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When an anti- Assange, Union Buster who is in bed w/Billionaire Clinton Donors calls u a “fake progressive” that’s a “win”. @cenkuygur lost all his progressive cred when he sided w/politicians over healthcare activists during #Forcethevote - he thinks this will help. It won’t..

LMAO cred books us a table at a hookah lounge and hits me with “yo when u get here the reservation is under [redacted] it’s the larp white person name i use” bruh it’s hentai avenger’s real first name 💀.

Having a great time at #NFTNYC2022 !! What SUPERCHIEF EVENT has been your favorite so far? You still have time to RSVP for some more upcoming events, check the link in our bio & our pinned tweet! 🤘 Photo cred: Neesmith 🔥🔥.

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Discussion on police violence vs Black folks ⬇️ GOP brings up “Black on Black” violence ⬇️ GOP puts weapons in the hood & destabilizes neighborhoods ⬇️ Inc in Black homicide ⬇️ Cred given to cop fears ⬇️ Cops get budget inc ⬇️ Cops violent vs Black folks ⬇️ Rinse/repeat.

220623 JOURNEY 인터뷰 (cred: khakiiii0) As a leader, I think the most important thing to do is to keep the harmony within the team so we come together (unite) as one. ㅡ Rough/Direct Translations.

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Caught off guard on a hot, sweaty, sloppy evening. ~♡ (Cred to the dommy mommy and artist of this piece goes to @Curious_Stygian.

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@PatsKarvelas Ignore the goose Patricia. You will remember in The Aus he was the clown who fell on his face with the utegate' nonsense about Rudd. He is just a silly little boy wanting to be a grown-up journalist like you are. His cred in the public is nil. Considered a joke. #auspol.

Război în Ucraina. Britanicii cred că rușii își epuizează resursele în Donbas, iar ofensiva lor va încetini. În ultimele 24 de ore s-au străduit să înconjoare Lisiceansk și să taie aprovizionarea trupelor din “punga Severodonețk”..

#Cred Customer Care Number:-1800O-111-00111//9883-35-7329 Check 24/7 Toll-Free Numbers, Email, SMS Will CRED refund money? What if CRED payment failed? Can I trust CRED? How do I complain to CRED?.

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Lemming Protocols > Lending Notocols > Dum-dum IOUs > UST LUNA CEL CRED COMP > counter-party risk > trusted intermediaries > Centralized middlemen lolz.

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@BuccoBallBlog If you want to be ignorant to the point to try and gain some Twitter cred or something cool. But outside of one horrible week and a half stretch they’ve actually been a decent club this season.

#CRED CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER:-1800-111-00111//8102-18-6758 Check 24/7 Toll-Free Numbers, Email, SMS.

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Undeva pe Twitch-ul românesc un streamer despre care se presupune că susține cauze vag stângiste se gândește cum să justifice faptul că literalmente lucrează activ în folosul NATO (sau nu se gândește la asta, dar îmi place să cred că da).

@veronik_dan Ăștia sunt cu buba, nici-o gâză nu e pe ei .. cred că se numesc limba soacrei 😁.

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@Kandacealwine @philip_ga vid cred to timothy for catching this beautiful moment.

Pana la ce verset v-a dus rabdarea sa cititi un tweet din ala foileton : 1 ? Cred ca eu odata am ajuns pana la 1/8..

@Adelheide1121 Jenn- feel free to use my edit stuff anytime…you don’t have to cred me, I’m happy you want to use it.🥰😊🫶.

For my soul sisters on Twitter: mission statement! cred:womensempowermentquotes WE Gotcha!!!!.

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@GinaForLA This photo op is the definition of chasing clout. KK thinks being at a kid’s prison gives her some kind of street cred. She’s gross..

#CRED CUSTOMER CARE NUMBER:1800-11-0111/933-048-4719 at us for related Sunday 08 am to Saturday 10 pm Email, SMS ...

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@the_purple_kp 😂😂😂 Arată-mi o poza? Asa nu te cred. #TheGoodTheBadAndTheThirdWheel.

happy thursday finfreaks 🖤 i want silent sends for my lunch out with alpha asap. imagine the good boy cred of satisfying not only me, but the other Superior that means way more to me than you do as well🖕🥰 findom femdom poly nsfw fund reimburse send domme whalesub dom sub.

shameless rehashing for earning street cred based on current outrage.

Deja îmi frec mâinile și prind curaj. Ron o sa fac economie la un plin. Daca mă duc pe rezerva cred că mai castig 80 de bani.

@Lory_Radulescu Vaxinul asta merge direct in creier, ul scade brusc, toti cred ca statul ai jubeste si vor sa le plateasca pensie pana la 120. La fel si Bil Poarta..

@journalistagen1 @DailyMailAU No Cred Lisa!!!!☆☆ No 👎 one believes 1 word that she says!!!.

@pdx852 He absolutely does use his “disability” card. This is a convo is him (dark blue) and Belinda(trailer park news-who also used her work cred. To get Callie’s dox). Trash 🗑. -the rest of this convo is in a pinned tweet on my page..

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Unfortunately, Sabnya is right here. MH BJP is utterly useless on the street. zero street cred..

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@Vladstefantoma Cred ca e cel mai potrivit model investitional pentru cineva nou sau incepator in piata crypto..

Season #1 Episode #6 description: An image of an unnamed galaxy in color cred: Google free use: Yes rating: 8/10 Drop potential titles down below: ⬇️⬇️⬇️.

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