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TN Seshan will be remembered as an embodiment of courage & conviction. It was he who brought the powerful role of the “Election Commission” into the drawing room discussion of the Common Man..

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Saddened to learn that Shri TN Seshan ji has passed away. As the former CEC of India, he reformed electoral politics and redefined the role of the Election Commission, India has lost one of its most distinguished administrative officers. May his soul find eternal peace🙏.

We need officers like TN sheshan. The man who transformed the election commission of India and made it truely an independent body but alas! Once again election commission of India leaning more towards govt side. #RIPTNSheshan.

Indeed!! Much respect for #TNSheshan the man who established the supremacy of Election Commission by exerting it’s Muscle for free and fair Elections and rule of law. Truly one of the pillars of Indian Democracy!! #RIP !!.

Sad that former Chief Election Commissioner #TNSeshan has passed away. He asserted the Election Commission’s autonomy & authority as no CEC before him had done. One of the biggest pillar of our ओम शांति: शांति: शांति:.

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He changed Congressi Commission into a real Election Commission. Om shanti !🙏.

The Afghanistan Independent Election Commission (IEC) said on Saturday that it would recount ballots from more than 8,000 polling stations – almost a third of the total – due to what it called discrepancies in their system.

Former IAS officer and Chief Election Commissioner T N #Seshan - a man who strengthened Election Commission of India and hence democracy in India - is no more. Lot to learn from him. Especially, how we all can instill institutional credibility in our systems. RIP Sir..

Former Election Commisioner, Ramon Magsaysay Awardee Shri #TNSeshan ji is no more. He truly redefined the status of Election Commission of India. #RIPSeshan.

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TN Seshan will be remembered as an embodiment of courage & conviction. It was he who brought the powerful role of the “Election Commission” into the drawing room discussion of the Common Man..

Passing away of Mr TN Seshan is the end of an era. Free and fair elections are a basic and essential element of a parliamentary democracy and Mr Seshan proved how the Election Commission can ensure it. You will be missed sir RIP.

The man because of whom common man came to know about the real power of Election Commission; the man who took bold steps and set the ball rolling for electoral reforms; the man who is a role model, especially to public servants. Om Shanti..

Sad to know about the demise of former CEC must go to him to make election commission a relevant,vibrant n effective instrument to bring about electoral reforms..

@narendramodi A very honest and hard working election commission is based on his effort..

The Afghan people yearn to hear about the results of the presidential elections, but we respect the Independent Election Commission’s decision to postpone announcing the results to ensure fairness, transparency and accountability of the final vote. #AfghanElections @ashrafghani.

@Fio_edwards Election commission says otherwise. The majority referendum which Evo ignored, you willfully ignore that to push your agenda. Try to be more objective rather that conspiracy theories..

@nolesfan2011 @ErikLoomis We don’t actually know he rigged the vote for anything close to certainty and even before the commission delay in updating the count he had a solid lead. Besides even with the irregularities it was still an infinitely fairer process than the US 2016 election lol.

@BenjaminNorton The election commission says otherwise. The same man ignored the referendum fair and square perhaps try to be more fair rather than supporting a guy was race baiting and a corrupt fraud..

@ShashiTharoor The Election Commission needs to build a temple to him in their premises and pray everyday for courage to grow a spine!.

In a country whr elections wr synonymous with booth capturing, 1 man stood up n showed us d powers of Election Commission. 1st time Indians remembered the name of their Election Commissioner. Even challenged the might of @laluprasadrjd at height of his jungle raj. RIP #TNSheshan.

@RaniaKhalek Morales was not eligible for re-election and so should not have been a candidate in last month’s election. And according to the electoral commission’s final results, Morales won by less than 10%, so there should have been a run-off. #Bolivia.

@InvisiblesMuros This is why I brought up the Ecuador example the other day, the S-30 against Correa and when I moved here the protests in front of the CNE (Election Commission) when I thought that I didnt hear right when the Police chief said they are on the same side with the protesters.

@SnellArthur @JolyonMaugham but literally no head of government or state in the EU is elected on the basis of who they would vote for as commission president, it is never any election issue in any country and they don’t even vote predictably on the issue.

T:535 #TNSeshan will always be rememered as somone who made the idea of free & fair election process a reality. He added credibility, spine, direction and determination to the office of Election Commission of India. Heartfelt condolences to his family..

Late TN Seshan was an accomplished civil servant, best remembered for reforming the Election Commission of India. As Chief Election Commissioner, Seshan ji galvanised India’s youth to actively participate in the world’s largest democratic exercise. May his soul rest in peace.

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Breaking: Former CEC TN Sheehan, who showed what leaders with spine could do to the image of an independent institution like the Election Commission, passes away. RIP.