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ً ()

Let’s just say that Auba at Liverpool would still have 49 goals but Salah at Arsenal wouldn’t even have half these. Auba did it, and did it with ease, under a finished Wenger and expired Emery.

Hugo🔰 ()

Since Auba replaced Giroud Arsenal have had their 2 worst premier league seasons, are trophyless and can’t win away from home. Makes you think

A7mad ()

1 for willock 1 for pepe 2 for auba 2 for laca 2 for eddie 2 for gabi Assisting everyone

SVR Pepe 🇳🇬 ()

Do you know how many times Auba has saved us compared to costing us?

Iloj ()

tap in merchant overrated pace merchant mmmmhmmmmmm yespali ni golden boot auba ki ho fuck all yall

Gooner_Eurychus🇰🇪™ ()

Arteta on Aubameyang: I’m so happy with Auba because he is scoring very important goals, but as well as a captain he’s giving a great example to everyone else. That a player of his calibre is able to work the way that he is working defensively #COYG

Gooners Report Indo ()

Arteta on ubameyang: Saya sangat senang dengan Auba karena dia mencetak gol yang sangat penting, tetapi juga seorang kapten dia memberikan contoh yang bagus untuk semua orang. Bahwa pemain sekalibernya mampu bekerja dengan cara seperti saat ini. Bekerja secara defensif.

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GAFAKA (Mbee) ()

English media are not hyping Auba because he’s not an English player

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See My Level ()

Minggu yang gembira buat fans Arsenal. 3 kali menang dalam 7 hari. 2 kali berturut turut dalam PL sejak Ogos. Auba top scorer 17 gol sama dengan Vardy. Arsenal power sepanjang zaman ! #COYG

FPL Tommy☘️🇾🇪 ()

Proof that you cant judge a hit the week you take it In gw 25 Took a hit to get auba and martial Auba-2 Martial-3 Gw26 and Gw27 combined points Auba-21 Martial-16

OfficialAFC_US ()

☝️ for @EddieNketiah9 ✌️ for @Aubameyang7 #ARSEVE

Harry Symeou ()

#AFC | Individual errors almost proved costly today but we were far more dangerous in attack. Nketiah’s finish was excellent, we know what Auba is all about & I thought Guendouzi did well when he was tasked with pressing higher up the pitch. #ARSEVE

ArsenalArena ()

Arteta on Auba: I had two questions [about Auba’s attitude to defending]. One was whether he wanted to do it, or could he not do it physically? So once I found out that physically he could do it, it was about convincing him to do it and that he can do it every three days.

ArsenalArena ()

Arteta on Auba: I’m so happy with Auba because he is scoring very important goals for us, but as well as a captain he’s giving a great example to everyone else. That a player of his calibre is able to work the way that he is working defensively.

Hindu Monkey ()

Update. That said green arrow is now a red. Thanks to Auba and the @roneildinho sponsored double Everton attack that nobody but him saw coming. Second update. He is no longer my favourite #fpl account on Twitter. Third update. I could hate

Charles Watts ()

Wonderful, wonderful goal. Luiz with a magnificent pass sends Auba clear, he was never going to miss. Fabulous finish. 2-1

Kün Karam ()

2 FTs, £ ITB but I have no idea what I am gonna do this GW. - Mahrez got to stay, did not play vs WHU and LEI without Ndidi. - Auba worries me played 90min in Europa. - I can just do Stevens to Boly/Saiss, maybe? Lots of #FPL #FPLCommunity

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Laba Laba Master 🦋🦋🦋 ()

That’s Saka 9th Assist of the season! The boy is too composed for his Age. When Tierney comes Put in back to the wings with Auba as top9 and Pepe from the other wing and Ozil behind. That’s our Best XI.

Mazi Olisaemeka C. ™ ()

Arsenal fans, we have to be patient with Arteta because he young and will still make some funny decisions like, > Playing Auba on the right 🤦‍♂️ > Taking off Martinelli and pushing Willock to the left 🤦‍♂️ He’s just starting. He will make mistakes. But he will come good trust me.

Oh Mane Mane ()

@RoyalANfield I’m still wondering how on earth we struggled against Pepe/Auba when we comfortably beat them earlier this season

Aubameyang!! ()

Arsenal’s top scorers in all comps this season. Auba 17 Martinelli 10 Laca 8 Pepe 6 Willock 4 Saka 3 Nelson 2 Luiz 2 Torreira 2 Papa 2 Nketiah 1 Chambers 1 Holding 1 Nelson 1 Ceballos 1 Mustafi 1 Bellerin 1 Ozil 1 #COYG #AFC

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Tony Turner⚡🆙 ()

@ArseBrosRant I thought Lacazette was doing great runs and passes today. His finishing was still off but I thought he had a very solid game. That said BOrh should be playing forwards or Lacazette as a false 9 Auba is just a merchant in the box.

FPL Canuck ()

@TheFPLPrince Almost same issue (I have bobby > auba) and I think Sidibe is the priority. Jimmy is this week’s obvious lure but Auba has a great fixture too and could easily match or surpass him (ditto Bobby). Sidibe isn’t even a guaranteed starter anymore and Boly represents great value imo

NS.🤮 ()

@Nashorobi Exactly, his crosses from the left for Auba and pepe in the box would create so much. We need that 🙌🏽

Nathan🔴⚪🔴 ()

Loving this man! He has been class ever since he has been appointed, defending much better than previously, even if the likes of Auba and Laca leave we will be fine with Arteta because his tactics and systems have been spot on, just hope he gets backed in summer❤️

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ADE ()

That is the only problem Arteta is yet to solve, playing Auba out wide will affect us in the long run, we need to balance up real quick.

𝔉𝔬𝔯𝔢𝔳𝔢𝔯 𝔈𝔡𝔦𝔱𝔰 92 ()

Auba & Laca Lockscreens Lacazette rescues all 3 points for Arsenal in Athens! #OLYARS #AFC (I know Auba is not from Tonight)

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Gabriel martini ()

Arteta literally studied Emery playing Auba at right wing for 18 months and decided it was something he wanted to carry on with. Spanish terrorists unite

Charles Watts ()

Interesting line-up - Leno, Mustafi, Sokratis, Luiz, Saka, Guendouzi, Xhaka, Martinelli, Willock, Auba, Lacazette. Either Mustafi or Sokratis at right-back. Martinez only on the bench, which will be a big disappointment to him.

Squawka Football ()

Torreira→Pépé→Torreira→Xhaka→Auba→Saka→Xhaka→Auba→Torreira→Xhaka→Saka→Torreira→Xhaka→Saka→Bellerín→Pépé→Bellerín→Pépé→Torreira→Xhaka→Luiz→Saka→Özil→Luiz→Mustafi→Bellerín→Mustafi→Leno→Luiz→Xhaka→Özil→Xhaka→Özil→Pépé→Lacazette→Özil ⚽️

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