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श्रद्धा की हत्या को ‘लव-जिहाद’ का नाम देने वाले उसके दोस्त नहीं दुश्मन हैं Watch my analysis on Delhi’s most grisly murder- Arfa Ka India.

Birds of same feather flock together Above sentence is not related to Richa ji, Rihanna ji Arfa ji. Proud of you respected Indian Army !!!! we sleep fearlessly because you are always ready to fight with enemies day n night on border. Thanks Jai Hind !! #Galwan.

Rihanna inspite of not being an Indian citizen speaking against Farm Laws is quite understood,she did this allegedly for money BUT Arfa, Saba, Rana etc are Indian citizens then why are they against India and Indians including Akshay Kumar? Any.


Arfa cheers real mob unleashed on Nupur Sharma but confronts a virtual mob directed at Richa. What a woman !.

@ArifMannan2 @AskAnshul What Saba Naqvi, Arfa Khannum, Rana Ayyub, Arundhati, Swara Bhaskar, Chicha Chadha all are doing also falls under Dalali and Have guts to criticize them too.

When did she asked question, she literally trolled and mocked the army. And how does such vulgar activities become patriotic. What can we say about ur leftist trolls mam Arfa khanum..

Arfa Photo,Arfa Photo by Head Of The Club,Head Of The Club on twitter tweets Arfa Photo

Arfa ,Swara,Sayema,Saba whole day after Nadav Lapid derogatory Comments on #TheKashmiriFiles.

@khanumarfa @akshaykumar I spotted arfa sherwani in this image, can you..

Arfa Photo,Arfa Photo by Sameer,Sameer on twitter tweets Arfa Photo

Add the amounts of money. $ + $ = $ + $ = $ + $ = $ + $ = $ + $ =.

@khanumarfa @akshaykumar So asking against your islam dude, There is lot of issues in islam. If nupur sharma talks about truth you same gang cries but now come to claim for victim card🤣. Arfa this is new india not to play victim card here.

@khanumarfa Haye miss arfa read Quran because in islam u can not show your shoulders and.

@GemsOfBollywood @RichaChadha Suchitra Vijayan Rahul Fernandes Saba Naqvi Aditi Mittal Arfa Anuradha Sharma.

There are around 700,000 Tunisians living in France and Tunisia’s 2008 friendly against France in Paris was watched by many of them who whistled when the French anthem played and jeered every touch of the ball by France substitute Hatem Ben Arfa, who is of Tunisian descent 4/5.

Arfa Photo,Arfa Photo by Reuters Sports,Reuters Sports on twitter tweets Arfa Photo

@miraiijo Ils fallait la génération nasri Ben Arfa Ribéry pour avoir celle ci , ils ont appris des erreurs des anciens.

@LuisSVQ3 Cuando se fue al psg, nos quito a krycho y ben arfa. Queria a rami y vitolo el mongllo.

@ShefVaidya What really pisses me off is that these pseudo seculars and M. Champions like Rj Syema Arfa Rana is that instead of criticizing the wrong doers of there faith and apologizing for not doing enough they expect 80% of the nation to be tolerant and blame them to be Islamphobic.

@_110AbuHassan الف مبروك وتستاهل ، واسأل الله العلي القدير ان يجعلها عون لك في طاعة الله وخدمة المجتمع..

@khanumarfa Vulgarity was done by Islamic in Kashmir and now propaganda is done by the arfa jhannum. Shame is a meaningless for such savages..

バイオだ!! バイオでもポケモンでも更新があるの嬉しいしどっちも続き気になるから楽しみ🥰.

@khanumarfa didi, He is using the same words for Palestine also like vulgar, propaganda, Arfa etc.

Are bhaiyo or beheno . Israel me bhi arfa , Rana , sayema ki behen hai. Yakeen nhi ho rha hai na. Ye dekho ...

Arfa Photo,Arfa Photo by 🚩🔱 🆂🅰🅽🅰🆃🅰🅽🅸 ⫷ 𝐻𝒾𝓃𝒹𝓊 ⫸ 🔱🚩,🚩🔱 🆂🅰🅽🅰🆃🅰🅽🅸 ⫷ 𝐻𝒾𝓃𝒹𝓊 ⫸ 🔱🚩 on twitter tweets Arfa Photo

Have u ever seen any librandu Tukde gangs & Arfa Saba or any opposition party members Who condemned Richa derogatory comment on Army When #AkshayKumar said suddenly all of then jump on him and raise the issue of nationality Shows & proved there Real faces & Characters !!.

@khanumarfa @akshaykumar Arfa Khanum, we had not seen any such type of hard comments on Rihana, Mia Khalifa who were taking interest in Farmer Protest matter few years During that time were you taking direct interview of Rihana, Mia Khalifa on their own home. If not before then not required now.

@ArfaSays_ nhi aana toh na aye toh hum easily win krage na fir Asia Cup gandu hai tu bhi arfa.

Asking questions is greater act of patriotism then getting killed defending India from enemies. Naya Naya aaya hai Arfa Bibi ke madarsey se..

@khanumarfa @akshaykumar Arfa you are the biggest shame on humanity, I don’t think any difference between you and pig who eat human waste 😁😁😁😁.

@khanumarfa @akshaykumar Arfa madam you better focus on ensuring that there is no further ban on Single muslim ladies visiting Jama masjid bcoz it can stop you from clicking some charming pics for your youtube channel !.

$ + $ = $ + $ = $ + $ = $ + $ = $ + $.

@khanumarfa @akshaykumar In a free democracy , he asked in a non abusive manner, is not known to manage trolls & without a shred of evidence that Akshay Kumar is party to this, you have denigrated & let fiberals attack dogs on him…. Shame… time to look in the mirror Arfa Ji pot=kettle black=black.

@ArfaSays_ BCCI called an urgent meeting in their HQ after seeing this warning by Arfa from the slums of Rawalpindi 🤣🤣.

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