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Proud to captain the team today and get the win with a clean sheet!! Thank you to all the travelling fans #COYS.

Captain Photo,Captain Photo by DAVINSON,DAVINSON on twitter tweets Captain Photo

After 3 world championship appearances, the queen remains on top. Our captain Ohmyv33nus leads the world in assists in the M-series World Championships 👑 #BreakTheCode.

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🇨🇿 Новий президент Чехії — Петр Павел планує приїхати в Україну!.

The captain is currently having a party with his nightmare crew, many other animatronics have also joined from other ..enjoy the party and.

Captain Photo,Captain Photo by 🔞 Captain Nightmare Foxy 🔞 🟢,🔞 Captain Nightmare Foxy 🔞 🟢 on twitter tweets Captain Photo

Junior Captain Angelo Knight takes 6th at 220 Sophomore Justin Gonzalez takes 4th at 285 AJ, Drew, Graham, Dylan and Lukey all gained more valuable experience..

@captain_uuuma こちらこそいつも可愛い飛鳥ちゃんをありがとうございます☺️ あの投稿、飛鳥ちゃんの姿は映らないのでもしかしたらこの格好かもしれないですよね(流石に無い) インスタの方も拝見しました〜.

@Mukulaa 👇🏿Mzee summerises it for you captain👇🏿. Eliso wewalaba!!.

I will never forgive Eskom for making me miss out on watching my captain get a knew it was coming then Eskom decided to switch off the electricity mxim.

Chahal bowled just 2 overs and pandya bowled all gets only 1 ..hahaha What a captain #INDVsNZT20.

@Tedsquare23 Yep make sure you vote for the backstabbing captain hindsight. Not like there were several leaders before and after Magic Grandpa.

@phytochemicals1 @tsuisoku777 バカばっかり!自分で自分の首を締める人ばっかりね┐( ̄▽ ̄;)┌ ツケは、国民に! NHKといい、ガソリンの二重課税といい、おかしな国にどんどんなってきてる!.

@corvuswolf @ShazamMovie I e only bought captain marvel books when he interacted with Superman. In the 90s I never saw any team..

@Captain_Tolis_2 Και θα του ξανακάνω μέχρι να τον κλείσουν!!!.

Captain Photo,Captain Photo by Πόπη (indefix το ανταρτάκι),Πόπη (indefix το ανταρτάκι) on twitter tweets Captain Photo
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