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Liberals are sick and tired of hearing people talking about the cold winter. Canadians are sick and tired of the Liberal carbon tax making their home heating more expensive. Axe the tax..

Hey Joe. Here is exactly what PM said Sept 6: “there is a small, fringe element in this country that is angry, that doesn’t believe in science, that is lashing out with racist, misogynistic attacks, but Canadians, the vast majority of Canadians, are not represented by them”..

KINSELLA: Lametti and Mendocino must resign or be voted out by Canadians ASAP.

You are right Mr. @justintrudeau, you would never call unvaccinated names, right? This is just one of the multiple instances where you ”didn’t” call unvaccinated Canadians names! #POEC.

Thank you @RaquelDancho for standing up for law-abiding Canadians!.

With euthanasia becoming increasingly available, and thousands of Canadians dying each year while on waiting lists for treatment, it should be called #Deathcare instead of healthcare..

The Liberals are tired of hearing about the suffering of Canadians who can’t afford the price to heat their home. Well, Canadians are tired of the Liberals politicizing the environment so they can raise carbon tax revenues. Heating a home in Canada is not a luxury. Axe the tax!.

Winter is here and Canadians are feeling the chill, many opting to choose between heating and food. The Liberal’s reckless, inflationary spending hasn’t helped Canadians in need. It’s creating Canadians in need. When will they cancel their tax on heating our homes? #cdnpoli.

Rita Smith writes, Trudeau is right to fear the truckers and the hard-working, tax-paying Canadians they represent. They may well elect the next Prime Minister, no matter what the POEC decides..

This pathetic excuse for a man should bring shame to all Canadians..

dan nolan
Dan nolan

It’s pretty crazy seeing the Canadians just speedrun all the moral objections to euthanasia.

The fake opposition parties have done nothing to stop @JustinTrudeau, other than provide Canadians lip service. In the end, the globalist uniparty wins and you lose..

For six weeks, Canadians tuned into the #POEC to hear the testimonies of key figures from the government, the convoy and police to decide whether the invocation of the Emergencies Act on Feb. 14 was justified. What happens next?.

Trudeau wants to kill Canadians with Euthanasia, force them to take an experimental vaccine which I know someone who died, take away guns from legal owners, and make them defenseless in his crime-riddled country while he calls Canadians names and tells us we are not good enough..

@sunlorrie We have lots of money for Ukraine though 🤡. Canadians will just lay there and take it. Maybe have a protest or two, write to your politicians. Don’t worry, there will come a day when nobody can stand it anymore. But it may come too late..

The Emergencies Act Inquiry has finally wrapped up 6 weeks of testimony from some 76 witnesses If anything, most Canadians should now have more questions based on some of the questionable evidence & testimonies To read the full post, click the link.

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Zeb Coulter hated Mexicans AND Canadians for their border antics 😂😂🤝🏽.

The Parliamentary Budget Officer THEY appointed told us that 60% of Canadians in ON, SK, MB and AB pay more than they get back. Don’t do it to Atlantic 🇨🇦, too. He’s right —people have enough going… —scrap the tax that hasn’t reduced emissions and help them. #cdnpoli.

Lol so yeah the other white nationalist I mentioned in that thread I reposted earlier also moved to Poland a few years ago and I guess that’s where all the racist Americans and Canadians are going. Even if no one punches them in this life, hopefully the universalists are wrong 🙏🏾.

Canadians will be like ‘my family has a cottage by the lake’ and the ‘cottage’ is a 5 bedroom lake house with a two car garage and a hot tub.

@Nothing_LeftX Also anyone who: stands for Ukraine, pronouns, pro-mandates, pro-clotshots, pro-masks, pro-lockdowns, pro-Rainbow Reich, pro-immigrants/globalist, puts Canada last & Canadians last, is a commie. The telltale signs, it’s a dead giveaway..

Are Canadians finally now seeing what the game is? We only have the illusion of political choice and voice. In reality, it’s always been elites represented by puppet politicians against the people. And now we’re at the end game and they’re pulling their pants down..

@ryangerritsen No divisive rhetoric here. His whole campaign was based on division. Pitting Canadians against each other. We all saw the video of him speaking to other party members on how to win an election. Causing division was number one..

🇨🇦 THE CANADIANS 🇨🇦 Chris Boucher | vs. Dallas 22 POINTS 13 REBOUNDS 1 STEAL @Raptors | #WeTheNorth.

I never realized how many Canadians I followed until that goal just now because my timeline is 🇨🇦FLOODED🇨🇦 But fuck yeah happy for y’all.


the level of hate directed at the LGBTQ community in the has reached a point that it poses a security threat to Canadians, according to a former senior-ranking intelligence official.

While the Trudeau govt has promised at every election to make housing more affordable for Canadians, they have managed to do the exact opposite. Most people would call this a failure, but according to @SenMarcGold, this is something to proud of. WATCH:.

@WeAreCanProud And you PROUDBOYS and CONVOYCLOWNS know as well as the VAST MAJORITY of CANADIANS that #Trudeauwasright.

@Nadia03379363 One thing liberals forget is out of eligible voters in the last election they had a small percentage for them. They do NOT represent the majority of Canadians..

Not to be missed on the list of Canadians having an impressive day at the World Cup, fantastic work by @LukeWileman as always. #FIFAWorldCup.

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