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  • On April 28, 1996, a gunman opened fire on tourists at an Australian resort, killing 35 people and wounding 23 more. Australia enacted strict gun laws and have had no mass shootings since.

  • Ok these two photos were both Asia but everyone knows I dab a lot in Australia

  • This Is Why I Think Father-Daughter Dances Are, Well, a Tad Creepy - POPSUGAR Australia #dances

  • @washingtonpost We need a gun program like the one in Australia. Check it out. No killer guns, just those used in hunting. Look at the gun attacks since the law was passed. And Aussies are fond of guns, but they love people more

  • @TomiLahren I can’t believe how stupid you Americans are when it comes to gun control. no guns = no mass shootings, simple stuff . I don’t know why you people are so against making it harder for mentally ill people to get hold of a AR And go shoot up a school. Follow australia and the uk.

  • I have 14 new followers from Australia, and more last week. See

    #Australia twitter.
  • Get a summary of the New Zealand vs Australia Trans-Tasman Twenty20 Trophy 2018 cricket match. via ESPNCricinfo app

  • @JohnWren1950 Welcome to Australia - a new oligarchy Farewell Democracy

  • Peru México Japão Austrália África do Sul

  • When is the world going to settle with peace? No one wants to say goodbye forever to the ones they love. Prayers to Florida and any country going through pain ❤️ heaven just gained more angels, Rest In Peace ❤️ I’m absolutely shattered. - love from Australia

  • @lynbesydney @Australia Saw lots of other birds but sadly no cockatoos

  • @HRVY I wish I could go but I live in Australia😭💙

  • @HeathHussar are u and @EltonCastee coming to perth Western Australia, we have beautiful beaches to swim and surf

  • @alexaiono why you in Australia tho ?

  • Any mutuals know where I can get Charlotte Tilbury products in Australia ???

  • @DrewskiJ_Cant So true. Someone dropped the Australia argument with me yesterday. Australia had a population of 24M in 1996 when then banned guns... We’re over 320M right now. #ProGuns

  • Meet the doctor who says medications are killing you

  • @altNOAA I think this one is Australia sir!

  • @mccrystal79 @its_lenu @Australia @sydney_sider For the time being may 3 in Australia 🇦🇺

  • @GoodremFan Which i think changed Australia for the better

  • Laura Peel fifth for Australia in Winter Olympics aerials final – ABC News

  • I have 21 new followers from Australia, and more last week. See

    #Australia twitter.
  • @carlie4124 @BaeBeeLuvs @SteveZude @egrassva @sarahchad_ @joanwalsh Australia is a lie. There are guns everywhere.

  • Australia beat New Zealand with record T20 chase

    #Australia twitter.
  • Laura Peel fifth for Australia in Winter Olympics aerials final via @abcnews

  • @craneLdyVngnce @realreynbow @1morepainter @THE_Brandon_T @GypsySpirit46 @MarkRuffalo True, Australia is not made up of a bunch of idiots.

  • Dive with us some of #Australia finest dive spots: Cod Hole and Ribbon Reefs thanks to a top #GreatBarrierReef Liveaboard: TAKA Dive Boat Experience via @ZWanderingFrogs #scubadiving

  • @TomiLahren There are lunatics in Great Britain, Australia, Japan, France and Spain - and somehow they just don’t have these school or mass-shootings every month. Why?

  • @Debwaters30549 @BevH111 @PenPure1 I feel sorry 4 USA as am sure Britain, Canada, Australia,Japan have as many crims Add shooting deaths up & we still come nowhere near USA.

  • Aone Food Equipment have amended their page visit them on #Australia #business #Melbourne

  • @psychicpebble @NG_Tyler *only ones with guns in Australia

  • Last year #with mah sweet #family at Mellbourn City Australia

  • Third spot in The #omarvsmdcl tour!! #melbourne #australia #markdeclivelowe #omarlyefook…

  • @jwalkup @krassenstein That is not answering why there is a difference in interest in owning a gun. I have lived in Canada, Australia, UK, and US, all for extended periods (< 2 years). Only place where I knew people with guns was US. Why do Americans need a gun when citizens of other nations don’t?

  • Gay and bisexual men will be offered the HPV jab | Breaking News US/Australia

  • @Jeepwidow @m_symons @HopeJules @boothheather @ChelseaClinton Works in every other country. USA is joke to the rest of the world regarding Gun Control. It took Australia 1 mass shooting to bring in strict gun control laws resulting in no more massacres. US 2nd amendment was enacted in completely different time. Time to change USA

  • Victoria govt to fund Hindu temple in Australia (India Today) @Swamy39 @jagdishshetty