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At the end of his presidency, Barack Obama trucked 30 million pages of his administration’s records to than five years after Obama’s presidency ended, the National Archives webpage reveals that zero pages have been digitized & disclosed..

[LOONATHEWORLD] Thank You Chicago❤ #이달의소녀 #LOONA.

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Trump and allies: What about how Obama took 30 million records to Chicago!!!!!!!!!!!! National Archives: We took the records to Chicago and maintain them there Trump: Much of that Chicago haul is classified!!!!!!!!!!!! National Archives: No.

Just helped an elderly lady with a cane put her bag in the overhead bin after at least three able-bodied men looked on in Chicago. Is it just me or are people (men) less chivalrous these days? Or are they afraid of being woke-shamed if they act like men?.

The National Archives maintains millions of unclassified documents from former President Obama’s administration at a facility in Chicago. Obama did not take the records himself, nor are they classified, contrary to false claims by former President Trump..

There was a drive-by shooting at Six Flags outside Chicago tonight and the media is hardly talking about it.

“You will go to college for free!” Pete Kadens, a Chicago millionaire who retired at 40, created a charity called Hope Chicago that will pay for in-state college tuition, room and board, and books for 30,000 Chicago high school students..

Over 75,000 rubber ducks raced down the Chicago River on Thursday, an annual event coordinated by Special Olympics Chicago to benefit charity. This year, they raised nearly $333,000..

You cannot have prosecutors who declare they are not going to enforce the law—that is what is happening in New York and Chicago. What’s great about Florida is that we have a governor who takes bold action to ensure this will not happen in our state. 📺: @FoxNews, @WillCain.

Chicago Bulls forward Patrick Williams is currently playing in the Drew League with DeMar DeRozan..

✔️ PARTIDAZO Y REMONTADA DE CHICAGO FIRE CON SELLO SUDAMERICANO 🇺🇸 Como visitante, fue 3-2 ante Charlotte en la #MLS ⚽ 🇵🇪 Yordy Reyna abrió el marcador para el local ⚽ 🇦🇷Federico Navarro anotó para el ganador.

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MLB Live Stream⬇️ Diamondbacks vs Rockies Tigers vs Rays Guardians vs Astros Rangers vs White Sox Athletics vs Giants Mets vs Braves Twins vs Blue Jays Royals vs Red Sox Cardinals vs Yankees Brewers vs Reds Chicago Cubs vs Miami Marlins Live Go Live>> @downtonabbey2hd.

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017: Horner Park Caller says he got hit in the face with a can of beer #Chicago #ChicagoScanner.

🐕 || Fue rescatado un perrito que cayó en un pozo de 7 metros de profundidad en la calle Chicago, colonia Ahuacatitla, Huauchinango. #LaRedCincoRadio.

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Babes my mom served Chromatica merch around Chicago today ugh I’m so proud. @ladygaga we’re ready baby!.

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All-Pro LB Roquan Smith has already requested a trade, and now the situation between him and the Chicago #Bears just got more complicated..

If anyone knows someone selling 4 Bad Bunny tickets for Chicago, send them my way plz🥺🙏🏽.


@ForeverStros Chicago White Sox playing MLB The Show online but real life (they swing at everything).

@piyo3_2525 おはピヨたーん´ω`)ノ✨ 今日も楽しんで勝ちを目指してきます😎 ピヨたんも良き1日にしてね🍀.


like how many times is this gonna happen i will never understand chicago’s public transport.


u needa come to chicago when me @TYG_KO & @wayneswirled_ all in town then.

Welcome to @SpaceConscious - Alice Gaskell @AliceHGaskell Teacher, learner, adventurer, maths geek. Chicago, IL.

A seven-bedroom mansion on Lake Michigan in Winnetka sold on Monday for $ million — one of the highest sale prices for a Chicago-area home this year..

4 VERY BASIC TRICKS TO LEVEL UP EVERYDAY: - Read something for 30-60 mins a day - Never go more than 3 days without exercising - Apply consistent work habits daily - Do the hardest tasks first at the top of morning [ØFanz link in bio] #Chicago #Canada.

Singles, strikeouts, bad approaches, and wasting great pitching. Your 2022 Chicago #WhiteSox.

@Wiezguy @BeerlyFootball They gave Fridge the ball to score inside the 1. Payton WAS Chicago. I thought, every chance you get give it to him. Pats had no chance in that game. If he didn’t score the defense would’ve held. But hey, it’s just opinions? And yes he definitely struggled running in SB 😎😃👍.

I got this plaque of them in Chicago last year brah❤️.

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deje de escuchar en la radio todo el segundo tiempo y Chicago metió los dos goles, seguimos con la misma para los partidos de visitante que quedan.

#CF97 - The Chicago Fire just tweeted: @jenbartell Thank you so much for being here!!!.

Govvi․com Wins “Best-of-State Fuel Catalyst Product” for Reducing Fuel Consumption, Independent Study, Chicago Illinois.

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