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🚨 Following his serious injury against Australia, Lucas Hernandez has considered stopping his career. 🥺 (Source: @lequipe).

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Thank you PM @AlboMP! The entry into force of IndAus ECTA will be greatly welcomed by our business communities, and will further strengthen the India-Australia Comprehensive Strategic Partnership..

I met a woman last night who lived in Australia, with her family, during the lockdown. She started crying talking about “We listened to him while locked in our homes.” They live in Florida now. Been thinking about this all day..

Who drives governments’ policies, including Australia? UN-WEF Who controls UN-WEF? Corporations like Blackrock, Vanguard Who controls them? Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Soros families Control our money & basics of life. Aim to control all of our lives Together we can stop them.

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A milestone in India-Australia relations! The trade agreement is supposed to create jobs in India and increase investments from Australia..

📺 Watch Live Stream | World Cup 2022 ⚽️ 🇲🇫 France vs Australia 🇦🇺 ⤵️ ▶️HD➤ ▶️SD➤ #FRAAUS #FIFAWorldCup BNri.

📺 Watch Live Stream | World Cup 2022 ⚽️ 🇲🇫 France vs Australia 🇦🇺 ⤵️ ▶️HD➤ ▶️SD➤ #FRAAUS #FIFAWorldCup uC09.

Another one GONE. A mis-timed pull-shot sees the end of Travis Head. 📺 Watch #AUSvENG on Ch. 501 or stream via @kayosports 📝 Blog: 🔢 Match Centre:.

Francia se clasificó a octavos y Australia vs. Dinamarca se jugarán a todo o nada: así quedaron las posiciones del Grupo D de #Qatar2022..

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En Australia te cobran 150 dólares por rotarte las gomas del auto. El precio de un LED nuevo en 15 minutos de trabajo. Los argentinos hacen de la pobreza un orgullo..


#Rating 🇦🇺 | el partido de Argentina arrasó en la TV nacional de Australia. Hasta el momento, fue lo más visto de #Qatar2022  ▫️Ceremonia ▫️🇶🇦 🇪🇨 ▫️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🇮🇷 ▫️🇸🇳 🇳🇱 ▫️🇺🇸 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ▪️🇦🇷 🇸🇦 🔥 ▫️🇩🇰 🇹🇳.

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Phoebe is playing 2 new shows in Australia in February, general onsale if Friday November 18 at 10am local!.

The United Nations has voted to investigate the Iranian regime protest crackdown…. Perhaps they should be investigating Canada, Australia and the Netherlands before they preach to other.

Authorities warn of flooding impacts for ‘months’ as second death recorded in NSW.

Ross Byrne goes from supporting act to starring role as Ireland edge scrappy affair with Australia.

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A LO CAMPEÓN El actual monarca de la Copa del Mundo tuvo un estreno a puro gol en Catar 2022. De la mano de Giroud (marcó dos), Francia goleó 4-1 a Australia y avisa que va en serio por su tercera estrella. 📷 EFE..

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Alemanha perdendo para o Japão, Argentina perdendo para a Arábia Saudita, França começou perdendo pra Austrália e só melhorou depois da entrada do Théo Confesso que tô com medo em relação ao Brasil amanhã 😳.

Wouldn’t be an election in Australia without a major party refusing to play nicely with the other children if nobody achieves a lower house majority.

His company has extended its operations and deals with international clients from Canada, Australia, the UK, USA and Asia..

@Deadlysecret007 Hello 👋 everyone, Brugge bear 🐻 here ... may i please order da panna cotta please for me and a custard cake (we call dem Vanilla slice in Australia 🇦🇺) for my hooman please Ginger n Romeo #Furrytails.

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Marnus Labuschagne gets his first 50 against England in an ODI! ⚡️ 📺 Watch #AUSvENG on Ch. 501 or stream via @kayosports 📝 Blog: 🔢 Match Centre:.

The Sherman was a very capable tank, second only in survivability to the Churchill. It outclassed many of its opponents and, perhaps most importantly, it was available wherever it was needed, serving all Allied armies except Australia. For more on Sherman:.

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As a citizen of both Samoa and Australia I would really like to say. Stuff you Aussie ref lol. 685 to the oki..

@elonmusk USA England Europe Canada Australia New Zealand Japan Monopolistic zionist companies (globalists) that are occupying South Korea and Ukraine have invented the Kovit virus to defeat Trump. They defeated him with fake voter letters..

Karim Benzema no estará contra Australia y está casi descartado para el Mundial. Se está realizando exámenes médicos en este momento [@AndiOnrubia].

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Francia confirmó la peor noticia: se lesionó Benzema y se perdería el Mundial.

🚨 Karim Benzema está fora do jogo de estreia da França contra a Austrália e praticamente fora da Copa do Mundo 2022. Mais informações em instantes..

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@MattSainsb If only Australia had some source of limitless renewable energy. Oh well..

Australia held its ground, says Speers. Xi has agreed to “the thaw” he says. And these outcomes a mystery to very senior press gallery journalist David Speers, or so he would have us believe. #Insiders.

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