jains. He killed Sikh gurus protecting minorities. 1/3.

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