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Updated: September 16th, 2021 01:37 AM IST

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Worst behavior from purple team making sure the round got cancelled. SRC, Siri etc drama baazi team #BiggBossTelugu5

#BiggBossTelugu5 Twitter

Ila orluthunnarentra veellani elaa ainaa eliminate cheyandra chiraaku mingutundhi🙏🏻 #BiggBossTelugu5

#BiggBossTelugu5 Photo,#BiggBossTelugu5 Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

#BiggBossTelugu5 sivabalaji BB ke warning icchi Koushal fans host paine chala negativity spread chesaru. Without any reason athani movies ban cheyyali annaru. Aa Rahul em tasks adadu? Em perform chesadu. Compared any other title winner SRC is 1000% better

Be it any Better Stay away from siri for their own #BiggBossTelugu5


Sriramchandra >>>>>>> virat kohli #BiggBossTelugu5

#BiggBossTelugu5 ilage sohel & Mehaboob, akhil adithe mass .... src adadu kabatti worst ... em double standards ra babu. Game ni game la em peekaru title gelichina migatha contestants. Kadupu chinchukunte kalla meedha padthadhi

#BiggBossTelugu5 Dear BB5 contestants, meeru Inka ikkuva màaku enjoyment

Uma is Genuine She is rude But she is Genuine Fake allegations aithe evari meedha #BiggBossTelugu5

BiggBoss inka ultra slow motion lo video cheyali 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️.. edo pulihora packets kosam aakali badhitulu kottukunnattu mari intha physical ga Worst contestants this season 😤😤 #BiggBossTelugu5

I am not a fan of shannu and I never watched his videos accept that Viva but he is so better than many in the house #BiggBossTelugu5

3 on 1 ..still you people wants calm attitude from #Sreeramachandhra wow slow physically assaulted still he didn’t give up confronted everyone #BiggBossTelugu5

#BiggBossTelugu5 Photo,#BiggBossTelugu5 Twitter Trend : Most Popular Tweets

@TeluguBiggboss2 House nunchi bayataki velle time vaste anthe unthadi. #BiggBossTelugu5

@grviz18 he was cool yday he was kind to allow opposite team members into bathroom even though he knew they were at risk. i feel he is cool kind and calm. he could have become hyper but he never became. #BiggBossTelugu5

Mana Bigg boss organisers ayithe happy eh episodes ki, choodanodiki kuda ninna ivvalti episode choopisthe athukupotaru ah level kii vellindhi,osey gisey classu bindeluuu abba okate muziccu anyways happy🤣 ivvalatiki #BiggBossTelugu5

I disagree. she did not become a Transgender or came to show to bring respect to why shud v put that responsibility on her this is totally a wrong way to look at trans trans ppl r just like any other genders,they hv same emotions #BiggBossTelugu5

#BiggBossTelugu5 You are playing very well @Sreeram_singer I liked ur singing and also your attitude and behavior in the house. Your aggression 🔥 👏 Keep going man 👍

Indhuke #SreeramaChandra #BiggBossTelugu5 lanti show ki rakunda unte bagundedhi anukunna. But anyway he’s in. Either his attitude will carry him till end or he will exit early. Chuddham, I’m hoping for the former 😌🤟 Nag Sir elanti feedback istharo, sreeram ela mould avthado.

#BiggBossTelugu5 Sri Ramachandra your captainship in this top notch perfect 👍👍👍

#BiggBossTelugu5 #sreeramchandra 50 lakhs padesi pothav . Mari enduku vachav game ki? Babu ki baaga balupu undi

Siri, the Big Time Drama Arichi, scene create chestundi, andaru tanani physical attacks #SiriHanmanth Stop creating false impression!! #biggbosstelugu5

Jessie is very very innocent and childish in this bunch of stupids and fools. Ravi, Hamida, Priyanka and Jessie are ok played their fair game. Till now no favoyrites for me all are sailing in the same boat worst from best I guess this season😉😆😆😆 #BiggBossTelugu5

Overall I am happy that everyone True colour came out. From here on how it is going to take them. Nobody is perfect and impressed till now. All are immature bunch of people with no brains #BiggBossTelugu5

Manas mask down. He is better than SRC in attitude but he is really a immature guy. The way he is arguing for lobo is very childish.👎👎👎 I feel sunny is much better than this guy as he confronted SRC immediately. Definitely his cool character is not real. #BiggBossTelugu5

Siri is one of the worst player in the team. She spoiled total game. Both the team members are worst but yellow team had some ethics. Because of one and only siri purple team is negative and blame games by purple. #BiggBossTelugu5

One of the worst episode everybody wants to satisfy their ego. Nobody is perfect all are violent and talking and using unwanted words. All are trying to fight and shout. They all think if we shout people will like 😷🙄 #BiggBossTelugu5

Okaru down ayyaru aina aadutunnam Ade advantage kadara meeku! Lobo gadu atu side velle loplala ikkada 3 members vellevallu #BigBossTelugu5 #biggbosstelugu5

Uma aunty ki speech ichindi colour avarina ala postara ani Swetha Aunty Malli Hamida mokam mida colour kottindhi 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 #BiggBossTelugu5

Ravi gadi character correct ga analyse chesadu Sri Ramachandra today ur captain ship next level #BiggBossTelugu5

Inni points discuss chesthada e nag 🤦‍♀️ Expect chesina fire lekapothe audience will dissapoint again with his hosting @iamnagarjuna plz fire on all contestants this week #biggbosstelugu5

@carmelpoppcorn @StarMaa True. Full masala. Love tracks are too boring. #BiggBossTelugu5


Worst behavior from purple team making sure the round got cancelled. SRC, Siri etc drama baazi team #BiggBossTelugu5

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