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Rahul is ruling this season like a #RahulVaidya #BB14 BB14 HERO RAHUL

BB14 HERO RAHUL Photo,BB14 HERO RAHUL Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

BB14 HERO RAHUL on Twitter

Rahul Vaidya World 🎸
Rahul Vaidya World 🎸 ()

157k yeessss.!!! WE did it, Agli Bar 200k Par. Congratulations RKVians BB14 HERO RAHUL

BB14 HERO RAHUL Photo,BB14 HERO RAHUL Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Sona Rajput
Sona Rajput ()

Everyone are Appreciated for making this trend such a success. Believe in yourself we can do anything. BB14 HERO RAHUL

Noor✨ ()

4 baj gye Maine paani ki motor chalayi hai saath main tweets bhi kar rhi lolzz BB14 HERO RAHUL

Anushka Kshirsagar
Anushka Kshirsagar ()

Exactly! When it comes to tasks, Rahul does them clean and BB14 HERO RAHUL

Noor✨ ()

Na hum bewafa Na pyaar hai kam Par apni taqdeeren .... Hain bilkul hi BB14 HERO RAHUL

Anushka Kshirsagar
Anushka Kshirsagar ()

Hopefully, it keeps growing and he gets to lift the trophy with our BB14 HERO RAHUL

Raya ()

Main abhitak nahi soyi. Are we still trending ? Then i am in for 155k BB14 HERO RAHUL

Tithi🎸 ()

Almost 12 hours everyone is tweeting Pat on your back for this dedication Kal khudko sab treat de dena BB14 HERO RAHUL

🦋Khushi🎸(TeamRahul) ()

Girl: Why Do You Follow Me Every Time Boy: Well When I Was Kid My Parents Always Use To Say Keep Following Your Dreams Untill You Meet Them. BB14 HERO RAHUL

LoveToDecor ()

Love how singer didn’t even affect #RahulVaidya because he knows where he stands. Finest singer. BB14 HERO RAHUL

Sona Rajput
Sona Rajput ()

For bro bye bye. Finally the auspicious moment came in Bigg Boss 14. BB14 HERO RAHUL

Syeda Zahra
Syeda Zahra ()

Formal Education Teaches How to Stand, but to See the Rainbow You Must Come out And Walk Many Steps On Your BB14 HERO RAHUL

Kriti Srivastava
Kriti Srivastava ()

Rahul nominate ho raha hai use hume bachana hoga .. Makers use nikal denge nhi to BB14 HERO RAHUL

Sudu-rahul vaidya
Sudu-rahul vaidya ()

Rahul won Jo Jeeta Wohi Superstar he will will BB14 Rt. if you agree with BB14 HERO RAHUL

𝓢ib 🎸
𝓢ib 🎸 ()

Opening up Twitter and seeing BB14 HERO RAHUL trending with over 100k tweets makes me immensely happy. You all deserve some applause for yet another massively successful trend 🎸

Sejal ()

“Fake It Until You Make It! Act As If You Had All The Confidence You Require Until It Becomes Your Reality.” – Brian Tracy BB14 HERO RAHUL

🦋Khushi🎸(TeamRahul) ()

Tumhari Har Ada Tumhari Har Nazar Yeh Kya Kehne Lagi Tumhe Hain Kya Khabar Is Kadar Pyaar Hain Tumse Ae Humsafar Ab To Jeete Hain Hum Bas Tumhe Dekhkar BB14 HERO RAHUL

Rohitt Jaiswal
Rohitt Jaiswal ()

Rahul is ruling this season like a #RahulVaidya #BB14 BB14 HERO RAHUL

Devakshi_BEST_JODI❤ ()

Guys guys guys only retweet maat Retweet karne ka samay BB14 HERO RAHUL Ye bhi tweet karo


Are you a magician? Because whenever I look at you, everyone else disappears! BB14 HERO RAHUL

Nayan Singh
Nayan Singh ()

.@rahulvaidya23 is the most popular contestant of @BiggBoss as of now. Only because of his GAMEPLAY inside house. People are loving him for his entertaining, loyalty, honesty, friendships and task performances. This is the reason we say, BB14 HERO RAHUL

Annie ()

One in trending list BB14 HERO RAHUL tagline main jaoo & do maximum retweets will easy

Waiso ()

I like Rahul’s rivalry vs Rubina but I hate Nalla Abhinav’s interference in between. BB14 HERO RAHUL

Rahul_Vaidya_fc ()

Winning Qualities Of Rahul - -- His Dialogue Delivery Timing -- Same and Real Personality -- Entertaining Skill -- His Correct POVs -- No Unnecessary Fights -- Focussed from Day One -- Playing Alone on own decisions BB14 HERO RAHUL #RahulVaidya #bb14kaherorahul

Awez Shaikh
Awez Shaikh ()

Congratulations @rahulvaidya23 for having haters as u r one of the most loved and strong opinioned person of BB14 Keep the honesty inside u going No doubt u r a BB14 HERO RAHUL (RKVIANS)

Mila khulal(rahulfangirl❤️👌)
Mila khulal(rahulfangirl❤️👌) ()

He is shining He is winning hearts He is giving back like a pro He is our star BB14 HERO RAHUL

Rahul vaidya Fan Club -Team Rahul ❤
Rahul vaidya Fan Club -Team Rahul ❤ ()

Rahul can give back and take stand for himself and this is why I love him He teaches me to be confident BB14 HERO RAHUL

Anti-fascist🎸 ()

One liners: 8. Yahan par waqt dosti ka pramanpatr dikhao? Nursery ki friendship nahi chahiye BB14 HERO RAHUL

Waiso ()

BB14 HERO RAHUL is trending at No. 7 Let’s speed up to bring it on top.

BB14 HERO RAHUL Photo,BB14 HERO RAHUL Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets
Hasan Khan👑
Hasan Khan👑 ()

“- No one is to blame for your future situation but yourself. If you want to be successful, then become Successful. - BB14 HERO RAHUL

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