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Updated: January 15th, 2022 10:37 PM IST

BREAKING: THE F3 Champ IS HERE 🙌 @hauger_dennis sticks with @PREMA_Team as he steps up to F2 🤩 #F2 #RoadToF1

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@MarkHenryJr_ Mark you’re my guy. Always calling in being the people’s champ. I appreciate you and all you do. But as a Tampa native It’s bird hunting szn. FIRE THE CANNONS 🏴‍☠️! Good luck tomorrow 🤝

Alexa : E, pautang ako malaki bagsakan mo si TJ. Eian : na ko dun. Alexa : Bagsakan mo ha, ako bagsakan mo kahit sampung bronze champ.(nv) Eian : Sige ako na bahala. - Need a friend like Alexa and Eian na super ALEIANS LOVE STARMAGIC

@BiggBoss @realsehajpal 24 BB Champ #PratikSehajpal #BBKingPratik DESERVING FINALIST PRATIK

Hoping @imVkohli score more centuries after stepping down as captain in red ball format💪💪 Good luck champ you were and you are great. Keep getting better🙌

@BiggBoss @realsehajpal 23 BB Champ #PratikSehajpal #BBKingPratik DESERVING FINALIST PRATIK

@BiggBoss @realsehajpal 22 BB Champ #PratikSehajpal #BBKingPratik DESERVING FINALIST PRATIK

Hope this decison helps re-establish #ViratKohli as the most destructive & fearsome batsman in Cricket. Across formats. And for many years to come. Good luck, champ.

@vaibhav_hatwal2 Will miss you champ! You was the best in business! The best to pick balls from nadi and nalas!!

Why is this guy fighting the champ for a 3 rd time without having to prove himself talking about jumping the line Dana truly doesn’t like Mexican Champs

Guys, ito i babagsak mamaya. ▪︎Bronze Star ▪︎Silver Star ▪︎Gold Star ▪︎Bronze Champ Sa sunod nalang po kayo mag paulan ng yamashita at mag palipad ng ibong adarna at ibang vgs. Thank you in advance! KUMUBRONZE FOR ALEXA #AlexaIlacad | @alexailacad

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@JOANBSUTTON1 @andreavhowe As if we needed ANOTHER example of why she’s leaving CA, you swooped in like a champ and gave it! THE RESIDENTS are rude & progressive nuts!

We Believe in you Champ @ImVkohli ❤️🤝 @MSDhoni || #ViratKohli || #MSDhoni

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@BiggBoss @realsehajpal Champ of the season DESERVING FINALIST PRATIK #BBKingPratik

@FIFA22_INFO I saved only 10 from fut champ of this wEek end 😂😂😂😂😂😂

@ICC Bcci politics, fake criticism over his ability as captain of team India has taken his captaincy. Big lose to Indian cricket team. Well played champ🇮🇳.

@gferzoco really building up her confidence! tri-state MUST be better than crummy old state champ

@DumontMaverick Storpio il tuo nome come Maverico e ci sostituisci il mio? Ok champ 🙄


@Paper_Champ_ @AnnelieseDodds Corbyn wanted to give power to ordinary people and away from the establishment. Former DPP and knighted Sir Starmer takes away democratic accountability by the day. In the same way millionaire property developers hate public engagement, see Turn Moss.

@eIsaetarubia Guys a multi champions league ballon dor and won countless trophies in Europe why wouldn’t you take notes from a Champ

@grantyboyy255 Seen him get pelters mate canny really argue with his decision eh? Probably similar money to what he’d be offered down south but you’d surely choose Rangers over mid table champ sides eh

Nobody: Literally nobody: @TheSamAcho: Jamaar (rookie) is the MJ (6x Champ, 5x MVP, 11x All NBA, literally changed the game of basketball) of the NFL 🤦‍♂️

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Today is the 700 day mark for both @WillOspreay as British Heavyweight Champ and @TheOJMO as British Cruiserweight Champ, the longest reigns for each title. Congrats to them both

Tell me one of these things and I’ll be a happy boi. Good boy. I love you You’re such a good cumdump. I need to be in you. Great job, champ.

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@Realdevinhaney Comee on Dev , your time has come Tell the world what I ve been saying since a while ( You the best ever) CHAMP❤️

How Ricky hasnt been TNT champ is a mystery to me, should beat Cody and turn the entire stable face to be, they are just to fucking cool

!!!I voted for Nicki Minaj. BARBZ GET IT TOGTHER!!! Vote here:

@AtoKwamina_ champ have you seen this 😂😂😂💔 my in 😂💔

@HenryCejudo @AliAbdelaziz00 Wow, no cringe. I could actually listen to the guy. Might even tune in. Bin the cringe champ champ.

BREAKING: THE F3 CHAMP IS HERE 🙌 @hauger_dennis sticks with @PREMA_Team as he steps up to F2 🤩 #F2 #RoadToF1

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नागपुर वालों की तो आज पार्टी हो गई! Nagpur girl #MalvikaBansod is the new champ. @NitinRaut_INC @DrMohanBhagwat

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