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Eddie Howe wants Matty Targett loan to become permanent for Newcastle, as @LukeEdwardsTele reported. It’s more than a possibility. ⚪️⚫️ #NUFC Targett is waiting for the final green light from the club..

BBC Sport
BBC Sport

Juventus 🤔 AC Milan 🤔 Newcastle United 🤔 Eddie Howe could reportedly face a battle to sign Italy international Nicolo Zaniolo. #BBCFootball.

Hahahaha brilliant the same people who laughed when Eddie Howe became #NUFC manager are calling for him to be #England manager 🤣 love to see it.

Amazing hearing neutrals calling for Eddie Howe to be the next England manager! Those same people who laughed when he joined Newcastle 😂 #nufc.

Eddie Howe would be England manager right now if he was more patient. Instead he will spend the rest of his life fearing being chopped up into a suitcase after back to back defeats..

It’s funny old game football isn’t it? After our takeover, people laughed at #NUFC fans for being optimistic about appointing Eddie Howe as gaffer. Tonight he’s trending on Twitter because it seems everyone wants him for the England job….

Yet, many English managers are reactive to what the Premier League poses to them. Eddie Howe is tactically adaptable yet sets his teams up in a standard 4-3-3 that can be manipulated to bear fruit. He often goes into games to counter the opposition rather than control the game..

@abba_zm There’s been a lot like Eddie Howe in the past but they seem to fade away with time Alan pardew was once the English pep but now it’s an insult to call you pardrew as a manager Shaa we’ll see with time.


Eddie Howe as England head coach? These are the same people who said he only got 11th because he spent £100m in the winter 🤡.

Potter too good to be wasted at international level someone like Eddie Howe after Newcastle inevitably upgrade is better option.

@dom_eaton @fowls21wwfc I’d go Graham Potter he’s working wonders at Brighton or Eddie Howe but Southgate has the “I got England to a final” trophy in the bank.

@Carra23 I’m starting to think southgate has maybe run out of ideas and teams now no how England play and what there weaknesses are and teams have taken advantage I’d love to see what Eddie howe could do with this England team I’d say give him a go Eddie Howe for England 🤣.

@itz_just_ez Eddie howe for me. But anyone other than this moron. We lost the euros because he wouldn’t trust the talent. Let’s just once Unleash our best attacking team and let others worry about playing defensive. Pains me but let’s put Jack in the position he was born to play. #utv.

How would Eddie Howe improve this England team without spending a billion ££££????? #England #nufc.


@FinnAFC “Get Rafa in for the England job cos he won the CL in 2005” going off the past is such a shit argument. Eddie Howe took Bournemouth down and look at him now.

I think football journalist should stop giving Eddie Howe a tough time about Saudi Arabia. Today, a flight to take refugees to Rwanda from the UK was grounded because it broke Human Rights Laws. We need to hold to account our own government, better. Far better..

dream team management at england jose mouhinio manager wayne rooney assistant eddie howe coach who be happy with this set up?.

@DrMantisSR Only person that would is Eddie Howe - Born winner! We won’t win the World Cup until he is the manager!.

@henrywinter Dour man, dour setup. Get him out. Shame we didn’t do it after Euros and get Eddie Howe in..

@_Nathanshapland He won’t get sacked your right. But time England took a bit of a risk. Rob Page is doing a great job. Possibly look at a manager with no European experience. Eddie Howe, Steve Cooper. Time to re set and think out side the box..

@JayVtid Sack Southgate on the flipping spot and appoint either Eddie Howe or Graham Potter right is destroying a generation of talent in front of our very eyes..

@Im91389331 The standard of play has declined dramatically Eddie Howe would have won us the Euros.

@fun88eng Graham potter or Eddie Howe, 2 mangers that seem to be able to take players to the next level. Other than them Mourinho as he has knack of winning tournaments.

Nations league has everyone moving always said should be Eddie Howe in that job🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 but it’s only glorified friendly league !😩😴.

England humiliated by Hungary in worst home defeat in 94 years via @yahoosg Southgate must be sacked without a second thought If England must be Englisn then there is Eddie Howe. What a disgrace..

@Thogden Honestly Eddie Howe could be the one however don’t want to see him leave the mags, also don’t think he would.

@caseysean51 Hahah like Eddie Howe and Dan ashworth send you the transfer targets 😂😂😂😂.

@SCARFYYYY Dw I’m just ranting I completely understand your point. I was more thinking of journalists who think activism involves asking Eddie Howe about executions when he’s just lost 5-0 to Man City.

Eddie Howe has a great job already. Ask someone else who’s maybe not as happy. Potter and the Brighton fan base don’t seem to be as united… 👀😂.

@BroadcastMoose “Realistically” then put “Eddie Howe” in the same sentence…. 🤣🤦‍♂️🤣🤦‍♂️🤣.

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