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Mais um retrocesso defendido pelo PT. É irracional voltar a exigir vistos de turistas dos Estados Unidos, Canadá, Japão e Austrália. Qual a razão para derrubar a isenção aprovada no governo Bolsonaro, dificultando a entrada de visitantes e impactando nosso turismo? Lamentável!.

Thoda sa provoke kia, dumbo ne sab ugal dia. @PunjabPoliceInd He is Khalistani supporter of Amritpal and coming to India next week. He is owner of Ghotra Trucking,Canada and belongs form Bishanpur Village Punjab..


The High Commissioner of Canada was summoned yesterday to convey our strong concern about the actions of separatist and extremist elements against our diplomatic Mission and Consulates in Canada this week: Ministry of External Affairs.

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Housing Bubble is popping in Canada. Year-over-year, prices plunged by , the largest drop in the data, according to the Canada Home Price Benchmark Index for single family houses 🚨.

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India would be declared an unsafe and volatile country if a foreign embassy is violently attacked but since it’s happening in the UK, Canada, Australia this becomes ‘Right to Protest’. It’s always the ones with dirty hands pointing the fingers!.

Perfectly stated by @MarkBourrie And yes, most of Canada’s newspapers are owned by a politically active US hedge fund.

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Morning Lake Louise (Alberta) Banff National Park. Canada.

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It’s good to see the Official Opposition finally recognize Canada is stronger when skilled newcomers can realize their full potential. That’s why we’ve invested more than $90 million to cut red tape and help internationally-educated health care workers get accredited in Canada..

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🚨 BREAKING NEWS: Canada surprises with another massive all-program Express Entry draw! Invitations to Apply: 7,000 Minimum CRS cut-off: 484 Get the full scoop here:.

certificates, and permanent resident travel documents for Canadian citizens and permanent residents from Turkey and Syria looking to return to Canada. IRCC says more information on these measures will be posted on its website in the coming weeks.

Almost all Indians view Canada as the country harbouring the Sikh extremists. And thanks to their PM and general wokeness, Canada is as now viewed as a country of idiots. No one care two hoots about them. So feel free to monitor the situation. 😂🤣.

@HristeaSamuel91 @libertatea Aloo, crezi ca Nato va sta cu mâinile încrucișate? Franța, Marea Britanie, Canada, SUA, nu au sateliți care monitorizează Rusia? La primul semn de activitate a forțelor nucleare rusești, răspunsul va fi pe măsură! Asa ca mai încet cu amenințări nucleare!.

Le ha impresionado que dejéis a las familias de la cañada real sin luz, que dejarais morir a ancianos en las residencias sin atención hospitalaria, que le deis becas a las familias ricas y que uséis el bono energético cobrando euros al año??.

🏦 #Fed turns on an increased level of stimulus! The Fed, as well as the Central Bank of Canada, England, Japan, Switzerland and the ECB announced on Sunday that they are increasing liquidity in US dollar swap lines!.

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acordandome cuando mi profe en canadá me pregunto que qué coche manejaba yo y le dije q una ford explorer 2017 y me dijo wow no sabes Lo bien que le haces al planeta al manejar un coche antiguo y yo de antiguo??? como referencia así se ve una ford explorer 2017.

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@EmmaRincon Canadá, una nación en la que supuestamente existe un pleno respeto por la libertad de expresión, arrestó a un joven que sólo ejerció su derecho a una opinión..

anesthesiologist facing second sexual assault charge after moving his practice.

I’m in Canada and feel totally vested in this game but not sure who I’m cheering for to win - just loving the drama 😂#WorldBaseballClassic.

@HNTurtledove And go where?😂 Canada is too socialist for them, Mexico to brown - Russia would take them and then likely use them as canon fodder in their illegal war in would be karmic🤔🤔.

While there’s no denying Canada was at times unprepared for influx of migrants, we’ve also up to now largely been spared what many parts of the world have been dealing with for decades. Long-term proposals are needed. Closing RR isn’t the surefire solution some think it will be..

Today marks the eighth anniversary of the Zannen, Canada podcast. In a few months, the podcast will have been around longer than the original blog!.

@mojahid12345 @KhadimH30088355 اس قادیانی کے علاوہ بھت سے قادیانی جرنیلی پنڈت مرانڈو کے سہولت کار ہیں سارا انتشار کی جڑ قادیانی حاضر سروس یا ریٹارٹڈ مرانڈو کے مائی باپ بنے بیٹھے ہیں بجو سنگھ باجوہ قادیانی نے یہی کچھ کیا ہے اپنے 6سالوں میں.

PayPal & Galaxy joined hands for Chaos Labs | Google Cloud partners with Tezos | Canada on Crypto | -.

@craig_7T2 Exactly! It’s just posturing for their image. As far as I know, both Canada & the USA are both free countries, right?.

@gonsanchezrey La Cañada Real Madrid; acá la derecha y los medios hegemónicos le dice a los jóvenes que la salida está en Ezeiza.

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@jeffreyatucker I know nobody that got any side effet here in Canada maybe it was better administered ? And I know a lot of ppl who took the jab.

#BEISBOLXTELEVEN Aca desde canada viendo El juego con jochi y la patrulla 15 vamos Venezuela o.

@savyrecords Here in the UK I thought you were f*cked in Canada. Then I saw those truckers and realised how strong Canadians are. Trudeau underestimated you all what an absolute twat. 🍁 ❤️.

@Taleeb The dangerous world we’re already living in. The issue is that you duck your head in the sand and did not see it. The Canada democracy we’re proud in peril and damage is done. You can kill the messager, but can’t change the reality..


@swagmoneydiana 💯💯 everytime ive made them homemade i cant get that weed taste to overwhelm what im making 😭 but the edibles from the store do be hella tasty 🤤 in canada theyre hella weak so i look for the live resin ones usually.

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