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Updated: January 15th, 2022 09:37 PM IST

Captain Amarinder Singh gets it right, if you cant secure your PM - 10 mins from the Pakistan border, people should be sacked. #PMSecurityBreach

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@Captain_Candles I get proper Old man yells at cloud energy whenever I use discord lol. Good luck though!

ada ANIME juga:D Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Fairy Tails, captain tsubasa, doraemon, One piece, DLL KOSONG! lets Book, make the account, and get Verif^^

Just because your captain doesn’t mean you get away with terrible performances @HarryMaguire93

@virginmedia The Ethernet cable connections keep connecting and disconnecting. Only wifi works, but speed is horrible. Out 100mbps barely getting 20mbps

@RealJohnWynne With immediate effect from today - whatever happened to working out your notice?

30 in the midst of a slump and he’s headed to being a captain so we ain’t worried but #AndrewWiggins need to be too 2 by the time they announce the results next time around. #NBAAllStar

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@Captain_Kole1 Na, not to that degree. Market was different then, much smaller and less people paying attention. Still don’t know how it went as high as it did even considering liquidations. 25% in a day very possible tho


Reminds me of when the substitute teacher comes in and everyone takes the piss. The mentality of these players is childish - where is our “captain” sorting them out and having some authority, I’ve heard he’s the main culprit…

لعنة الله علي القوم الظَّالِمِينَ #MartyrdomOfLadyFatima

@commoncents42 @RanboGG correct 3 fight skid!** chandler is on the 2 fight skid. sorry

キャプテンジャケット キャプテンジャケット(captain jacket)とは、ダブルブレストで四つないしは六つ釦のジャケットのことである。

Captain X is BACK 💪🏾 I could not be more fired up to have the great leader he is back for another year 🪓 #ChopLife


@UTDMarcel Solskjaer was really out of pocket for giving the captain band to him to him. It only increased his responsibility which forced him to play under pressure. He had his good runs tho but yes, I agree with your take.

Anyone else find it strange that two starting DBs from Louisiana, one a captain, decided to transfer just days apart? Is a certain new head coach is poaching our guys?

@nytimes Most people believe Jan 6th was a horrible extension of the normalization of riots and mob violence perpetuated by Democrats for months beforehand. If Trump had won re-election Dems and their Antifa/BLM partners would burn everything down and call it a “mostly peaceful protest”.

People are mad because captain Auba was eating with his team but it’s ok for Rob Holding to be partying and waking the whole neighborhood at 2AM? 🤔

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@penfoldholes Looks like you’re keeping that place running by yourself. Top effort

Daima usiwe mnyonge wa kuomba msamaha kwa mtu, msamaha ni ushahidi tosha kwamba wewe kwake sio kitu wala hukustahili kufanya lile ulilofanya, MSAMAHA HUWA UNACHUKULIWA KAMA JAMBO MUHIMU SANA LAKINI PIA EPUKA KUOMBA MISAMAHA ISIYO NA MACHO WALA MIGUU

@vikramsathaye no sir but kl Rahul is not a good captain he has proved this many times in ipl and now he is leading lucknow ....praying for good of India and lucknow

@iamwintermute Would very much want to see a Captain Phasma prequel where Hannah is her commanding officer

@tripl_NNN harus semangat! gapapa telat naa, mereka masih sama sama terus kok >< siaappp captain! 🙌🏻

@CricNCode @ashaa_45 Arre bhai mai limited ki hi baat kar raha nahi bola test has not even caotained in a single test

@UnitedStandMUFC Maguire is not a captain, nt a team player nor a defender, it’s basically the highlight of Ole and Woodward’s mediocrity and their failures

@Captain_Buggy98 @0r_mz روجر اعترف ب رايلي قبل الوداع و أعطاه القبعه وقال له انت لا تقل عني قوة

all you get to decide is who you want to be on any given day. you get up, you put your boots on and you do the job. let the world figure out your place in it. you focus on trying to be the best version of who you are. captain america/iron man v1 #2

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#VetsRemember Thank you for your service Captain William Murray Wright. We will not forget.

@naveenchandramc What can any captain do when you’re a bowler short, and your main bowlers bowl rubbish.

@UTDMarcel Think bit out order be so harsh on him ! Guy took us to final euros & semi World Cup ! 2nd league last year and finalist europa ! Not my first choice but no need be so harsh on the man . 10 others that play below expected too . Like see Bruno as captain.

@AlgoBoffin Aye aye, captain👮‍♀️! Reminder set for Saturday, 16 April 2022 at 12:00 GMT+0000.

Captain Amarinder Singh gets it right, if you cant secure your PM - 10 mins from the Pakistan border, people should be sacked. #PMSecurityBreach

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