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I know Ben White has a lack of attacking threat but for an Arsenal defender is probably too cheap. Saka at was expected. Think we could see a lot around that price - Bowen, Mount etc..

Martin Odegaard and Ben White receive a lot of criticism from certain sections of this fanbase only because Mikel Arteta signed them. Drop these petty agendas and recognise their very evident qualities..

Ben Stokes will return to England’s ODI squad for the first time in a year when they take on India under new white-ball skipper Jos Buttler later this month! 👏.

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If every team if priced as generally as Arsenal still are, expect the same easy to assemble identikit squads with no more than 1 or 2 decisions to make. Ben White still for a team that will keep 12-15 clean sheets is quite ridiculous..


@Vipera01 @wearetherace *Black man suffers repeated racist abuse* “How can I invent a conspiracy theory so the white man who’s a racist sympathiser can be the victim”.

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Neon White’s creative director on making the “most video games game possible”.

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If Ben White is 5m no one will buy him because Gabriel exists If Ben White is 4m everyone will buy him because he’s nailed So what price should he be?.

To pronto pros memes dessa janela de transferências, igual aquele do ano (Dragao três cabeças, kounde / varane / Ben white) Deixa o afc quieto, quem trabalha bem trabalha quieto.

Arsenal boss Mikel Arteta told to drop absolutely dreadful Ben White in new-look defence #AFC.

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@AFCMax9 What I don’t get is why is Ben white getting so much hate? Saliba I like but still needs to prove him self in the prem this ain’t the farmers league..

Ramsdale at £5m is screaming at me, Ben White at is the obvious choice, but Saliba and potentially Martinez make me nervous. Mikel will definitely become Pep lite with cheeky rotations we don’t expect and Ramsdale, barring injury, is probably immune to that. #FPL.

@HugoHouse7 @AFCMax9 he may be right in saying the pairing should be gabriel and saliba, but calling ben white overrated… i’m not sure about that one.

@AFCMax9 If there’s one thing I respect 🫡 Arteta for it’s that he doesn’t take advice from pundits and journalists who talk the game but don’t know it. Ben White in his 1st full season was one of our best signings and can’t see how he doesn’t improve..

Some of these ‘pundits’ are honestly embarrassing. Just wants all the attention. How many games has he watched Ben White play this season?.

Salina is better than that overrated Ben White but Arsenal fans are not ready for this conversation..

@AFCMax9 Not sure I agree with dropping Ben White but I really am looking forward to seeing Saliba play. Looks like a Rolls Royce of a CB.

Oh god 😂😂 dont like loans ever since the whole Ben White But replacing Phillips with a loan will not go well at Its Mo Camara for me #LUFC.

@xPepperyPepe Gabriel is a batter defender than Ben White, Ben can just distribute and be more effective in build up.

The 2022 Dean’s Award for Excellence in Service goes to Ben White, of the Dept. of Philosophy & Religion for his work in founding & directing the Religious Studies Major, chairing the personnel committee and serving his students & colleagues selflessly. Congratulations!👏🧡.

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@DailyMailCeleb The person most confused by this is Ben Shapiro, who, on one hand; hates Cardi B and any curvy and/or black woman showing sexual agency and confidence, but on the other hand, as a conservative hack and a lame white guy, he has to pretend to care about Kanye West and his music..

@garythegooner56 Ben White can be converted to play at central midfield with Partey because he has a good leg work with ball and also god defensively. And I believe he will do just great at that position. Then Saliba can pair with Gabriel..

please someone should recommend a good graphics design app for PC i can use bellerin announce jesus ben white miriam #PeterObiTheNationalist.

@SkyCricket Ben Stokes will return to England’s ODI squad for the first time in a year when they take on India under new white-ball skipper Jos Buttler later this month! 👏.

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Everyday these fools have a Gabriel v Ben White v Saliba Debate. They all play for our football club ffs. Grow up..

@RHDijkgraaf Moet ik mij als blanke man, waar ik voor de rest niks met het verleden te maken heb en ook nog nooit bevoordeeld ben in mijn leven “white privilege” nu eeuwig schuldig gaan voelen is dat de bedoeling?.

Amsterdam’da yarın Sensation white var ve ben bugün Amsterdam’dan gidiyorum amk.

@lfcmli4eva @FPL_Harry You will be so foolish if you think all these lads are ahead of Ben White.

@TerryHemmings91 In my humble opinion,Ben White is a modern center back. Quick, good ball passing ability,...In addition I think he can play as a DM.

Unpopular Ben White could only ever be priced at £ Would have 0 ownership at any price above that #FPLCommunity #FPL.

I find this hate annoying Ben White is a top top defender and a very good signing for Arsenal. He will be very instrumental for Arsenal next season..

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