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“Dump that loser, Madi!” Charles Barkley gave a warm welcome to Chad Prewett and the Auburn Men’s Basketball Team, who wished Chuck a happy birthday on @NBAonTNT last night. 😂🏀🌹 #TheBachelor

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CFCDaily ()

Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Barkley, Alonso all caught our big time tonight. Jorginho a liability when on a Yellow, Abraham quite selfish, Willian & Pedro finished, 50 Year Old In Goal. A lot of work needed.

Chris ()

Young Chelsea side ? 38 - Caballero 32 - Giroud 32 - Pedro 31 - Willian 30 - Azpilicueta 29 - Alonso 28 - Jorginho 26 - Barkley 26 - Rudiger Hardly a young side.


Barkley war bei Lampard zuletzt in Ungnade gefallen, weil er sich in einem Nachtklub oben ohne hat fotografieren lassen. Seitdem er sich bemüht, bei sämtlichen Gelegenheiten das Hemd anzulassen, hat er wieder eine Chance. #CFCFCB #ARBEITSNACHWEIS

UEFA Champions League ()

TEAM NEWS: Giroud starts ahead of Abraham in the Chelsea attack; Barkley makes 1st #UCL

Jordan Raanan ()

Joe Judge adamant about everyone getting an equal shot and starting at the ground level. He won’t publicly commit to Daniel Jones as his starting QB or Saquon Barkley as the starting RB. “No ones got a spot,” he said. #giants #NFLCombine

Tubirbola ()

Marcos Alonso, Ross Barkley, dan Olivier Giroud sebenarnya bukan pemain andalan Frank Lampard musim ini. Apalagi ketiganya sempat cedera. Tapi ketiganya tampil impresif pada laga Chelsea melawan Tottenham kemarin malam. Layak dimainkan terus gak nih, Blues?

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One-7-📸❼ ()

@NothinButFacts_ @HoustonRockets Barkley “ come on now Jazz what y’all doing “ 🤡

Jon Bradshaw ()

I remember when Charles Barkley, in response to Houston coming out with small ball lineup, said: “just let The Two stars(Harden and Westbrook) score 35 each. That’s only 70 pts.” Lmaooo #HOUvsUTA

Left Tackle Brasil ()

Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley e Daniel Jones, todos do Giants, estão no Rio. Eles conferiram o Carnaval e também a final do primeiro turno do Campeonato Carioca.

J. Michael ()

Wait until Barkley criticizes him on TV. Then he’ll feel the need/desire to play harder. Perfectly normal, of course 🙄

Giants me obriga a beber ()

Senhoras e senhores, Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley e Sterling Shepard cantando @KevinOChris!!! QUE HOMENS!!! QUE MOMENTO

✨ Hollywood Yesterday ✨ ()

The Big Valley (1965-1969): Victoria (Barbara Stanwyck) is the only Barkley who was never shot. Heath (Lee Majors) was shot the most! #TheBigValley

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Cameron ()

Jovacic, PnP back 3, Alonso and Reece at wingback, Mount and Barkley pressing and linking midfield to attack. Might be the one uno. Then RLC, CHO, Pulisic etc come back in to those attacking positions. No more Pedro, Willian and Michy I beg.

Zak. ()

Mason Mount, Olivier Giroud, Ross Barkley and Marcos Alonso who aren’t all fan favourites were excellent today. Fair play. 👏 #CFC

Gmen Brasil (4-12) ()

Bom, achamos UMA COISA que o Saquon Barkley não faz direito: embaixadinha!

& nagasaki girl 8/24 ()

@Flamengo @Giants conta pro barkley o que o landim tá fazendo com as famílias e filma a reação dele pf no caso, ele descendo a porrada no landim

NFL da Decepção - 2️⃣4️⃣ ()

⚫️🔴CARA NOVA NO MENGÃO🔴⚫️ Fontes indicam que Evan Engram e Saquon Barkley, não foram os os únicos que assinaram com o Mengão, Daniel Jones, Quarterback do New York Giants, ex-time de Barkley e Engram, também assinou com o time Rubro Negro. CURTIU A CONTRATAÇÃO TORCEDOR? 🔥🔥

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Flamengo - Maior do Mundo ()

Estrelas dos Giants, na NFL, visitam o Rio de Janeiro, vestem camisa do Flamengo e vão ao Maracanã para final da Taça Guanabara.  Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, Saquon Barkley e Daniel Jones estão no Brasil e vão ver partida contra o Boavista.

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Paul Wentworth ()

Managed to successfully avoid seeing the result before watching the game. this morning. What a performance from Frank Lampard’s CFC. Giroud, Alonso, Mount & Kovacic outstanding & Ross Barkley had his best game in a Chelsea shirt. Double over that lot & Jose makes it sweeter.

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IG ()

Alonso, Barkley, Mount & Giroud all putting in major shifts vs. a top four contender in a London derby, yet I’m supposed to believe that they aren’t fit to wear the Chelsea shirt? Yeah, no. All of them top tier.

Zito ()

Ross Barkley does a lot of things that a Nigerian father would threaten to disown him over

Kaustubh Pandey ()

Spurs are leaving spaces in front of their back-four for Mount and Barkley to easily run into. That comes from having no proper DM in there.

Blues Of Stamford ()

Chelsea escalado para o derby contra o Tottenham daqui a pouco. Caballero segue no time titular. Azpilicueta atuará como zagueiro e Alonso retorna ao lado esquerdo. Mount e Barkley serão os meias ofensivos e Giroud o centroavante. #CHETOT

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Jeff Eisenband ()

“Dump that loser, Madi!” Charles Barkley gave a warm welcome to Chad Prewett and the Auburn Men’s Basketball Team, who wished Chuck a happy birthday on @NBAonTNT last night. 😂🏀🌹 #TheBachelor

JSB ()

@nav_gill Frank still can’t get his teams to defend crosses. Was the same at Derby. It’s basic man. Look at the depth of their squad. Ole not got same luxury. No Kepa, Tomori, Alonso, Barkley, CHO, RLC, Pulisic & Tammy. Can still put out a top side. It’s mad. They’re shit. English darling.

C A R E F R E E ()

Willian is fucking woeful Rüdiger is fucking woeful Batshuayi is fucking woeful Pedro is fucking woeful Barkley is fucking woeful Alonso is fucking woeful

El Lobo Negron aka Patron James ()

Jeff Ross said Charles Barkley only agreed to be in the movie Space Jam, because he thought it was about jelly that was out of this world. ☠☠☠

Positive Blue 🔥💙💉 ()

Batshuayi ❌ Giroud ❌ Pedro ❌ Willian ❌ Barkley ❌ Emerson ❌ Alonso ❌ Rudiger ❌ Kepa ❌ Zouma ❌

AnishC ()

@cozierpanda Worse is playing the likes of Willian and Pedro on the wings when mount Could slot in there and play the midfield three or Barkley lol

TheScore ()

Jeff Ross absolutely torches Charles Barkley. 🗣🔥 🤣 (🎥: @NBAonTNT)

☚ #HappyBirthdayGVM #CAAProtest ☛
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