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From renting the Archie’s Digest for 25 paise per day from book rental stores to see Zoya Akhtar make this come alive on screen….is just incredible. Wishing all the little ones the best as they take their first little steps into the most beautiful of professions..

🎂 Wishing Archie Mountbatten-Windsor a very happy 3rd Birthday! 📸 Chris Allerton.

Archie Photo,Archie Photo by The Royal Family,The Royal Family on twitter tweets Archie Photo

Three years on and I still don’t think anyone has topped this baby arrival gift @Disney made for Archie’s birth..

‘Broken’ mother of brain-damaged Archie Battersbee vows she’s not giving up.


My game 7 thoughts. NEVER EVER compare anyone to 97 again… EVER!! Keith was very good. Nuge was excellent defensively. Not sure how 29 even skated. Archie brings a lot to the bottom 6. #LetsGoOilers.

◤#あちレポ 更新📝◢  ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ✏執筆✏ アーチ―(@DM_archie) 【5月1週目のレポートを更新🔥】 《今週の話題》 ✅ソリティアデッキの立ち位置良し⭕ ✅アーチー式環境ランキングを紹介👀.

Tonight’s winners First team Top goal scorer - Michael macinally Young player - Archie Barrell Players player - jack crane Managers player - jack crane.

@thomasbeagle @Ahhmandah as a closet american i have only ever heard (seen?) “Natch” in Archie comics… never in the wild.

@Flynny123 Honestly he does look like he would argue with you in a pub in east London about the vaccine 😩.

@spelbarchies She blamed Archie for sleeping with miss Grundy and then deleted the video.

@UKinNorway Happy birthday, big brother Archie 😍😍 #ArchieAt3 #HappyBirthdayArchie.

Well technically more like 6 years since I have a couple reboot Archie issues in here.

@thomasbeagle @Ahhmandah i have used it from time to time but only as an in-joke for a very small crowd of my own brain cells that think they LIVE in an Archie comic.

@danielmgmoylan They’d sell it for a lot less than a queue. Narcissism blinds them to everything else..

@iIlictsaffair @L0VELYBON ¿Para qué mentir? Escuché su nombre y no pude evitar atragantarme con el té. Rápidamente conseguí recuperarme del contratiempo. — ¿Exageración o verdad? Siendo sincera, Lady Wishtledown no ha mentido en nada: mantengo una amistad con «Archie». ¿Y acaso tenía algo de malo? Ni >.

Ca doit bien se vendre encore ... Les bandes dessinées Archie ... Peut être juste sur Kijiji !? #Nostalgie #1981.

Archie Photo,Archie Photo by Marc Hogue,Marc Hogue on twitter tweets Archie Photo

@babymgy @Phantomscribler The husband of her supposed doctor for Archie, said, no, his wife did Not deliver Archie.

@iamsrk I’ve read a bit of the Archie comics (I ain’t sure if the reference works here). Good Luck, Good Folks..

Look and white is full western, would’ve loved to see a desi adaptation of Archie’s. Instead of watching this launch vehicle of star kids I might as well watch a random show where I can see real white people acting. I really wonder who’s the target audience of this movie. Bandra?.

@Zhane_Star The Archie girl who I think was really a jealous one was Julie-su, Rouge just looked at Knuckles and Julie attached her 😐.

@Zhane_Star I absolutely love Archie Mighty. From his redesign to his personality 🔥..

@ayushgupta_in @netflix Probably Rohit Shetty will make that. Archie’s was a upper class comics and so will be the movie😂.

@Chipps097 @Zhane_Star Archie actually did have shadow keep the bike and he cared a lot about it,even to the point he smiled when talking about it.

Why is Archie Renaux an extra for like 10 seconds in Morbius when he has his own Netflix show 🤨#justiceforarchie.

Confession: 1 I was called Big Ethel at school 2 My fav character was Reggie Mantle #Archie.

@ChivalryGinger “ Actually you can, are you Archie? “ Peter eyed the redhead up and down, his face trying to seem cold and unfeeling but it was evidently not working, he couldn’t be cold if the world depended on it.

@paul3padrn Estoy como en el cap 3 y me esta gustando porque es de archie pero ptm como han sido muy radicales en los personajes Moose es gay El chico nerd parece un desquiciado A chuck no lo recuerdo tan hdp.

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