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The Congress banned Kishore Kumar and his songs from the All India Radio because he protested against the Emergency. They forced actors and producers to blacklist him, even ordered a freeze on the sale of his gramophone records. Today the same people are paying him respects..

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The Biden administration declared monkeypox a public health emergency, with cases on the rise across the US. The announcement came during a briefing with the Department of Health and Human Services..

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@berner415 We started a grass roots petition to Declare A State Of Emergency For San Francisco Fentanyl Humanitarian Crisis to save #SanFrancisco please sign it Berner. San Francisco loves cannabis. Fentanyl has no place in our city. Respectfully..

इसका मतलब जब आप शासन में तो हिटलर गिरी किया करते थे,जो इसका प्रमाण #Emergency भी है @RahulGandhi @INCIndia.

@georgeeaton You mean the party that is in power and is currently presiding over living standards emergency?.

@Incomingcarra el americans 3shan homa sayben nafsohom fash5, ya3ny marad zey monkey pox da kn momken yetlam bas el americans are so stupid fa khalo el marad badal mayetlam, 5aloh an emergency worldwide (aka new pandemic momken).

Emergency water desalination plant in London unusable despite drought risk. The plant opened in 2010 to supply up to 1 million people during emergencies, but there are doubts as to when the facility can even begin operating..

@MurrayCampaign What restrictions are there on travel, other than the many, many COVID restrictions that were mandated by Dumocrat dictators like Jay Inslee, who still holds emergency powers after nearly 900 days?.

@rory20s You cannot stop right by an accident like that one. You have to clear the way for emergency & police..

New: Biden administration declares monkeypox outbreak a public health emergency.


I’m on my way home. Lmao, thanks to @_CookedCoke_ for making that fake emergency call for me 😂😂😂😂.

As Monkeypox Spreads, Declares a Health Emergency. A disease focused on queers. No harm to normal human beings..


@BBCLDN2 Morning, I am sorry to hear this. We do have a 24 hours live chat that is available in emergency situations. If you still need help today please drop us a DM. Thanks, Rosy.

The White House to declare monkeypox a public health emergency as cases climb in the United States..

@CathSterner This was my assessment too. What action should I take as a concerned citizen? Seek a vaccine? Mask up? Stay 6’ from people? There’s never anything to be said except “its an emergency”. NPR today said they’re splitting existing MP vax doses by 5x. Somehow this is great news..

@SassyBaconUsa Like monkey butt pox has any bearing on anything. They would make a shortage of skittles a national emergency if it would get the attention of the sheep voters.

@MatthewStadlen Even an interim government would have reacted - rushed back to Downing Street - worked up an emergency budget - hit the media, after all they are all getting a half million pound payoff for their pains. Like you, I ask myself £ 1/2 million for what ?.

The US declared monkeypox a public health emergency amid a growing number of cases across the country. #VoiceOfNations.

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『Emergency Declaration 』 事態が明らかになる1時間頃までは、予告にもあるCAさん空中浮遊の表現などカッコいいところもあったのに、その後はサスペンスとエモを求めすぎて失速。全体の印象を悪くした感じ。 うまくいかなかった『シン・ゴジラ』。.

@tmcbroom52 @blueheartedly A violent mob vandalized & burned Kenosha for days, overwhelming emergency services. They assaulted citizens & police & destroyed small businesses & property. 3 violent felons were shot bc they assaulted Kyle as he tried to flee. What are you defending?.

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@ScooterMcNeice Phillips from memory was the VFL emergency last week out of the emergencies sooo 🤷🏻‍♂️.

Sanford Health is looking for a Registered Nurse (RN)- Emergency Department- Full Time Sanford Health is one of the largest and ... -.

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@kellmano9 @OldMrHobbes Their lifesaving training and their coordination with ambulance and other emergency services is incredible. Funny thing is I learned to swim in my mid-twenties, in the pool mostly. first few times I swam in the ocean, I only had capacity for awareness and mitigation of one risk..

@profsked That is wonderful to hear! I do not & will not believe there is a man-made climate emergency!!! It is a scam to limit the lives of the working classes!!!.

For those following the “Will Hayley get to the wedding?” saga, I’m not negative yet. My flight is this evening, or I’ve booked a second emergency flight tomorrow morning. Taking another test at lunch. This is the most stressed I’ve ever been & I just want to stay in bed forever..

@MrHickmott Tories “that’s easy, it’s…. Erm , no hold on,…. “(Frantic whisper) “quick! break out the emergency whataboutery “lefty Wokeism! Channel migrants! Scroungers! Beer Starmer! Jeremy Corbyn!”.

@RahulGandhi This is called nautanki Democracy was killed in 1975 by imposing emergency. Ask your mom.

@bmwindia @devjais07 call this an inconvenience This is an emergency, it should be looked into immediately and this should be done to the satisfaction of your.

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