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Aubaááá!! 5 anos atrás ⁦@Auba⁩ conheceu meu trabalho. Hoje nos encontramos aqui em Sevilha. Narrei ao vivo pra ele!!! 🎤⚽️ #laliganaespn #futebolnaespn.

We had the chance to strengthen our squad in January, instead we found it wise to let Auba leave..

Selling auba was never the issue. Not replacing him was stupid.

Many people said this at the time too. AMN was one player too many. Chambers, Mari, Auba, Kola were all fine. It needed to happen. But why AMN? That’s the one that boggles my mind..

@infoatleti_31 Es que teniendo a Auba, otro delantero de nivel secundario era innecesario. La verdad que el salto de calidad con Lewa sería enorme. Más de 30 goles por temporada están garantizados.

@Citeh_Ney @afcmyst Haaland never even won Bundesliga golden boot and Auba won it lmao😭😭.

@PlatitaSantizo Como que Auba nunca terminaba jugando en la banda en Alemania e Inglaterra. Bien puede jugar de extremo y Lewandoski de 9. Mejor vaya a hacer sus videos bailando en la piscina..

@curtisshaw9 Hmmmm…. If the players Arteta sold/loaned/frozen played against this current team….. I actually think they will beat them Emi AMN Mari Saliba Sead Guendouzi Wilock Torreira Ozil Auba Pepe #ArtetaOut #arsenal.

@MrSilvaFoxAFC How is it the owners/boards fault, too be honest I think they backed the club well with transfers, people will say “what about January” but look at our past records in January, only player we’ve bought in was Auba and that was more because Dortmund wanted rid of him.


Auba is vindicated. His future performances don’t count as he’d be in decline which is expected for most strikers his age. Barça might as well need a striker more involved in buildups. The key thing is that we needed a job done this season and he did it..

@marca Cómo madridista animo al Barça a ir a por Lewandowski. Cómo aficionado al fútbol me parece un despropósito. Y más teniendo a Auba que es más joven, que este año tiene firmados 20 brutos y que les ha funcionado. ¿No hay nadie con tres dedos de frente ni dentro ni fuera del club?.

@SeberEmrah @gokhan_cace Seneye Auba-lewa-diaby ile old Bundesliga ileri hattı iyi olur.

@martinezferran Ya empezamos ,igual decían con Ferran ,Auba ,ESTAMOS EN MAYO!!! QUEDAN 3 MESES.

@argungokhann @gokhan_cace Aubameyang ile beraber oynarlarsa çok saçma sapan bir şey olur. Gerçi ben Auba’dan bu performansı da beklemiyordum..

@Alfremartinezz A mi Lewbandoski me encanta, si viene gratis le ficharía pero pagando 40 millones NO es una pasada, cuando hay q reforzar otros puestos y la delantera con Ansu tiene gol , Ferrán, Depay y Auba está bien cubierta.

@talkfcb_ Pedri Araujo and busquets , Memphis can be in top 3 because he is our top scorer in league but auba also done great in last 4 months, but busquets is our main player who run the game and give his 100 % on the field and perform great so he will be in our top 3.

@hemaclinton1 @talkfcb_ Luuk & Memphis goals have been more important but Auba is top 5 players for us this season.

2 variations of our best possible lineups for 22/23. Was between dest and dembele for the rwb in the 343 but it’ll depend on how much defensive work the rwb would have. Gavi, Eric, Nico, torre, torres, auba, depay(?), alves/azpi, pena will be there for depth. Europe isn’t ready.

Auba Photo,Auba Photo by Manasfcb,Manasfcb on twitter tweets Auba Photo

Lewandowski will be the umpteenth Madrid-reject heading to Barca after Pedri, Depay, Auba and many others 😆😆😭😭😭🤣🤣.

@LXavineta @madridblaugrana Auba es el killer del es Top, pero meterá más q Auba? Pagar 35-40kilos no lo veo,en un par de años ya no estará para jugar. Auba en un contexto malo,las enchufa como quiere. La próxima temporada, sin lesiones y jugando a menudo no mete menos de 25-30 goles en Liga..

@kotrok123 @glowczak_6 jak przyjdzie Lewy to on może zapomnieć o grze Ansu - Lewy - Dembele albo Lewy - Auba Dembele.

@PMasvidal No jo tampoc pero amb Auba (habitual) estan sempre a les mateixes zones Ferran no podia fer el canvi natural de partir en banda i acabar al centre.

@IegeneraI I was so confident that game lmao the real problem imo was not appointing Enrique in 2018. Unai had him marking the DM in his team ffs Auba bailed him out too often.

@TheTexasGooner As soon as you bring up Auba who went full Auba . You lose any arguments with intellectuals like you and me.

@Bhollar_DNM @PoojaMedia You people refuse to listen. No striker in the world will thrive under Arteta. Auba is a clear proof of that. The moment he left the wilderness he started banging again. He still has more goals than all of Arsenal’s strikers combined. The manager and his system are the problem..

@que_golaco7 Concordo que faltou alguém mais experiente, a referência deveria ser o Auba, mas a gente viu como o fim dele foi trágico. O final é um pouco frustrante, mas não dá pra ignorar a evolução do time, foi por pouco, mas foram mto bem. Boas expectativas para próxima temporada..

Hmmmm…. If the players Arteta sold/loaned/frozen played against this current team….. I actually think they will beat them Emi AMN Mari Saliba Sead Guendouzi Wilock Torreira Ozil Auba Pepe #ArtetaOut #arsenal.

@Coach8soccer @grtinho The fact he won the FA cup with that squad shows what he can do. I love Auba, but he wasn’t scoring for us and when he doesn’t score he offers very little. The issue is the squad - when starters are injured we don’t have the depth to cover those key missing players..

@SugaGuci Enjoy Thursday night football😂😂😂 Try again next season and I guess Auba had the last laugh😂😂.

@devilbylaw I hate aubameyang revisionism they need to move on , the move was for the best for both Auba and arsenal.

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