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Thankyou @realsehajpal for liking @pratikrealhero tweet 💙 #AskPratikSehajpal.

#AskPratikSehajpal Photo,#AskPratikSehajpal Photo by Break_me!,Break_me! on twitter tweets #AskPratikSehajpal Photo

Pratik how was your experience when u met the contestants of lockup ? #PratikSehajpal #AskPratikSehajpal.

#askPratikSehajpal South Africa ke liye packing acche se kar li? Please record lots of video and share it with us on your YouTube channel. We don’t want to miss behind the scenes. #PratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Oh I missed the ask session 😭💔 Me kyu jaldi so 😭😭😭 #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal When you will wear that teen paanch jacket of Nishu❤️🥺 Pls wear it once♥️ #PraNish #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Healthy flirting ok with you or being sakhat launda is your zen mode now? #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal You hate typing prats 🫣🫣 that’s why you don’t reply fast #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal #AskPratikSehajpal Exam time over ho jaega prats questions ka ans Why u r so perfect? (touchwood) 🥺.

@realsehajpal I love to see your Please keep uploading #PratikSehajpal #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Pratik exam h to jada focus study pe kse kru koi tip batao🤔 @realsehajpal #AskPratikSehajpal.

@nitin20092004 @TeamPratikOFC OFC ji aap kya is small handler ko jaante ho🥺 #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Thank you for being the best person and so humble for coming time to time and interacting with us I love you #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal #AskPratikSehajpal Ab kya hi bolu bas shukar God bless everyone ye same bat aap har jagah kyu bolte ho😜😐 #PratikSehajpal.

@sarbaribarman @realsehajpal Apne baat karli lalchi na bano😼 #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal What is your favorite song? Just know there is not a day that passes by where I don’t pray for you. I love you endlessly 🖤 #AskPratikSehajpal.

Bhai please please please Check your insta acc to professional team and hire management team reels and photo ko engagement ka bsses pa uplod karo and take care your self bhai. God bless you 💜🧿 #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal What gift you gave to Nishu on his birthday 🥺❤️ #PraNish #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Love u so much pratik Few days back talked to u U r such a pure soul 💛 💖 U gave me your blessings and it was the best day pratik Always with you,,loving u ,, U r only mine 😜❤❤ #PratikSehajpal #AskPratikSehajpal.

@RealShubham_7 @realsehajpal Thank you ❤️ pls ek reply kr do😢 #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Can you Try the teen paanch jacket on and post a pic we wanna see you u rock it, just sayin…😌 #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Type karte karte so gaye yaa fir I am the one who will never get a reply 😏 #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal #AskPratikSehajpal ‼️Can pls tell more about‼️ Manifestation and visualisation #PratikSehajpal pls like u always say ki u believe u deserves it and universe give it to u ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️.

@realsehajpal If you could relive one day in the BB house, which one would it be? #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Ask session ke beech me hi so gaye kya pratik? 😂 #AskPratikSehajpal.

#AskPratikSehajpal Please always share some stories in Instagram We always want to see u ❤️.

@realsehajpal Last tym b reply nhi mila ..aj b nhi mil raha!! 😭😭😭😭 Khismath #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal We really want a vlog with all pets. 💞❤️ #AskPratikSehajpal #PratikFam.

@realsehajpal You hate me pratsss? 🥺😭 Still no reply😭😭 Pls sayy hello to me #AskPratikSehajpal.

@realsehajpal Prats last time I love you Sakshi boldo 😭🤧💓💞 #AskPratikSehajpal #PratikFam.

@realsehajpal Yaaarrr reply do na 😭😭😭😭 What is ur fav sitcom? #AskPratikSehajpal.

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