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Overturning Roe v. Wade and denying women the right to control their own bodies is an outrage and in defiance of what the American people want. Democrats must now end the filibuster in the Senate, codify Roe v. Wade, and once again make abortion legal and safe..

NEW: Liz Cheney is asking Democrats in Wyoming to unite and vote for her in the Republican primary to defeat her Trump-endorsed opponent— her campaign is sending voters instructions on how to do so. Wyoming voters can change their party affiliation at the polls, per @thehill..

The sobering consequences are unborn lives will be saved and increasing rioting will be nationwide by radicals enticed by Washington DC elected democrats.


Democrats are gonna say all the right things and tell you to vote harder, but I have no doubt that they’re pleased with this happening. They’ll use it for fuel to win the next election cycle and then they’ll do absolutely nothing about it. Rinse. Repeat..

@BJRiddle1 @BugdenSteven This is on Americans not just Democrats. We need the population to re-engage in civic duty. Apathy is why we are here. The people need to step up..

@SpeakerPelosi DEMOCRATS scare their People that Abortion is now illegal. THEIR Blue States will ensure under State Law that you can Kill a Baby. Now a State issue, not under Federal Democrat Control..

TERFs hated trans people and got what they wanted, now they lose what they wanted. After gays are hurt, interracial marriage will probably be next. And democrats are just sitting on their hands telling us to do something about it while they have nothing but power..

Instead of blaming Susan Sarandon blame democrats in power who stressed bipartisanship, reaching across the aisle and call for a strong Republican Party..

I’m super pissed at Republicans, but I’m furious at democrats. Literally how in the hell am I supposed to look people in the eye and tell them that voting matters? Yeah, this was SCOTUS, but Libs did nothing to prevent this while they had the house, senate AND presidency.

Fuck the GOP. Fuck every last one of them and fuck every single one of their donors. Fuck all the corrupt complicit corporate funded Democrats as well..

Biden and Democrats, great job at the.

@DanielB46533324 @DineshDSouza Uhmmm, you don’t do history well do you? Democrats supported Jim Crow laws and fought Republicans tooth and nail to stop the repeal..

@natalieltxz And I agree with you 150%. And that starts with voting during the Midterms and in 2024 to ensure that Democrats have the majority in both the Senate and House. The only way anything meaningful gets done. The current chambers are a deadlocked cesspool..

I honestly didn’t think ROE V WADE would be overturned. This is a historic precedent. Bear in mind that this does not completely ban abortion it will give the power back to the states. Make no mistake that democrats will do everything to make abortion.

Democrats need to show up in November! Texas does not have to be an abortion desert. We have rights ladies!.

@JoJoFromJerz Democrats have the White House, house AND the senate… but sure it’s an actors fault..

I don’t trust the Democrats to do a goddamn thing through positive action. The most charitable way to frame it is that their national majority is an illusion and that their “success” in 2020 was not in any way enough to do anything other than pageantry..

What I’ve learned from 2016 is that you can continue to vote for democrats but they are under no obligation to serve you - democrats can not fail the public but can only be failed. Even when they have some power republicans still have the majority of it.

The left is waning culturally, getting told no on almost all of their political ambitions, and having their most revered tenets nuked from space all while democrats are technically in a long time coming, and this should rightfully sting. #RoeVsWade.

Republicans overturned the evils of slavery and abortion. Democrats resorted to violence in the 1860s and now in the 21st century..

Democrats Photo,Democrats Photo by Lance Ferm,Lance Ferm on twitter tweets Democrats Photo

i mean what are the democrats even doing, why are they not going hard as the republicans..

@IndPens4 @nathaliejacoby1 We need this picture on billboards across America! Fight back the only way we can! Voting in DEMOCRATS ALL DOWN THE TICKET 🎫 GQP is UNAMERICAN.

@ShellyLorine The SCOTUS has the ultimate power and the Democrats and Republicans sat back and let that happen. There is no real check or balance on the Supreme Court..

Again - Democrats throw temper tantrums not stating facts - Maxine can keep it in Cali if the Californians want to - the ruling gives back to the states Maxine - stop inciting violence and yelling lies.

Lol so where’s the vote blue no matter who crowd now? Biden could’ve codified Roe v wade into law. I can’t even say the democrats are a failure of a leadership because they know what they’re doing. And it’s despicable.

Do Democrats actually believe that their bad behavior, calling a SCOTUS decision illegitimate and inciting riots over it will win them votes? Yes. Because they have nothing. #roeoverturned #RoeVsWade.

did the democrats go full on lefty? no, but after losing in 2004 the dam of dont be too much of a hippie on the war broke. they won the house in 2006 and by 2008 elected obama and a democratic senate eventually.

As Republicans celebrate end of Roe, Democrats vow revenge at polls.

Democrats are communist domestic terrorists. It all started with Bill Ayers and then his pupil and so forth. #roeoverturned #ArrestAOC.

Two months ago all Democrats asked said they were not biologist and couldn’t define what a woman was. Today Democrats magically became biologist? And every Democrat magically knows what a woman is? It’s absolutely incredible 🤡 #RoeVsWade #DOSOMETHING.

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