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I’m making a list of the people the GOP truly HATES. Here’s what I’ve got so far: Women, Black people, Asians, Gays, Lesbians, Transgendered, Queer, Non-Binary, Immigrants, Native Americans, Dreamers, union members, minimum & low wage workers, the disabled, people who rely.

#Russia is recruiting Central Asians to fight in #Ukraine. Those who recently received a Russian citizenship get drafted into the army. Impoverished labour migrants are attracted by a military contract and expedited Russian citizenship offer, which often turns to be a scam.

@PRGuy17 Definitely not because Martin thinks all Asians look the same. Definitely not. 🙄.

@ntinatzouvala Well I mean it is a well known fact that there’s a lot of Asians and they’re all the same person..


As we celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander heritage, TODAY heard from 20 notable Asians and Asian Americans, including Lou Diamond Phillips, Sen. Mazie Hirono and Alan Muraoka from Sesame Street, about visibility in the USA..

when i hypnotize anti-Black southeast asians to k word themselves and boom at least 80% of the population is purged.

No bc I thought most Asians were actually tanned like me ;-; since we live near the Equator and all but I was a small child with no knowledge of geography back then.

@JulianHillMP Do all Asians look the same? I mean seriously even if it was a honest mistake She should do the decent thing and apologise.

@Void_Squid For real my faith in humanity is more dead than ever before what the fuck is wrong with that cunt how does being Filipino make someone a facist I guess all Russians are dictators now by that braindead logic. Im not even surprised people blamed all asians in general for covid too..

@Lil_Aziiz 😂 hawa watu wa Uganda ata wafai Kua waafrika bana, tunafaa kuwauzia Asians💯😂.

@douglasfunniest It’s not oppression (except by their leaders), but more their entitlement and cultural degradation. Those that treat women that way, do it to all colors, including their own. The dif - non-Asians maybe more receptive and Asians more likely intimidated. Again, culture..

@Lizbeth69108338 @fenris755 More americans agree with my point of view. The majority of americans don’t agree with the looney far left believe including independents libertarians most hispanics muslims asians blue collar workers and people from rural areas.

Mikasa and her mother are the last of the Oriental Clan(Asians) that goes to the wall to hide from the Titan..

mainly the foreigners we are going to chase or kick out of buganda uganda and afrika, are, white arabs, yellow / brown asians and all white peoples.

mainly the foreigners we are going to chase in buganda uganda and afrika, are white arabs, yellow /brown asians and all white peoples..

@UKFconnor I hear a lot of black people get arrested for pulling this kind of shit on asians.

mainly the foreigners we are going to chase or kick out of buganda uganda and afrika, are, white arabs, yellow / brown asians and all white peoples..

@quanred @nasescobar316 Exactly Bro, those stankn Asians are some of the biggest most violent drug dealing thugs on the planet.

@dinMadame Ja, men gook är a big no-no. Jag minns från Viet Nam kriget, då g-ordet användes flitigt både som avsiktligt nedsättande och som jargon för Asians..

@kzshabazz @GeedoJalloh When you talk about Africa don’t include Arabs because Arabs are Asians not Africans.

@SenatorWong Asians think whites all look the same. It is a natural fact to take in broad physiological differences first in a different culture. As we get to know people better we can distinguish them by more specific features like your mean contemptible glare..

Hordes of UC Berkeley students harrassed me, while I was watching 42, the movie, alone - in my studio apartment, shared by a truly detestable being, I rarely knew, figuratively in the reality of being, human. I knew then, and than there, Asians at @Cal are complete..

Truth: I fought for Asian rights to be on the equal scale of the many. In the end, I had a vision of taking five shots to the upper chest area, yet surviving the first, and last attempt. I stopped protecting Asians at @Cal because of the imbalance of immaturity, due to..

@McFaul They all realise very well Prof, how this war started off with Biden and Stoltenberg. Africans and Asians are enjoying unrestricted uncensored access to all media and are able to make a well informed decision. They all see Biden BoJo Stoltenberg Duda as excellent Escalators..

mainly the foreigners we are going to chase in buganda uganda and afrika, are, white arabs, yellow / brown asians and all white peoples..

@CNguyenEc @shmajin From the Japanese point of view, we were fortunate NOT having our own vaccine. Though we had to shell out quite a sum for the purchase, we were able to build confidence toward vaccination through its efficacy seen in Israel, and reports of safety profile in Asians from Singapore..


@XBashing That is exactly how whites are portrayed. Also there is 75% Black males and white females depicted as married or couples. Latino and Asians are represented sparsely..

tbh bryanboy is the last person i want to agree with kasi he’s rich and he lives in sweden and is bestfriends with paris hilton and the rich asians from beverly hills pero totoo naman sinasabi niya. Di pa ako tapos magalit kaya lahat ng sinabi niya ay tru HAHAHAHAHA.

Finished #DIRay last night and loved it. @parmindernagra deserves all the flowers—so happy to see her in a lead role again! Really thought it had great, authentic representation of all different types of South Asians in Britain, which is so rare. Great to see this on British TV!.

The rumour is she apologised to Penny Wong for getting it so wrong. All Asians look the same to her. She’s history!! Luckily she doesn’t live in her electorate of Reid, so she’ll be able to hide pretty easy!.

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