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Media friends - PLS FOR FFS GIVE COVERAGE TO ASSAM FLOODS!! Do panel discussions on why this happens every year, why thousands of people left to die, why lakhs of families are pushed into poverty & homelessness, whose fault it is and who can fix it & how. #assamneedshelp.

ASSAM RIFLES rescues 464 lives in Silchar town where AR on 22 June launched flood rescue operations in general area of Rangir Khari & GC College. Assam needs help from all & urge @narendramodi to kindly visit Assam & take a stock of devastation !! #AssamNeedsHelp @PMOIndia.

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Did my bit ...hope this motivates you #AssamFloods #AssamNeedsHelp.

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Yes Maharashtra political crisis is entertaining and gains TRP but Media should give preference to #AssamFloods so it creates more pressure among governments as Assam needs serious help now! #AssamNeedsHelp.

#AssamNeedsHelp All transportation access are blocked due to major landslides along Meghalaya and Mizoram roadways. A small Town called Silchar is facing an emergency with water level going above danger level, Dead bodies are floating in the water with no place to cremate..

हिंदुहृदयसम्राट बाळासाहेब ठाकरे बघताय ना साहेब , आपले निष्ठावान शिवसैनिक @mieknathshinde फक्त राज्याचा विचार ना करता आसाम पूरग्रस्तांच्या मदतीला गेले आहेत! #assamneedshelp #Maharashtra.

असम में बाढ़ के कारण सामान्य जनजीवन अस्त-व्यस्त होने से कई लोगों की मृत्यु व लाखों लोगों के प्रभावित होने की खबर बेहद चिंताजनक है। मृतकों के परिजनों के प्रति मेरी गहरी संवेदनाएं है। मैं ईश्वर से बाढ़ से प्रभावित परिवारों की सुरक्षा व सलामती की प्रार्थना करता हूँ। #assamneedshelp.

Photo-op and PR-giri irrespective of human loss of life, homes & livelihood. #AssamUnderWater #assamneedshelp.

50+ lakh people affected, 100+ deaths, unavailability of electricity for 60+ hours, shortage of drinking water and food, roads blocked and dead bodies floating. Still no national media coverage and help from the centre? Open your eyes. #AssamFloods #AssamNeedsHelp @PMOIndia.

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Sale of MPs takes the spotlight on the front page of HT vs a crisis in #Assam. Misplaced priorities. #AssamNeedsHelp.

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