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Tenho falado em vídeos, textos e palestras sobre a necessidade de um Plebiscito Reconstituinte: uma profunda reforma do sistema político brasileiro que retire o poder da elite política (aí incluído o STF) e o devolva ao povo..

Asad Umar
Asad Umar

In last 10 days in 2nd phase of long march, had the honour of interacting with thousands of people. Saw their amazing spirit of generosity, the sincerity of their affection, hope in their eyes. It is truly tragic that a corrupt elite has exploited them & enriched themselves(1/2).

NEW: An investigation into elite girls’ soccer, where men are in control at nearly every level and women coaches told me they face sexism, discrimination, and even harassment. Women are being driven out of their own sport, and girls are paying a price..

AD with an obviously elite quarter but most importantly, doesn’t look like he even broke a sweat. #Lakers continue to optimize how & where he’s getting his touches and he’s getting more acclimated to the defensive drops too..

EGG GYM CHALLENGE! 🥚Compete for Gym Badges 🥚Battle the Elite Four 🥚Become the Champion More information coming your way. #PokemonViolet #PokemonScarlet.

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Salvo honrosas excepciones el futbolista de élite no suele ser el lápiz más afilado del estuche..

The fact they both are in their prime its neymar all day hazard been struggling with pure bad injuries neymar is elite only messi an ronaldo better. You can argue after this year its messi an neymar.

Mrs. Matt
Mrs. Matt

I couldn’t be more proud of my I’ll always be by your side through everything! So proud of Matt, Nick & Kenny. The ELITE is back!! 🤩💪🏻.

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El secreto de #Élite es meter en cada nueva temporada a personajes más odiosos que los anteriores? Qué incómodo es ver esta serie todo el rato. Supongo que ese es el secreto de su éxito.

no iba con muchas expectativas de la nueva temporada de Elite, porque las anteriores me aburrieron un poco, pero sinceramente me esta sorprendí aunque hay partes que no tienen mucho sentido.

@Hockz1 Loved that place back in the day, loved the sweet and sour chicken Cantonese style. The fried chicken in a bag sauce separate. The Smokey chicken starter was elite.

#WonderWomen What elite class Savarna feminism shit is this crap , Artificial scene and Bangalore days was 🤢 and now this shit.

Alguna vez llegamos tan bien a un mundial como a este? Con el mejor jugador de la historia en un momento espectacular, invictos 36 partidos, el plantel recontra unido, una idea clara de juego, jugadores de ELITE dando cátedra en cada partido, disculpen pero la manija es.

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@Susie_Sooz I think you could put Miro on or someone like Juice? If they have 4 then the Elite need.

@Newposter2 Its also very obvious in the games because MW message was individuals are powerless in war which must be avoided in line with the original trilogy and then MW2 is like cartoon villains require elite superhero soldiers to defeat..

@Raiderfrank65 @AntDiGrazio It’s not what I want them to do right now, it’s what I’ve wanted them to do over the past 1-2 years. The options for acquiring elite talent was there. They balked..

Come 2024 the public will be faced with a difficult decision. Bigger than any faced by a Tory minister. Remain in servitude to a rich elite or break free never to look back..

ภาพเก่าเมื่อไม่นาน ขับรถไม่ได้หลงแต่จงใจขับเข้ามาหาที่ปรึกษาสูงสุดของทีม Elite-ssc ที่หลงมาคาเฟ่ เป็นกันเองพูดคุยไม่มีกักไม่รู้อะไรก็ให้ถามอย่าคิดเองตั้งเป้าหมายวางแผนงานให้ทีมงานประสบผลสำเร็จไปด้วยกัน ขอบคุณสำหรับคำแนะนำดีๆเสมอมาครับผ #NarongsakPomanee.

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Ofc to the extent this stereotype is true, Econ 101 would tell you that the answer lies in competition. “Grind culture” is really just competition or rather expected returns to input under competition. Like why do junior corporate lawyers at elite law firms getting so hard?.

@JamesCaughtIt I take away that our offense has the potential to be elite. But until Canada is gone we a 5 win team.

Just got my kids some stuff from the new cool cats drop and wow their e-store is smooth, pleasant and snappy! So f’n bullish on Clon longterm. His taste level for product is elite and you can’t teach that..

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10,000 Mech Bots FREE MINT coming soon! Plus, they are giving away NFTs from their Elite collection 😱 LFG @mechnft 🔥.

Well, I used to be this guy but @TAG_Keith has very sleek laptops that can do every task given to them. Check this HP Elite X2 : ✅Processor: i5 7th Gen ✅Storage : 256 SSD and 16 GB RAM ✅Fingerprint and Touchscreen ✅Has Tablet Mode.

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@TranquiloClubYT Tomorrow, hob shows up Wednesday, big epic brawl Leading to WIC, Omega challenges Buddy WIC, Omega vs Buddy. Omega wins. KOTB vs Bucks, Bucks win. Hob vs Elite, hob win the Trios title leading to feud with BCC..

@leiatheinvestor Lamentável Distorceram tudo: ele disse exatamente o contrario, ele esta preocupado com a base, não com a elite. Essa mídia é uma desgraça.

@MarinaSilva Dinheiro é fá quero ver ter peitar a China ou exigir que a Europa pare de queimar carvã quanta demagogia de elite!.

1. El único punto positivo que tiene, es la satisfacción personal de superar retos más difíciles por no tener que estar ahí. Me parece bien, pero esto se puede mantener con entrenadores élite que se salten el escalado o temas similares, habiendo otros que sean.

El personaje de Dídac bueno, está pasable, el personaje de Nico en cierto punto es odioso ya que cree que todo es transfobia, Sara cae bien pero no aporta nada, Roció tampoco aporta nada, Raúl muchísimo menos. Wey, WTH con Élite..

@IvanaParlic Obo je glavno komunikaiono sredsvto elite. Niko tu ne dođe slučajno od likova na fotografijama, do članaka, pa i sponzora..

@BETE_RUFFO @roxmo O pitaquera, tu só veio aqui meter o teu nariz, porque tu é outra louca petista, vai lá encher o saco da tua elite de artistas petistas que só falam e fazem merda como vc !.

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