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Derek Chauvin qualifies for a longer sentence in George Floyd’s murder, judge rules

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Tomthunkit™ ()

Jury Verdict: Derek Chauvin is GUILTY of 2nd-degree murder in the death of George Floyd. GUILTY of 3rd-degree murder. GUILTY of 2nd-degree manslaughter. Guilty on all counts. 01

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Derek Paiz
Derek Paiz ()

Forgive them, they’re from West Virginia, they don’t know no better 🤦🏽‍♂️ y’all gon disrespect @Braxballer20 range like that, ya deserve to get eyed from the volleyball line‼️

Kath Maimone
Kath Maimone ()

@ShelvockD Good morning Derek , I have just been for a walk and managed to dodge the rain . I am fine thank you , hope you are too . Have a lovely day 😊x

TMZ ()

Derek Jeter Sells Tampa Mansion He Rented to Tom Brady for $ Million!

Keep Life in Check
Keep Life in Check ()

@SeekMastery @Thenakedpoet2 Derek gets paid Derek fills his Amazon cart, goes to Dunkin, picks up Chinese one night, Pizza the next night, Sushi another night. Pays the wireless carrier. Pays the utility company. Everyone got paid by Derek. Everyone but Derek.

Racing Informant
Racing Informant ()

@derek_rocholl @itvracing Let’s hope they have enough doe to order a taxi, we don’t want the STAGgering home later

Steve Stewart-Williams
Steve Stewart-Williams ()

No question is more sublime than why there is a Universe: why there is anything rather than nothing. –Derek Parfit (Why anything? Why this?)

⭐starboy⭐ ()

I dreamt I was in the Teen Wolf universe and I was helping Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Derek catch the villain who happened to be Elon Musk who was an evil plague doctor and he kept getting away…

Derek ()

@AllenWeso6 It’s a mad one because you can’t say Sarah’s numbers aren’t mental. But Suarez was just the total player. Could do everything.

Naclara ()

quem você mais ama? — stiles. alguém sem ser o stiles? — derek. sem ser o derek? — sterek. quem é sterek? — derek e stiles

o maior mentiroso do goiás 🐀™
O maior mentiroso do goiás 🐀™ ()

Cha Cha meu plu que eu le as dro as pu gostos ond eu quize Derek - Eu Tenho Drip, 2019

Nico Cas Backup | ४⎊⍟
Nico Cas Backup | ४⎊⍟ ()

Thinking about the fact that Dr. sexy is based off on Derek Shepherd who was played by Patrick Dempsey and Patrick Dempsey played Cas in Blonde and Jensens Char was the bf of Cas :D

Zoraida Merlo✝️
Zoraida Merlo✝️ ()

Paso nuevamente los datos para ayudar a Derek a recaudar los 2 millones cien mil dólares que necesita para salvar su vida: Cuenta de Ahorros Banco Pichincha: 2206448101 Banco Guayaquil Cta. Ahorros : 0047548319 Pinargote García Genessis Mariela 1311976177 #AyudemosADerek

Gay Passion 🔥🏳️‍🌈 57k
Gay Passion 🔥🏳️‍🌈 57k ()

|kg_ Lucas Ellis & Derek Reed in Introducing Lucas #MozosX | Find more in: [] //

Kris ()

@boswell_derek Definitely. When we have so many excellent grounds to choose from these days. Just not Hillsborough, not just coz we lost there in 92, but it’s a horrible ground 🤣

Steve Pickles
Steve Pickles ()

@Ajarncom Agreed. Wasn’t great. Absolutely love his other stuff, After Life, Derek and the Office were superb.

CUI Baseball
CUI Baseball ()

Eagles split Thursday’s doubleheader in Fresno. Bailey Collins hit 2 HR in Game 1, tying Derek Patterson for the CUI all-time home run record at 35! Cooper Moore also hit 2 HR in Game 1, passing Charles Chatman and moving into 4th on the all-time home run list with 24 💣

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serial cheater derek shepherd
Serial cheater derek shepherd ()

im so tired of saying goodbye to derek we’ve done it so many times its actually wearing down my body

Maria ☕
Maria ☕ ()

No quiero 48hs ininterrumpidas, quiero toda una vida juntos. ¿Un Derek Shepherd es mucho pedir? 💫

kate’s kiddos 😻
Kate’s kiddos 😻 ()

I love you, but I hate you, but I love you if addison deserves the entire world why derek, why?

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maybe they just need hope
Maybe they just need hope ()

jaina grew up hearing this! derek grew up hearing this! amalia stone grew up hearing this!

dylan young stan account
Dylan young stan account ()

9 times out of 10 derek haters stan racists i don’t wanna hear criticism about him

Grey ()

why do derek shepherd always need to walk away from the love of his life #GreysAnatomy

Hollie ()

In the last 2 days I read my first 2 Lisa Kleypas novels and well now I’m officially a member of the Derek Craven fan club. 🙈

bey • #May25
Bey • #May25 ()

“the only people who don’t know derek loves meredith are derek and meredith.”

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UMary Marauders
UMary Marauders ()

SPYGLASS In a back-and-forth 1st round #NSICBase tourney game, @UmaryBaseball fell 6-4 to SCSU. Derek Shoen was 3x4 with a HR, 2R and 2 RBIs. Tyrus Barclay was 2x5. Austin Wagner posted 9 Ks in innings.

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shannon magauran
Shannon magauran ()

didn’t realize how much i missed the original cast, but mainly how in love meredith and derek were #GreysAnatomy

John Branch
John Branch ()

Ten years ago today, Derek Boogaard was found dead by his two brothers. Each year on at this time, his mother writes a letter to him and places it in the local paper. This is today.

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The Washington Post
The Washington Post ()

Derek Chauvin qualifies for a longer sentence in George Floyd’s murder, judge rules

The Associated Press
The Associated Press ()

BREAKING: Minnesota judge finds aggravating factors in death of George Floyd, paving way for tougher sentence for Derek Chauvin.

☚ Belgium #पृथ्वीराज_बैरवा_को_बहाल_करो ☛
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