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Father Brett is smiling with Lee From Football. Today is a good day despite the result. We stan happy Brett.

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@josbuttler I thought u were better than this mate & @JofraArcher u are not even 1% of Brett Lee so stop acting like one(attitude like him) (Brett Lee never smiled after hitting someone on head) (Brett Lee was more fast and good than u tho).

Fucking Aussies getting on their high horse about Archer like Brett Lee, McGrath and co never done the same. Get to fuck.

@icelandcricket Brett Lee (90+ mph) was always the first to see if anyone he hit was okay - remember he hit the NZ captain, broke his nose. There were a few “beamers” he sent down too.

No complaints when Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thomson, Merv Hughes, Brett Lee or Mitchell Johnson were the ones deliberately sending thunderbolts down the pitch via bouncers aimed solely at the head following through to stare down, mouth off or laugh at #Ashes2019.

@bhogleharsha At the moment no one, but Shoaib Akhtar, Brett Lee or Mitchell Johnson were way way more dangerous than he is today.

@jkpeters76 @bowlologist He want laughing at him get off the high hoarse! I remember this being the norm against Brett Lee and at the last ashes weren’t the Aussies chirping at Johnny Birstow about his Dad and having a good crack !.

@joyghosh2 @bhogleharsha Both Marshall and Roberts were deceptive. Roberts used to bowl bouncers faster than regular delivery. Although Thommo, Brett Lee, Donald, Steyn, Garner, Holding, Ambrose, Walsh, Lillee, Akram, Akhtar all were brilliant bouncer bowlers too. So does MitchJ who owned 2013-14 Ashes.

I remember Brett Lee and Mitchell Johnson hitting a couple of batsman with a couple of bouncers and they were first over to check on the batsman so y am I seeing jofra laughing on camera #Ashes19.

@sandylanceley Could be a Brett Lee type career. Was there when Lee Bowled 157kph on debut and got 5/47. Was going to be the best player ever..

@wutube No mistaking his laughing and lack of regard. He needs to watch some brett lee videos. The fact is he sold out his nationality to play for the poms. Pathetic.

@IanPBuckingham @plalor Even someone as brash as Brett Lee would run down and check on a downed batsman. Turning your back then laughing, despicable in my eyes.

@tompage49 like Brett Lee when he injured many batsmen with his intentional bouncers #Ashes #Ashes19.

@Arronhyde @Neroli_M_FOX Fine when it was Brett Lee doing it ya fucking shithouse.

@aakritijoshi5 But should have checked on him, Brett Lee used to be lethal but i have seen him check him on batsman every time such things happen.

Quote and tell your most favorite top 10 celebrities in order 1) Ajith 2) Virat Kohli 3) Johncena 4) Messi 5) Shraddha kapoor 6) Gilchrist 7) surya 8) Sivakarthikeyan 9) Brett lee 10) Bumrah #BOUnderNerkondaPaarvaiControl.

Brett Lee at his pace hit plenty of blokes. First thought was always to go to the batsman. No class here.

@LeedsInShetland Proper fast bowling. Aggressive, hostile, horrid to face. Brett Lee made a career out of [email protected]

@Neroli_M_FOX Brett Lee used to hit people but he was the first one down there to see if they were ok. Archer is a dog..

@piersmorgan you faced brett Lee, do you fancy facing an over from archer at 96mph?.

Remember how shit scared Brett Lee was every time he hit someone in the head? He was always the first to check on their welfare and always genuinely concerned. Archer was laughing when Smith was lying form from the West Indian cunt with a shit stain on his face #Ashes.

@SSWBAfan He fucking fast. Reminds me a bit of early Brett much better.

Father Brett is smiling with Lee From Football. Today is a good day despite the result. We stan happy Brett.

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@andysowter1983 Thought it was nice of Brett Lee to leave it til his last ball to get him out. Perfect.

@J30Kumar @kingmakerrr99 Yow avanku Brett Lee bastman ah bowler ah nu kuda therla 😂.

My all time top 5 favourite Aussie batters countdown: 5. Damien martyn 4. MIKE HUSSEY 3. Brett lee 2. Mitch Johnson 1. ADAM GILCHRIST ❤️ Yours? #ashes #cricket.

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