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Presidential bet VP Leni Robredo’s spox Barry Gutierrez tells supporters they are “trying to find the best path forward” and will be giving updates within the day. Latest vote transmission shows the late dictator’s son Ferdinand Marcos Jr leading by a huge margin. | @maracepeda.

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Washington policy is driven by the identity of the actor not the nature and horror of the act, if it’s Russian it’s a crime, if it’s Israeli, eh, well, ah, forget it, or have Israel investigate Barry it ..#ShireenAbuAkleh.

@ASTR0ZOMBIEZ even better was barry and Clark struggling to teach him when they could’ve been there in 30 secs.

@arielhelwani Eating takis 3 years out of date still your second worst decision of the day after having pat the groomer barry om your show.

ショート動画かわいい😍 くしゃみ音声つかないかしら?←.

Man I wonder what Barry Sanders would have been like in a standard PPR My goodness he was a bad man.

@therecount Why was double murderer Kyle Rittenhouse a guest at Mar-A-Largo? Speaking out against violent acts yet making a hero out of someone who committed three violent acts Two murders and one maiming.

Barry received 25 mortgage responses for £100,000 over 25 years:.

@RepThomasMassie @RepThomasMassie will go down in history as the voice of dissent so concerned with doing his actual job that he failed to advance the interests of the Empire. He is among the greatest statesmen of our time..

Barry Sanders Lions Framed Matted Drawing Picture Signed Autograph COA Signature eBay.

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@shirakamifubuki おは🌽です ゆるお仕事ふぁいとじゃーい☺️ 終わったらFFと狐ゲーラストもりょぴ✨ 楽しみにしてますね!.

@hwinkler4real Yes!!, that would truly put the kibosh on this —-if every pro choice women woman withheld “services” it would surely save Roe —-btw love you in “Barry”.

Wait, what if the Nora next week is the Nora from season 5? And Barry finds her while in the still force? #TheFlash #WestAllenFamily.

@CarlaHSands Elon is playing chess… Trump is playing and he lost all of them.

@MadScientistFF The only thing is right on this top 25 is Barry Sanders is the best all time running back.

Barry & Namajunas Respond To Strickland’s Sexual Predator Accusations.

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@GOPLeader No lie. My nephew is, unfortunately, looking at buying a used 83,000 miles on it .....for $14,000. ABSURD.

momento paralelismo Sally le dice a Barry que nunca va a cambiar, y esto es solo el guion de una escena, pero Barry no se lo puede tomar bien porque hace eco en su vida como ex marin y ahora como sicario, que por mas que quiera abandonar no puede.

@txtdrberseragam Kenyataan di lapangan terkadang bukan yang berpakaian preman yang ditakutkan tapi yang berpakaian seragam lengkap dengan pangkat dan dinas nya lebih menakutkan.

Barry checked the maximum mortgage available on 25 Rates for £100,000 over 25 years:.

So… I’ve seen people talking about how Barry gets all the elseworld comics but like where? All I can find is Voidsong, the upcoming miniseries with Aquaman… anyways, I’d appreciate any suggestions on more Barry Allen elseworlds stories 🥲.

@Barry_Mk2 フォローありがとうございます😊よければ仲良くして下さい🥰.

@JeffBartlett85 I do agree on that. But also I always felt if you put Barry on a high profile team in the era (Cowboys, Niners, Bills, Broncos, etc), there may have not ever been a discussion over who the best ever is..

@chron Astros fans will never let this die. I think the rest of MLB has moved on. 2017 is tainted. Deal with it and move on. Barry Bonds is still the HR leader right? Astros fans can say they won in 2017. But it doesnt count to the rest of us.

@GiroirThomas Congrats on the Bucks win. was right about the Celtics tonight. So were we. 👍.

@The_Real_Feisty (Sarcastically & with a falsetto voice that would make Barry Gibb enviuose).

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