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Donny as the heartthrob basketball player with Belle as his muse? 🏀 5 DAYS TO GO until this is fiction no more! 😉😍 #DonBelle Watch the Star Magic 30th All Star Games on May 22, 2022, Sunday, LIVE at the Araneta Coliseum! GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! ⬇⬇⬇.

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Tuwing nagkukumu ako, laging hinahanap sa stream ko si belle and donny 😁.


Payo ni Maricel kay Donny: Sana maka-inspire kayo ng ibang tao, na maabot din nila ang kanilang mga pangarap.

Donny Van de Beek go be like new signing under Erik Ten Hag 🔥.

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Opo taguro po tlaga si belle tingnan nyo nmn mas maangas pa sya kay donny😭🤍 #DonBelle.

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👇 @NosEnergyDrink Heat Three Lineup: 1-2 Dash; 3-5 Feature; 6-9 LCS; 10-11 C 24 Rico Abreu — 71 Buddy Kofoid 49 Brad Sweet — 8 Freddie Rahmer 48 Danny Dietrich — 15 Donny Schatz 8D Billy Dietrich — 99M Kyle Moody 23A Chris Arnold — 11A Austin Bishop 19R Matt Campbell.

Donny with coach jojo acosta!🤎 🖇 #DonnyPangilinan | Donny Pangilinan.

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kilala lang naman ni lola neneng yung pangalan ng mga kapatid ni donny HAHHAHAHHA #DonBelle.

@donny__gonzaga A gente ainda se ama. Eu sinto isso de vc, mesmo que vc demonstre estar bem. Você não tá demonstrando interesse em conversar comigo sobre nada e eu tô tentando respeitar mas tá muito difícil.

When it comes to both of our passions naman, me and we’re both very supportive of one another, Belle shares..

@ZoniPM @UnitedStandMUFC Donny plays very inteligent not suited to ole ball. Under ten hag things will be different..

@elspanishgooner @RossBain3 Frenkie and Donny in their 4-3-3. Not bad but trying to capture that ajax run will be hard to replicate.

Donny Schatz picks up the B-Main victory @lincolnspeedway @WorldofOutlaws.

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@angelicfile ate!! may isuggest akong layout! kay belle din naman, kapag malapit na birthday niya! ganun sa ginawa mo kay donny dati!! ♥️♥️.

grabe sikat yung my craving when i was pregnant kineme sa tiktok dhajdhajfhsh donny and belle alam na mwa.

Hmmm I thought Donny was holding me back so I moved to a Now Donny is a city, was I holding it back? 🤣🤣.

@MichGon13269925 @jesusfalcis Tsaka kana mag iinarte kapag hindi kana troll. Isa pa kilig na kilig ka nga kay donny ih. And kung may sisisihin man ikaw dahil sa kamangmangan mo..

And what about the former President who staged the Jan 6 Coup, what is Marsha telling us about him? To lock him up too? The GOP is quiet about arresting Donny. The @GOP is failing.

@donny__gonzaga Eu vou esperar vc ficar bem, se o que vc sentir não mudar eu ainda vou estar aqui, pronta pra continuar. Porque eu amo você e quando prometi estar com você até o fim era sério, bem sério.

@donny__gonzaga Você não tem culpa, sua tentativa de não me machucar tá me machucando o dobro. Eu escolhi estar aqui, mesmo depois que vc terminou comigo. Eu tô muito confusa, pra mim nisso relacionamento não tinha pq ter chegado ao fim. Mas eu não quis contestar. Só concordei com vc :(.

And don’t tell me to move on. I’m still mourning this big election loss in the Philippines. Mainit pa ang ulo ko. Sasabunutan kita. Tse! #NoToMarcosDuterte #kakampink.

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Thankful to announce that I have received my first offer from Stetson University! Thank you @coachjakereed @BuchholzFB.

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@chaddyke5 Donny is the most advanced player in that system so he will be competing with Bruno I imagine. He’s also capable I suppose of being one of the 2 deeper players but if we get FDJ I think that’s basically impossible. On rice I totally disagree mate, I think he’s world class..

I was gonna say these little kids different now but shit she hit and threw down that one kid so she deserved it lmao 🤣.

Now playing on- Yacht Rock Listen: Donny Osmond - - You Need Someone.

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David De Ge Mukiele Timber Varane Shaw Frenkie De Jong Donny Van De Beek Bruno Fernandes Jason Sancho Cristiano Ronaldo Christopher Nkunku #mufc.

@rick_blackham @hansenjames If you think thats cost that much for Donny i think you might need to reeval how trades work.

@MrFrankBaraan Akala yung ancestors yung mga Ninuno na pamilya nya. Yung pala ang conjugal na dictator na Tatay at Nanay ang tinutukoy nya. Pwe! 😂.

Donny Schatz wins the #GettysburgClash B-Main while Kasey Kahne races into P3 and transfers into the main event. #WoOSprint.

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