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My deepest thanks to all who mobilized against the grave threat to free speech posed by the charge of cyberlibel against me by the camp of VP Sara Duterte. What a wonderful display of unity in defense of our common values! With solidarity like this, how can we possibly lose?.

One thing my mom’s gonna do is begin a sentence with, “Now that you’re old enough,” then proceed to tell me the deepest, darkest, gnarliest, most devastating family secret I’ve ever heard that she already told me when I was, like, 6..


Netflix’s The Sandman brings Dream and his Endless siblings to life in a way Neil Gaiman and longtime fans could only conjure up in their deepest of sleeps. Our Season 1 review:.

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UK faces deepest plunge in living standards on record, Bank of England warns 🚨.

Thank you for sharing Ben with us. Ben captivated our community & has been a source of inspiration for many. His courage and infectious laugh will always be remembered. My deepest condolences..


Arnaud Jerald, 26, descended to a depth of 120 meters in bi-fins in The Bahamas, setting a new record for the deepest dive.

Good afternoon! Please accept our deepest apologies for any inconvenience caused by this situation. If you have any question/s, feel free to dm us. Thank you so much and have a good day!.

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@MaeNena73 Willow and Toby express their deepest empathy with Kieran..

Moneygall GAA Club extend our deepest condolences to the family, friends and team mates of Dillon Quirke, to all in @ClonRossGAA and the surrounding community, and to his colleagues in the blue and gold. Ar dheis Dé go raibh a anam dílis. 💚💛💙💛.

@ohtahiromi1974 How are you doing this morning? お姉さんが山なら自分は海(笑) On the way home, stopped at Laguna Beach 🏖again… All I can do is to pray her with my deepest appreciation. Just pray, pray and pray. I’ve been so depressed dude..

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I would like to also express my deepest sympathies on hearing of the passing of Mayor Grace. Thoughts and prayers to the community and his family.

@caveman984 @dklmarxist 99% of americans deepest desire is to be put in a self defence situation where they can legally murder someone. clerk probably busted a rope in his pants while stabbing the guy.

@SJofficial My deepest Condolences 😔 I was shocked I just know that your father is so proud of may he rest in peace 🕊.

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No but Els growth was insane this season like she went through so much and grew so much out of it and she was truly so powerful and independent. The fact that some ppl in their deepest hearts believe that it doesn’t mean much bc she’s dating Mike is insane to me….

@DatelineNBC @LesterHoltNBC thank you for sharing this horrific story. Anton Black was senselessly killed. My deepest condolences to his family.

@ksorbs I don’t yearn for the economy of 2020 and you shouldn’t either. Deepest recession since the Great Depression. We just completed our economic recovery this past month. There are now more people working in America today than pre-pandemic..

We all know where our deepest desires lie. Give me all the chaos in LA..

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Deep down we ALL want to find the one who takes time to truly see us Learn our deepest secrets Understand us Accept us Embrace us. You want that You NEED that. You may not believe anyone can. But you need it. I’m here to help make those connections. #nsfwtwt.

#ไฟไหม้ผับชลบุรี ขอแสดงความเสียใจกับญาติผู้เสียชีวิตด้วยครับ With my deepest condolence to every bereaved family..

My deepest condolences to Hyuk and his family. Pray for all of your family to stay strong in this hard moment Hope his soul rests in peace🙏 #StayStrongEunhyuk.

It’s the people closest to you that will end up stabbing you in the back the deepest..

@m_dan25 I feel conflicted hitting a “like” button on these tweets which carry such sad news, but the love for him is felt all over the hockey world, and we all grieve your family’s loss. It feels like our loss too. Deepest condolences to your family. Playing “La Bamba” tonight for sure..

sometimes I look at myself and go damn ur a stupid my deepest fears are, 1. What happens after death 2. Sinkholes 3. ✨🎸🪱 ORDINARY EARTHWORMS 🪱🪱🪱🪱✨✨✨✨🔥🎶.

@RepTenney So did Mark Meadows flip and spill the beans on Trump’s criminality? Was Trump really planning on selling our deepest held national secrets to foreign governments?.

A face it spreads its wings. Your deepest valleys lead you there. ؟? نمشے 🔹C44🔹 🔹C44🔹 🔹C44🔹.

“If you can have the chance to ask one question to the Prophet Muhammad (SAW), what would it be?” The fact that the Prophet (SAW) answered the lightest to deepest questions in his lifetime with exquisite wisdom renders me wondering what is the perfect question for me to ask?.

This is so shocking and deepest condelences to the family :(.

My sincerest & deepest condolences to the bereaved loved ones of Ms. Cherie Gil. May her soul rest in peace #RIP.

My deepest condolonces for Eunhyuk and his family 😭😭😭.

my deepest condolences to hyukjae and his family u,uu.

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