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Someone tell Canadian Kumar to shut up. When PM said ‘no one has entered our territory’ he disrespected the supreme sacrifice of our 20 brave hearts. He disregarded the valour and courage of our armed forces. Imagine, PM Modi and Chinese PLA speak the same thing. Shame.

Canadian Kumar sold his conscience #AkshayKumar #GJ_Saying_GoBackModi.

Canadian Kumar Photo,Canadian Kumar Photo by YogeshMeena,YogeshMeena on twitter tweets Canadian Kumar Photo

Hurts to see this Canadian Kumar urf Rajiv Bhatia @akshaykumar.

Canadian Kumar Photo,Canadian Kumar Photo by One of the 12th failed.,One of the 12th failed. on twitter tweets Canadian Kumar Photo

The Only Person Has Guts And People Trolls Him Saying Canadian Kumar.

Canadian Kumar Photo,Canadian Kumar Photo by Sumit Jaiswal 🇮🇳,Sumit Jaiswal 🇮🇳 on twitter tweets Canadian Kumar Photo

@Dishasatra Akshay Kumar is a Canadian citizen. Richa did not speak ill of the Canadian armed forces did she?.

@rohini_sgh akshay Kumar has done more than you for the country inspite of Canadian citizen.

@SupriyaShrinate Canadian Kumar @akshaykumar ka Paisa bhikari ki tarah leteho tab chalta Lekin kuch bole to nahi Waah didi waah.

Aap se jyada ungrateful kon Hoga Canadian kumar Bhai hamara internal matter h aap apna desh.

@saliltripathi @akshaykumar One more secular joins dancing wagon of idiots Fighting for someone who said sorry & fled the battlefield Our desi Canadian kumar like Jamwant reminded Richa of rich sacrifices her nana made during war with chinese.

@baxiabhishek Journalists are showing their stupidity & low IQ when they say Akshay Kumar is a Canadian so he should shut up. So you mean that no NRI or PIO can talk supporting India? What kind of logic is this? Are you such a dud? Have a better argument if you think he told something wrong.

We Stand With You @RichaChadha Hi My Name Is Akshay Kumar I Am Canadian Citizen 🇨🇦 I will Not Speak Up For Farmers And Bilkis Bano ! Because I Am A BJP Spokesperson! My Films Are Not Earning 😭 #CanadianKumar.

@_sabanaqvi @RichaChadha A Canadian citizen Akshay Kumar donated 25 crore for COVID relief An Indian citizen Rana ayyub scammed 1 crores from Indian citizen in the name of COVID relief fund Nationality is not the criteria of trust, its the intent matters.

@akshaykumar @akshaykumar aapko sharm aani chahiye, army ka sahara lete ho film ko hit krwane ke liye, I am blocking you Mr Canadian Kumar.

@akshaykumar When it comes to criticizing the government with the same energy Canadian Kumar muh me aam le lete hai 😹.

Twitter is trending with Canadian Kumar in India, you can see a list of traitors by scrolling this. Also most important Akshay Kumar pops up all librandu/feminist/g@ndu/jha Andy by just one tweet..

Trending Disha Salian 💜 Canadian Kumar 😜 #BoycottMamaEarth 👌 No Sushant No Bollywood 🙌 Modiji FastTrack SSRCase.

Canadian Kumar Photo,Canadian Kumar Photo by tu + ShiNNe 4 SSR 🦋💫,tu + ShiNNe 4 SSR 🦋💫 on twitter tweets Canadian Kumar Photo

@annodomin1 And parallely flooded with abusing Akshay Kumar for his Crime of standing with/for India despite being with a Canadian P P. Horrendous people 👎..

@akshaykumar First of all mr canadian kumar,this is our internal matter,you stay out of it,i do know u got national award and 2 Filmfare award but yo my knowledge you have 68 flops i have included 7 below average films managing 50% sucess ratio Good night.

@garg_trupti Inke system me jo fit ho jaiye To saare logic ek traf Waise bhi Akshay Kumar ke pitaji ,Maa ,dadaji ,nana ji sabhi yahi ke hain upar se wo koi janm se Canadian nhi hai Waise bhi janm se bada karm hota hai aur unki karmbhumi bharat hi rahi hai gali me bhatkne( job) se ab tak.

@ARanganathan72 @thewire_in Now your toasts topic is Akshay Kumar, why r u asking us! Ask Modi, he is one of beloved to Modi and Amit Shah. By the way, if Akshay Kumar having Canadian Nationality is not Indian then why whole india was celebrating Rishi Sunak UK PM… u r Hippocrates, So shameless.

@bainjal Akshay Kumar has done more for the country than you inspite of him being Canadian citizen shame on you.

@SupriyaShrinate Akshay kumar Canadian hai, Mia Khalifa rahul gandhi ke fufa ki ladki hai.

@veerappavenkap1 @akshaykumar kyun Canadian Kumar ka pichwada jalaa rahe ho? waise hee logon ki gaaliyan kha raha hai canadian iss tweet ke baad. kum se kum chaddi baniyan ke vigyapan ke layak toh rakho iss canadian kumar ko..

@khanumarfa @akshaykumar Hey सुर्पणखा, Akshay Kumar may be a Canadian but वो तुम्हारी तरह हरामख़ोर नहीं है। तुम जैसे ७८६ थाउजेंड जिस थाली में खातें हैं उसी थाली में छेद करतें हैं। तुझ जैसे दो कौड़ी की पत्रकार उसके नितंब का बाल भी ना उखाड़ सकती।.

@_sabanaqvi @RichaChadha Abe bewakoof Piddi & Pakistan & China ki Dalal, agar Akshay Kumar Canadian hai isiliye unhe Hindustan ke internal matter mein bolne ka right nahi hai to teri Rihanna ka janam kya Champaran mein hua tha jo uske talve chat rahi thi Farm bills ke against protest ke dauran?.

@Mynation47 😂😂 Being A Canadian Kumar As They Saying Speaking About Indian Army Supporting Publicly Since 1997 And These So Called Indians Trolling Him 😂🤙.

Canadian Kumar Photo,Canadian Kumar Photo by Charllie 💫,Charllie 💫 on twitter tweets Canadian Kumar Photo

You may call him Canadian Kumar or whatever you want but he’s way more Indian than anyone could ever be. I stand with #AkshayKumar𓃵 #Akkian 💙.

@bramhasmiii No Not bcoz akshay kumar is canadian citizen now! Bcoz he preaches much but practices according to “Party in Power” During Movie OMG he used to preach about wasting milk as it was UPA govt in centre! And Now he is overtly patriotic! As it is bjp govt!.

Akshay kumar Canadian hai, Mia Khalifa rahul gandhi ke fufa ki ladki hai.

@SirKazamJeevi Akshay Kumar (who is one of the highest tax paying citizens of India, given bharatkeveer app) is being called Canadian Kumar by the same people whose funding comes from Pakistan and who call Sonia Gandhi as desh ki maa, who was born in Italy & has given 0 cont. to our country😂.

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