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This pitch-invader 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐥𝐥𝐲 wanted a selfie with Casemiro 🤳.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by B/R Football,B/R Football on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

✅ Jamie Redknapp: “If the penalty gets given, that could be 2-0 and Casemiro available on Sunday, it was a penalty.”.

✅ Casemiro and Licha arriving for the trip to London. #MUFC @ManUtdMEN.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by UtdPlug,UtdPlug on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

Arsenal fans seeing that Casemiro be suspended for their game on Sunday after picking up a yellow card:.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by B/R Football,B/R Football on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

🤣 Casemiro’s success can’t be touched by his competitors CC: @UTDTrey.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by FIVE,FIVE on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

Time to watch Casemiro play football for Manchester United again. Welcome back, Case 👑🇧🇷.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by UtdFaithfuls,UtdFaithfuls on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

📣 Public service announcement: @Casemiro is back 😎🇧🇷 #MUFC || #CarabaoCup.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by Manchester United,Manchester United on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

🔎 Casemiro (30 anos) entre os jogadores de linha do Man. United desde sua estreia: 1º em desarmes (80) 1º em interceptações (34) 1º em duelos ganhos (166) 1º em bolas longas certas (102) 2º em assistências (5) 2º em grandes chances criadas (7) 2º em Nota Sofascore () 🇧🇷💪.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by Sofascore Brazil,Sofascore Brazil on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

We go knack Arsenal without Casemiro. Fav This! #MUFC || #ARSMUN.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by MUIP,MUIP on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

Batu sandungan menghalangi United jelang lawatan ke London Merah. Hilang 2 poin dan larangan bermain untuk Casemiro jadi pukulan yang serius. EtH harus memutar otak jika ingin mengulang kemenangan manis atas Arsenal. Simak juga info Poros Nobar! ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by Poros Halang ID,Poros Halang ID on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

Casemiro missing Arsenal scares me less than if he was missing against a lesser side. Fred and Mctominay have done better against the bigger sides because their strengths are pressuring the opposition rather than breaking teams down..


@FutSheriff They even removed Casemiro from team of the week, they hate my boy man.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by MC,MC on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

Casemiro será baja ante Arsenal este domingo..

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by, on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

One thing most of the top sides have in common is a big, physical DM (Rodri, Casemiro, Partey, Fabinho). One player who I think could fit the mould for Chelsea is PSVs Ibrahim Sangare. Just look at these stats! Zakaria could be that guy. But jury is still out on that one.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by EFL Heritage,EFL Heritage on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

@UtdPlug Casemiro just need another 14 minutes to be in the same boat.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by Martin Raphahlelo,Martin Raphahlelo on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

“Real Madrid e o ato de deixar ir” tem algumas partes para sair ainda, entre elas: Raul Gonzalez, Iker Casillas, C. Ronaldo, Sérgio Ramos, Casemiro e Marcelo. A ideia é trazer um pouco do que ocasionou a saída desses nomes, espero que gostem porque eu amei escrever sobre..

I wish more players would catch the attitude of Vinicius or even Ceballos today. We need more leaders on the pitch - players like Casemiro, Cristiano, Ramos, etc..

Erik ten Hag optimis Setan Merah tanpa Casemiro dalam laga vs Arsenal akhir pekan ini 🔴⭐ #EPL.


Stats say Casemiro Pitch say Casemiro Bias say partey the r*pist.

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by Ak,Ak on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

Ramsdale Zinchenko Saliba Gabriel White Casemiro Xhaka Odegaard Saka Martinelli Jesus.


arsenal united combined XI based off this season alone (i know casemiro isn’t an 8).

Casemiro Photo,Casemiro Photo by 2-D,2-D on twitter tweets Casemiro Photo

@_luke1878_ From I remember we only had Ronaldo wearing long sleeves last year, but we’ve had a few this year (Rashford, Casemiro & possibly Weghorst). I love it..

UNITED XI: De Gea, Wan Bissaka, Martinez, Varane, Shaw, Casemiro, Eriksen, Bruno, Rashford, Antony, Weghorst #MUFC #premierleague.

What’s this I’m hearing about Casemiro having 4 yellow cards already? If he picks a card here he misses the arsenal game. Isn’t it crazy having him play today???? #CRYMUN.

Casemiro é bem mais jogador e se pá o melhor volante da história, mas como a comparação é a atualidade/campeonato dos dois, IMPOSSÍVEL colocar o Partey atrás dele. Thomas Partey é atualmente o melhor volante da PL e com sobras!!!.

@utdfocusid Kalau tadi Casemiro diganti lalu kebobolan, nanti semua akan bilang Ten Hag blunder. Harusnya incar kemenangan aja dulu. Tadi gak diganti lalu seri, terus orang-orang juga bilang Ten Hag blunder. Taktiknya gagal dan kehilangan Casemiro. Ada-ada aja si paling ngerti bola 😅.

2 points dropped and @Casemiro is out for Sunday’s Hugely disappointed. But we move on and Believe in ETH . Gaffer will find a way . GGMU ❤️ @utdpodmalayalam.

Casemiro may be missing Sunday’s game but I’m not. Post surgery this will be my first home game of the season (& my first game since Palace away). Can’t wait! COYG!.


@ESPNUK They used all of their money for overpaying for the like of Antony and Casemiro, so no money left for facilities 😂😂🤣🤣🤣.

Casemiro pemain yang sangat penting bagi United Setelah ditahan imbang 1-1 oleh Crystal Palace, Erik ten Hag yakin Manchester United bisa mengulangi raihan positif atas Arsenal meski tanpa kehadiran Casemiro. #ManchesterUnited #EPL.

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