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Things Biden could do: 1. Set up abortion clinics on federal land inside red states (@ewarren’s idea) 2. Federal telehealth service for free abortion pills 3. Funding for abortion clinics and travel vouchers in nearby states None of this is “waiving a magic wand”.

En el camino de una más intensa y normal relación diplomática he sostenido ahora una conversación muy amistosa con el presidente Biden de los EEUU. En sus palabras una relación más igualitaria en provecho de los dos pueblos..

Murder rates are 40% higher in the 25 states that Trump won than the 25 states that Biden won..

#BREAKING When you go into Hunter Biden’s laptop, open Google, and search “who tried to violently overthrow the US government” this is what you get.

Biden Photo,Biden Photo by Rep. Eric Swalwell,Rep. Eric Swalwell on twitter tweets Biden Photo
Tim Young
Tim Young

Just remember that Biden called for a revolution in his Jimmy Kimmel interview if Roe v Wade was any violence or rioting has been called for by him..

The Biden administration is banning Juuls but distributing free crack pipes. Make it make sense..

FACT: US oil production under Biden is higher than under ANY president — including Trump..

Biden calls for all protest to be peaceful, and no matter how angry you are feeling right now, this is the key to moving forward. We cannot give them anything. Our voices are loudest when we raise them together in peaceful protest..

President Trump predicted Biden would destroy our southern border. He was right. President Trump predicted Biden would bury our economy in regulations. He was right. President Trump predicted we’d see higher gas prices if Biden was elected. He was right..

Petro ya habló con Maduro, Biden, otros presidentes de la región y con voceros de la Unión Europea. Hasta se verá con Uribe. Ni exclusión, ni polarización. Petro ya defraudó a la derecha feudal que esperaba venganza y odio. Fin del comunicado..

BREAKING: Joe Biden has COLLAPSED while riding his bike. Biden was riding up to supporters at his beach town in Delaware and fell face first into the asphalt..

Next time someone tries to tell you Joe Biden isn’t a geriatric nursing home patient trapped in the White House, show them this. He needs a notecard with step by step directions telling him what to do, including “YOU take YOUR seat”. This is beyond embarrassing..

Biden Photo,Biden Photo by Baby Lives Matter Benny,Baby Lives Matter Benny on twitter tweets Biden Photo

Just now Biden said: “We need more refining capacity” and “This idea they don’t have oil to drill & to bring up is simply not true.” In fact, Biden killed a refinery on May 14 and killed a 1M acre oil & gas lease in Alaska in May 12..

The next person who says “Obama should have codified Roe vs. Wade” or “Biden should just do an Executive Order” to fix this should seriously be arrested and imprisoned for absolute stupidity..

QEPD Global 36 the Ecological Caterpillar congratulates the government of Mexico AMLO and BIDEN for their commitments to generate clean energy and names them Citizens of the World, Green Citizens..

Pennsylvania 2020; ‼️🚩🚩🚨🚨 Boss of the Philly mob — ‘Skinny Joey’ Merlino Admits to stealing the election, pleads guilty. Make stunning revelation Pennsylvania political operatives ordered up some 300,000 election ballots marked for Biden! S10/ballot.

@BatiBatForever @Duvi0010 Eish seems to me the real world leader today is not the puppets Biden, Macron, Scholtz, Trudeau its the terminator 😜.

Without a go-ahead from Washington, it is pointless to negotiate peace with the Ukrainian leadership, says former US Senator, retired Colonel Richard Black. According to him, the Biden administration is ready to wage war against Russia to the last Ukrainian..


@kylenabecker Oh good grief. Joe Biden has no idea what he signed. He does as he’s told. 🙄.

I know Biden wasn’t what you wanted or really what we needed but he is the most progressive president in history by a pretty wide margin. The sad truth is that next year when the republicans take back the house and senate you will be glad he’s there..

Nice to see CNN finally do some objective reporting! Biden Presidency:“AWFUL— Biden is doing WORSE than Jimmy Carter” #Bidenflation.

@JohnFetterman PA has the highest gas tax in the country @ $.58. Gas is high due to Biden’s war on energy plain and simple..

@Nevrlow @JoeBiden Biden: I am with you. I am now sending another $ monthly to Russia to escalate the war further..

@nicktitanmill @ABC Who made the deal with Pfizer? How did Biden Cripple the oil industry?.

@HawleyMO @SenateGOP If DeSantis was president gas would be $1 a gallon & unemployment still at 2%. Bye bye Biden!.

@LeLe8675309 Do you really think the corrupt mentally incompetent biden,who was ‘installed’ in the WH, got 81M legit votes?! You must be a product of public school or a dropout 🤣 #2000Mules.

What is the first thing you think of when you see Joe Biden and his gas prices,? THIS NIGGA IS CRAZY!.

Biden Photo,Biden Photo by Richard Al Farouq,Richard Al Farouq on twitter tweets Biden Photo

@TheLeoTerrell Please stop this madness, take care of America first. We seniors are suffering. Biden why In the hell are you destroying our country and the United States citizens.

Ultimate contradictions and hypocrisy coming from Big Tech, MSM, CDC and the highly corrupt and perverted Biden Regime.

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