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People forget that we only really missed Partey against Newcastle last season. Which is amazing because we also played Chelsea, Manchester United and West Ham in that same stretch. Nobody wants to recognize the fact that Elneny was good enough for 10 games, which is OK..

@IanMooney16 He is far better than Xhaka, Elneny and Lokonga. He walks into our midfield..

Bissouma Kwenda Spurs Dili Zuri Arsenal Sikuona Umuhimu Wa Kumsajili Bissouma Wakat Tuna Elneny, Sasa Tunahitaji CM Ambay Atatuoffer Magoli Kweny Eneo La Kiungo Na Mtu Tunayemtak Ni Tielemans Ndoo Priority Kubwa..

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The last few games to the end of last season showed some of you elneny isn’t as bad as some of you painted him, Now I’d like to know the qualities bisouma has better than elneny.

@_Grimanditweets Will wait and see what we do for the rest of the window before passing judgement but when Partey inevitably gets injured next season and Elneny has to play for a stretch of games people will act shocked that this has happened.

If you don’t ego Guendouzi we don’t need to sign Lokonga. If you sign Guimarães we can sell Xhaka and ignore Tielemans. If you sign Bissouma you can get rid of Elneny. All of a sudden you have completely revamped the midfield and you’re looking forwards not over your shoulder.

@tapintobs @LeGrove ‘ElNeny. The imminent explosion of the Egyptian prince.’ Incoming 😔.

@Msfeverkate Arsenal would to sign him, he would help them playing in the Midfield a double pivot with tom partey or he would play with Elneny or other when tom will have injuries but Bissouma could not be a backup..

We have Sambi and they just renewed Elneny’s contract, I don’t think a back up to Partey is the most pressing position now. We have other areas we are lacking. We don’t even have a number 8 or a striker..

@afc_richard It’s more the fact it’s a player we should be buying rather than giving Mohammed fucking Elneny a new contract..

Bruno Guimaeres and Bissouma are going to be overall a fee of around £50m, a fee we paid for Ben white alone. These two complete our midfield in terms of balance and depth, but instead Arteta decided to stick to elneny and xhaka. This is why we’re never progressing.

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@yavuzafc Yeah and why the fuck not get both😂 we renewed fucking elneny instead of getting bissouma for 20m😂.

We just cannot afford to get Bissouma and lose all three midfielders in Elneny and Partey to afcon for a month or so. How is that logical? Obviously we should be after someone else.

@omarelkilary @nonewthing I would agree, we didn’t miss champions league by much and at some point if we want to get back we have to spend to get there. Having bissouma to compete with partey instead of xhaka and elneny would be much better. I also think we should take the Europa league seriously.

@RohitRamsey But Elneny is not good enough and he can’t do half the things Partey can. We should be looking for competition for Partey, not having such a big difference between the starter and the back up. Thats what big clubs do..

@skengteta @cmbfooty Yep I agree. We didn’t give him the best platform to succeed but also don’t feel it reflects well that business end of the season he wasn’t trusted & we used Elneny. Like you say hes gonna be 23, which is is the same age of the other guys we signed last summer. Need more.

@OluwaSwizzhits How much do you think is our transfer budget? We have more problematic areas to fill but you want us to spend 25M on a back up to Partey when there’s Elneny and Sambi. How much will be left to buy a striker, number 8, Winger and a full back? You think the Kroenke will bring 300M?.

@FPLWenger How has the gave elneny a new contract , signed lokonga for 20m but his fans are justifying that we dont need a 25m bissuoma..

@thatishi @DISKITALKWITH Elneny 😂😂😂 maybe Youri is coming guys. We need to be hopeful but I still have worries with our depth and the increased number of games this season. Given the fact that the likes of Saka and ESR are with England now and will be in Qatar, we need numbers and quality too..

@SIMON49Arsenal There are so many quality deals that can be done between 20-40m. City have lots of players. So do Liverpool. It helps them cope with every game and doesn’t drop the performance one bit. City have rodri in DM, they are going for kalvin Phillips. But we want Partey and elneny?.

@Nas_Bockarie Or arsenal failing to land yet another good player! Stay in your lane with elneny.

@F1Jamez My problem is why can’t we have both of them ? Bissouma can be a perfect backup for partey,partey can’t play all games n Elneny can’t fit in lone 6 like partey and bissouma….

@EmmyDelucas @Evelyn_Nakayi Arteta chose Elneny over bissouma,time will exonorate him..

Arsenal could have let Elneny go and sold Xhaka. Brought in Tielemanns and Boussuma for about 50m combined. There is a huge upgrade on our options. Club hanging about again and race for 5th is on.

Its a no brainer, you want to lose elneny partey besumma when the African nations cup tilemans is better has more goal vision and can u not want a player playing along side hazard de bryune and want besumma..

@nonewthing @DlSSlDENT We need both, Lokonga is not good enough at the moment, Elneny is only good for some games.


@freddyparklands it’s the same stuff every single year: mess about haggling over pennies, lose our main targets, get desperate and then we inevitably have to either overpay or not sign anyone at all (usually the latter) then, we are stuck with Cedric, Holding, Elneny etc. in a crisis.

@manlikeash09 Don’t know why you replying this if happily have him as a 6 to partey rather then elneny but it’s clear we after a 8 having made a silly decision to extend elneny therefore rules out bissouma our fanbase want bissouma as a 8 I don’t.

Bro we got xhaka, Partey, Azeez, elneny, lakonga and maybe tielemans why are our fanbase so pressed over signing another midfielder when we have literally no striker at the club wth.

@TurkishLDN Spurs are in the Champions League, City won the League, Liverpool won the Fan cup and Champions league finalist. Now look at how fast they are with recruiting quality players and Arsenal? Elneny a contract cos he’s a nice dude, Eddie contract cos he scored 5 goals? No ambition.

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