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It’s mad nice out in NY and I don’t how to act. My beater on with my gold out. I’m in full Papi Bachata mode.

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Greatest Interview Ever. Must Must Watch 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Suresh Chavanke Vs Diggy Raja.

Third candidate from Bhopal, much better than Diggy and Sadhvi.

@UnSubtleDesi Nightmare for Diggy has begun from today . BHOPAL will vote out Diggy, he was also one of them who said “Saffron Terror”.

I am glad that bold lady Sadhwi Pragya has joined BJP and will fight against CONgi leader Digvijay Singh. Good opportunity given to her to show Diggy Raja, what is real Hindu and how to terrorize anti- Hindu sickularists. Best wishes to her..

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@diggydoy2 Kudos to you Diggy, even though you’re afraid to short, you actually called the weakness in the market pretty well!.

#SadhviVsDigvijaya One person on this debate said that Digvijay is an intellectual and long time politician. So Sadhvi Pragya should not be pitted against him. But Diggy coined saffron terror. Good to see such a political battle happening..

@vikasF22 Remember RaGa told a US diplomat he was more worried about Saffron terror than Islamic Extremism; then Shinde, Diggy & Chiddu began the campaign. They wept for Batla House terrorists, painted Ishrat Jahan as an innocent child - and persecuted Shah & Vanzara for encounters..

最近のフリースタイルダンジョン、pekoのdiggyネタでえへへ…ってなったんだけど先週のRの「シュパッ」の言い方でまたえへへ…ってなった あとやっぱ9for好きだなって思った.

@Kishoreciyer1 She is bound to Let temple of democract allow her to show Real Hindu Warrior to Diggy nd Anti.

so jaladh sir is back. he directed the whole of pooja di shaadi (inc. iconic coke scene), first confession, hand hold, saathiya sequence and delhi track. i hope diggy sir will be back tooo #YehUnDinonKiBaatHai.

I think pragya thakur must have threatened to stand either way against diggy in Bhopal, bjp candidate or not. In a constituency with significant m popn, bjp cannot afford vote katua , so had to effectively give in.

@Joydas She is up against Diggy. Wait for reality to hit her. But agree with is the state of Indian Politics..

@SuryaSh8055 @ijagdishjoshi it will be the contest of 2019, aisa mahaul banega ke diggy ki dhoti utar jayegi. usko is trap mein daala hai kamalnath ne.

@ijagdishjoshi @SuryaSh8055 bhopal bjp ka garh hai, diggy ke khilaf nafrat ka mahaul hai, koi chance nahin. bjp ki taraf se 2 naam chal rahe hain, uma bharti, jinka diggy ke saath puraani history hai, magar abhi khabar a rahi hai ki sadhvi pragya thakur shivraaj chouhan se milne bjp office pahunchi hain.

@Mr_LoLwa She should put a bullet in the head of PC n Diggy the dog for all the pain she suffered injustice !!!.

@Squirrel_Soul @RIP__HUNTER Sab vote usko he de rahe hain 😂 ye to diggy ban gaya.

Sadhvi Pragya fielded against Anti H!ndu Digvijay Singh known for his constant Hindu terr0r barb and maligning the RSS just made #Bhopal election more So wanna see this mor0n Diggy lose to Pragya ji !.

@upasanatigress और उस शौचालय की टोंटी भी टूटी हुई है।!!😂🤣🤣.

@MrsGandhi @ani30oct Pragya Ji should narrate her ordeal to common voters through her interaction. She must tell people how she has been fixed by Chiddu/Diggy..

@AdityaRajKaul Sadhvi Pragya will expose Diggy that how his assertion about Hindu Terror tortured an innocent. Diggy be ready for humiliating defeat..

@TajinderBagga was waiting for time for chacha bach.

@TajinderBagga Do people still vote for candidates like Diggy? Surprised to know. Well may the better candidate win 😉.

I’m an old man, so a lot of the internet sayings irk me But “that’s on period” is funny every time for some reason..

It’s mad nice out in NY and I don’t how to act. My beater on with my gold out. I’m in full Papi Bachata mode.

Diggy - Text Me feat [Video] now live on @Vevo Thank you guys for the love 📜❤️.

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