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Cornet comes on to make his debut. @Scope_Markets | #NOTWHU 1-0 (84).

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Back in action for the second-half. 🔁 Sam Kerr comes on for Chelsea Cornet. Aberdeen 0-4 Rangers.

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Si contra este equipo de recontra mierda de Dinamarca (!!) no juegan de titulares Scamacca y Cornet dejo de creer en el fútbol.

Least with the 5 minute Cornet played today he might be ready for 12 minutes against Aston Villa at the end of the month….

Antonio off, Scamacca on. Bowen off, Cornet on. Soucek??? Might just survive. Don’t wait until the 70th minute, we need to win this game so make the appropriate changes early doors..

Од темнината до сјајот, од пеколот до рајот.❤️.

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@WestHam Embarrassing. Moyes inability to read a match gave us no chance late. Bowen, among others, has been a ghost for 2 matches now. Cornet and Scamacca need to be in the starting XI against Brighton..

It’s ok going for this Wagner guy but should of been all over getting Maxwel Cornet #lufc.

Really no Scamacca or Cornet in the starting line up!! What the fuck is up with this bloke. 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️⚒️⚒️ #WHUFC #GSBOUT.

Trying to remain positive just saw starting lineup … Cornet and Scamacca not starting and Fab starting in goal 🤦🏾‍♂️… For me the only bright spot is Benny starting in front of Rice and Soucek we need you to be creative and shifty you got it handle your business no more excuse.

Now can we switch to a 442. Fornals and soucek off, Move benny to the middle, and put Cornet on and put scamacca up top with Antonio..

Bowen should have been off and Cornet on 10 mins earlier. Benrahma showed why we absolutely not be selling him, excellent performance. Not Moyes’ greatest day as well as the players’.

We had enough chances to win the game comfortably although if buts and maybes don’t win you games of & Cornet should of started for had the luck in the game today and imo bennys great goal should of stood however some of our key players are in poor form⚒️.

レース中に考えてる事 後ろとの差が約4秒差あってあと5周だから、秒遅れまでは許される。 今秒で周回していて、後ろの車がほぼ同じタイムで周回してる。 なら安全に走って91秒で周回しても追いつかれることは無い 計算間違ってないよね?ほんとに追いつかれない? (;・∀・) #VR_GTCC.

@WestHam @betway Stop having a melt down. Scamacca has never played in the prem so Moyes easing him like he always has doen. Cornet has played in PL but has only had a week trainibg. Don’t panic. Moyes didn’t rush Bowen in and look how that’s worked out🤷🏻‍♂️.

@WestHam @betway Cornet I can accept but how are you not starting Scamacca. Rigid beyond belief..

@GolfHockeyHabs @Jeff_Vachon Mais tu peux manger un cornet à la laiterie Coaticook, ça compense….


@LyliJess @Lyonnaise29 Pareil, même si je trouve son cycle est terminé à Lyon. J’ai envie de le voir réussir. Et j’ai envie de le voir à l’image de ce que fait un cornet avec burnley et aujourd’hui est à westham.

#このタグを見た人はおと入力して最初に出てきた変換で吉田沙保里と勝負 お金 勝ちですわぁ.

@whu_aj @SS34512 Moyes will have to adapt otherwise scamacca will be another Haller. Cornet should play LW but you will still need a couple players at the back IMO, just someone solid to help you get into the top 6.

Absolute bollocks of a VAR call bring on scammacca and cornet and let’s finish this ⚒⚒⚒⚒.

Cornet been training pre season with Burnley so he’s defo fit. Really wanna know why Moyes didn’t bring him on earlier.

Going to be a long season. Moyes is so so poor with subs. We have FIVE. What is cornet supposed to do for 8 minutes? What’s scamacca supposed to do with 15? Downes? Really poor..

How have we just lost 1-0 when we should’ve scored about 7 goals, baffled. Thought cornet looked good when he came on tho.

@WestHam_Central Moyes cries in interviews about how we need goals yet he benches scamacca and cornet.

@luketekkers7 Bowen did little all game, Cornet only given the last 5 minutes and injury time, should have come on earlier..

Absolutely buzzing for when Scammaca and Cornet are starting I do think they’ll improve us MASSIVELY.

𝙒𝙚𝙨𝙩 𝙃𝙖𝙢: Key player: Declan Rice Need I say more about Rice? He’s shown his quality on the highest stages now. Contrary to popular belief, West Ham have had a good summer. A lot of our fans seem ungrateful to that. Aguerd, Cornet & Scamacca are all great signings..

@josifman @mark_cornet Грацкиот нужник е почист од кај нив дома 😂.

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