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Over the last few days, parts of Assam have witnessed flooding due to heavy rainfall. The Central Government is continuously monitoring the situation in Assam and is working closely with the State Government to provide all possible assistance to overcome this challenge..

My deepest gratitude to Shri Mukesh Ambani & Shri Anant Ambani for standing with the people of Assam at this crucial juncture by donating Rs 25 cr to CM Relief Fund. We appreciate this kind gesture. This will go a long way in augmenting our flood relief measures..

My thoughts are with our brothers and sisters in Assam facing unprecedented floods. Heartfelt condolences to the bereaved families. I urge Congress workers and leaders to continue extending assistance to rescue & rehabilitation operations..


#WATCH ...He (Maharashtra CM Uddhav Thackeray) should also come to Assam for vacation, says Assam CM & BJP leader Himanata Biswa Sarma, in Delhi.

Suddenly there is lot of concern about Assam floods by many Durbaris , Media moghuls , czars & czarinas ..... I am sure they would not have thought of floods anytime before & don’t even know where Silchar is on Indian map. Bankrupt in integrity & sold out professionally ....

When Assam suffers .. Shah have no Modi went to Germany .. Godi media reports on #MaharashtraCrisis but forget #AssamFloods . Thank you @ndtv for bringing the true picture. Hope @INCAssam stands and helps the people who are suffering..

おはウサ~ᕱ ᕱ ( •̅∞•̅ ) あつい~🥵 2層予習しなきゃ…!まさか自分が零式やるなんて思ってもなかったけど、がんばろ…( ◜ᴗ◝) #XIV_PICTCLIP #うさお.

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The #Assam Disaster Management Authority has said that over 33 lakh people across 28 districts remain affected by the floods. Full story -.

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असम में बाढ़ से हाहाकार, ‘जलमग्न’ हुए आशियाने तो लोगों ने हाइवे पर टेंट में ली शरण, 33 लाख से ज्यादा लोग प्रभावित #AssamFloods2022 | #NDRF.

kafamı bile nasıl dağıtacağım bilmiyorum. şuradan kendimi atsam, assam ailem hariç kimse üzülmez. onlar da 1-2 ay üzülür unuturlar. ne bi başarım var, ne bi hayalim artık. ne de bi hayatım. maddi durumumuz hiç yok..

Please do what you can! Quickly! #AssamFloods #AssamFloods2022 You all must be aware of the devastating floods in Assam. Silchar is one of the worst affected areas. We have received these pictures from our colleagues at Cachar Cancer Hospital & Research Centre, Silchar..

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The #DAWN 0423 🇮🇳 Assam North Central #Udalguri Good morning India.

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おはようございます(/・ω・)/ 雨が上がりましたが、油断せず行きましょう。.

@Sturdygirl0803 Ooh they’re nearly birthday buddies! (Stu’s was Thurs). Belated Happy Birthday @MrSmileEsq ☺️ Builders are finishing the render repairs & making good rotting timbers, then a paint job on the masonry & windows too - finishing touches to the damp works from a couple of year back xx.

With less rainfall reported from across the state, the flood situation in #Assam improved a bit yesterday by @utpal_parashar & @tilak2010.

The Quint
The Quint

#OpEd | The situation in #Assam is volatile, with the number of people and districts affected increasing by the day. However, the struggle of tens of lakhs of people finds no place in the national discourse, write @pradyutbordoloi & Evita Rodrigues..

@gadosenshin 機会があったら、ゼンカイを観てみるのも良さげです( ´∀`).

@moughalthegreat @Pun_Starr Why this mocking and derogatory tone worthy of Assam only. Please elaborate.

Spending 100 crs in assam to topple the govt. Dead bodies are floating in the river. That’s BJP for you. #AssamFloods #MaharashtraPolitcalCrisis.

@himantabiswa Sir, Ye donation isliye toh nahi lag raha hai! Daal mei zaroor kuch kaala hai Kahi ye help ke liye toh nahi hai? Wahi help jo Assam se Maharashtra ke liye ki jarahi hai..

@narendramodi @himantabiswa He’s actually busy at indulging in illegal and immoral horse trading while Assam is battling the worse flood ever. Good CM choose Modi Ji.

Tear of Assam: This is Silchar, the second largest city of Assam is under water. People facing shortage of food and water without electricity and internet. Millions affected. prayer for assam.

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Dead bodies are floating in Assam Prabhu Shree @narendramodi, life is not expected from you, at least make some arrangements for the dead bodies..

@himantabiswa instead of escorting, providing aid to rebel MLa’s of Maharashtra and instead inviting other states Mla’s, Mp’s for picnic to Assam, give shelter to affected people of #FloodinAssam provide them aid, food and other basic necessities..

@DGPAssamPolice Congrats ! Not only immense pride for we all,persons from Assam/NER at such high helm of affairs will completely change the perception,already changed to great extent,which still in some quarters off to sheer talent !.

WATCH: Unprecedented floods in #India have impacted millions of people in Assam region. Chittapriyo Sadhu, Deputy Director of @stc_india, said #children and families are in immediate need of support, including food, shelter and hygiene kits..

অনুবাদ সাহিত্যৰ বাবে বিশিষ্ট লেখক ডঃ সঞ্জীৱ উপাধ্যায়লৈ সাহিত্য অকাডেমী বঁটা.

@dpanjana Why not ask #UddhavThackarey to donate the whole amount? Then the #Assam CM can convince the rebels to go to ur reasonable demand?.

@itsmesabita We can relate to the pain so much,Odisha being a victim of Super Cyclones so many times itself,we had faced Fani in the recent past and there were no electricity,water for almost for 30-40days. We are praying to Lord Jagannath to help you all in #Assam during this tough time..

#Horoscope: Horoscope: আজিৰ দিনটো আপোনাৰ কেনেদৰে পাৰ হ’ব?.

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