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My sister works at a daycare. One of her coworkers was diagnosed with COVID 19, and the school ONLY notified the people in that woman’s classroom, and no other teachers or parents. Now my sister has COVID.

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留学とは切っても切れない航空業界の今後について、「COVID-19が航空に与える影響と今後を考える」講演会にリモート参加中。 留学でも参考になることが大いにあるはず。

Juan Espinal
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Para este 2 de agosto el @MinSaludCol confirmó: recuperados nuevos casos 320 fallecidos muestras procesadas Para un total de: recuperados casos de COVID-19 fallecidos muestras procesadas casos activos

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Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk ()

Why are Fauci, the head of the FDA, and Admiral Giroir slandering Hydroxychloroquine when a top epidemiologist from Yale called it “the key to defeating COVID-19?” 🤔

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Sinergitas TNI, POLRI dalam upaya putus rantai penyebaran Covid-19

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Florian Lahner
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Meldung: “Ein Ferienlager in den USA hat sich als Superspreading-Event entpuppt. Knapp die Hälfte der Kinder infizierte sich mit dem Coronavirus”....ach neeee! Ich dachte immer, die wären immun gegen praktisch #BildungAberSicher #Covid_19

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В МОЗ назвали уровень смертности от COVID-19 и области, где чаще умирают

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2 Agustus 2020: Kasus COVID-19 Terkonfirmasi di Indonesia Bertambah

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Covid-19: Kuching back to yellow zone as zero case in Sarawak today

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Ghana: COVID-19 cases hit 37, 014; recoveries now 33, 365 #Covid_19

Polsek Wanayasa
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Giat Patroli KRYD dan Patroli Blue Light Dalam Rangka Ops Aman Nusa II Maklumat Kapolri Dalam Pencegahan Virus Corona/Covid 19 di Wilayah Kec. Wanayasa #polsekwanayasa #polrespurwakarta

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Isaac Sialer
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Sucesos: “No bajes la guardia, el virus sigue con nosotros”, la campaña del Min | NOTICIAS EL COMERCIO PERÚ Asintomáticos es la forma “inteligente “ de contagio de este Covid19

Antonella Celi
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How “safe” are the guidelines now state of play has changed to declared State of Disaster in Victoria ? “Campaigning for the 2020 council elections in Victoria Guidelines for safe campaigning during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic 31 July 2020” @VictorianCHO

Anadolu Agency Indonesia
Anadolu Agency Indonesia ()

Jumlah korban tewas akibat Covid-19 di Meksiko, Brasil masih tinggi

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Reporter Today News Channel
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COVID-19 Live Updates: Global Death Toll Exceeds 684,000

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Dr Khalil Walker
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I called my internet service provider and asked about an internet problem. They wanted to send technicians to my apartment, during the COVID-19 pandemic. I explained and declined before, but they just called again to make an appointment. What is actually wrong with people?

Marc Van Ettinger
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@Naaoomieh @ginnymooy Dat eerste kan ik niet beoordelen. Dat laatste is onjuist. Je kunt direct afspraak maken, zonder tussenkomst van huisarts. Zie ook:

GorseFires Collectif
GorseFires Collectif ()

The pandemic is a once-in-a-century health crisis, the effects of which will be felt for decades to come.

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@RasenlatscherRB Test pro Tag an der Uniklinik Leipzig 500-1000. Nachweise gleich 0! Test zu 100 % Aussagefähig? Nein! Test als COVID 19 zugelassen? Nein!

Benjamin Pope
Benjamin Pope ()

Sleeping in my own bed with #jsm2020 the next day (thanks to COVID-19) is definitely a strange experience!

Gordon Shippey
Gordon Shippey ()

Jacinda Ardern the exception to the rule, with the only rational response to this crisis Act as if you already have COVID-19 But it took an entire population to believe her and act upon it.

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Bhagalpurii Memes
Bhagalpurii Memes ()

आज ईद थी और सलमान खान की कोई मूवी रिलीज नहीं हुई Thanks covid-19 तुम्हारा यह एहसान जिंदगी भर नहीं भूलेंगे

Новинар Полтавщини
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На Полтавщині 13 нових випадків Covid-19: по 5 у Полтаві та Кременчуці

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Nurul Qomariyah
Nurul Qomariyah ()

Apakah aku juga harus bikin sate sosial distanting?? #Covid_19 Sate #jalaninduluaja

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Redpres.com Noticias
Redpres.com Noticias ()

834 casos comunitarios y 35 importados de Covid-19 se detectaron en las últimas 24 horas en Venezuela


@_Rahuld sir you are the best we have with us and your vision will definitely guide us to come out trough this tough time of #Covid_19

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#buzzceleb Lena Dunham Said Her Body Revolted During Her Battle With COVID-19

Sandy Thomas 🤗🐕🐩🌻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
Sandy Thomas 🤗🐕🐩🌻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ()

@itvnews Returning in year group bubbles of approx 200+ pupils + rotating staff with no PPE is not reassuring, esp. As latest studies now indicate that (asymptomatic) kids aged 11-19 spread Covid-19 more easily than adults How can this be safe for pupils, staff& their families& contacts?

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Globali 08/01 新型コロナウィルス感染流行問題;アジア太平洋地域主要国の現状(3) 7月31日付『AP通信』他:「アジア太平洋地域の新型コロナウィルス(COVID-19)感染.. 351758

Noor Hisham Abdullah
Noor Hisham Abdullah ()

Marilah kita belajar drp negara2 lain supaya kita dpt mencegah drp dilanda gelombang tsunami Covid-19 yg lebih dahsyat. Inilah kebimbangan saya & saya menyeru Rakyat Malaysia patuh kpd penjarakan selamat, kerap cuci tangan & pakai pelitup muka. Kurangkan berada di tempat awam.

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Ashley C. Ford
Ashley C. Ford ()

My sister works at a daycare. One of her coworkers was diagnosed with COVID 19, and the school ONLY notified the people in that woman’s classroom, and no other teachers or parents. Now my sister has COVID.

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