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If you have a sweet tooth, Sandesh is best from Kolkata - and Aabar Khabo from Gupta Brothers. If you like pastries then Kookie Jar has best pyramids/boats! And of course Kolkata has the best street chat: puchka, bhel puri etc. And then the rolls. BOM, NCR, BLR etc nowhere close..

A cheque of Crore towards the final dividend by BHEL for the year 2021-22 on the equity () held by the Government of India. @DrMNPandeyMP.

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Like #BHEL many PSU are coming out of multiyear correction/consolidation & picking up.

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#BHEL what a move 🚀🚀 Diwali to Diwali stock return came in just a One stock like this is enough to make up for all ur Do remember, you are just one trade away from achieving your _______ But do you have the mind to learn & wait for.


Bhel fut need to test at least bfr running up. Yes intra day structure is good bullish. Many expect upper circuit and holding long. If we break 80 it will be a single candle test 77 without giving anyone an exit chance. I bet on such a pain from masses..

From Sept 2018 *BHEL* is facing resistance at 79/80 levels Buy a little here Add more above 80 Target 100+ Keep SL 68.

#BHEL Target done ✅ ( Rounding bottom) from 😇😇 @jitu_stock.

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Omw to search for the bottom of the rainbow. Aflaset w ha ekher hal aande yeh bhel balad.

#BHEL 52 ---> 81 Now 82+ closing can take it towards 100-120+ levels. Keep an eye..

BHEL hit a new 52-week high today and is trending on Stocktwits! 🚀🚀 Check out what people are talking about these trending stocks:.

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#BHEL can give a solid move if ut sustains above 82/83 levels on a weekly basis..

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@kuttrapali26 BHEL I am holding since 2010!! When it used to be of Rs 10 face value and traded between 2000-2500!.

#BHEL the party has just started. #DISCLAIMER Holding in portfolio.

Done for the day stocks no BTST #BHEL sabka nikaal diya tel.

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#BHEL BO done, need to hold this level for target marked, 133. #analysis @nishkumar1977 bhaiyaa.

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@niftywizard Bhel can’t sustain here …Don’t know technically but fundamentally it can’t sustain over.

@saurabhtop Best places to eat in Vadodara Jagdish Farsan Mahakali Sev Usad Amrtisari Kulche- Yaara di Hatti Tamtam (Bhel kind of) For best coffee - Charmant Heritage Cafe And many more😁 हो सके तो मुलाकात की आशा के साथ!! ❤️.

@niftywizard Even TV analysts are long BHEL - at 52w high, at 4yrs high today.

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#BHEL kadak move on daily as well today.

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@kuttrapali26 Ma’am kindly suggest if should hold on to Bank of Baroda and Canara, or better to move funds to maybe BHEL or any other for better return. Already holding NBCC, PNB, HUDCO,RCF..

@indian_stockss Ibulhsgfin , BHEL, PNB can now fire L&TFH 15% up ! nifty tgt 19100 maruti 9500 then 9800 LT 2100 then 2160 to 2200 reliane 2840.

@niftywizard #bhel weekly time frame can keep daily closing above as sl for futures short?.

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@manuconsultants I was not your follower back then sir. I am one now and a proud one at that. Since then have tried to accumulate whatever dark horses you have let free from your stables. I am happy that bhel is under that category as have bought it and am holding it though at a higher avg price.

↗️ Bullish: BHEL / Bharat Heavy Electricals is at 3 month high. LTP at on NSE. Thousands of bullish trends as they happen. See them live on Dhan..

BHEL given at 75 Now tarding above 80+🥰🙏 Still long way to go.

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@niftywizard Insight : Historically month on month six - seven months have been positive then decline to side ways we are at 5 months positive closing #BHEL.

@niftywizard once BHEL test 77 you will exist or will hold yo reach untill 70 in this expiry?.

SWING OPTIONS TRADES Package aisa khela koun karta hei ? #PNB 45call 2 Ka 11 16k lot size #BHEL 72 Ka 82 10500lot size Ekich Mafia hei ish dhandhe Ka.

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Most Active Stocks COMPANYVALUE ( Cr.) PNB 1, One97 Communications BHEL ICICI Bank Indiabulls Housing.

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