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Brighton have completed the signing of Swedish talent Yasin Ayari, deal agreed with AIK last week for €6m — contract completed 🔵🇸🇪 #BHAFC Ayari, in England to undergo medical tests and sign the documents..

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Weston McKennie will travel to England in the next 24h to undergo medical test and sign the contract as new Leeds Utd player. ⚪️✈️🇺🇸 #LUFC € loan fee, €33m plus add-ons as buy option, personal terms agreed. Move confirmed ✅ #USMNT.

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Tetê, flying to England in the morning as he will undergo medical tests and sign as new Leicester player — here we go confirmed 🔵🦊🇧🇷 #LCFC Deal set to be completed, as revealed yesterday..

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Babar Azam: Cricketer of the year! 👉 Failed in World cup 👉 Failed in Asia cup 👉 Whitewashed by England at home in tests 👉 Lost ODI series vs New Zealand at home 👉 Lost test series vs Australia at home Swept Netherlands, Bangladesh, West Indies. Wah kya stat padder hai 👏.

🇬🇧 #Bitcoin is up 34% since Bank of England Governor said Be prepared to lose all your money in BTC and crypto..

Four years ago, the UK recognised Juan Guaidó as Venezuela’s president. He’s now gone, but the Bank of England is still holding onto $2bn of Venezuelan gold. My latest piece in @declassifiedUK explains why this case sets such a dangerous precedent:.

1/ DRIVING MISS DAISY TO BROOME An intermittent photo series, chronicling the trans Australia journey of a fifteen year old Jack Russell Terrier from Devon, England..

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Bet #1 of £10=>£100 🚂💰 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 England 🕰️ 20:00 💰 £ => £ These odds are available on William Hill. The rest of the train will be on bet365..

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@Noor_Marriii BTW Congratulations Noor For Winning Against England By 3-0 In Test And 4-3 In t20I . Also Won A ODI Series Against NZ In WC Year . 👏.

“The BBC reports those videos were shared by Payton Gendron, also 19, who has pleaded guilty to charges related to the shooting deaths of 10 Black customers at a Buffalo, New York grocery store in May. Anderson Lee Aldrich [also viewed them].”.

India beat England by 7 wickets to win the #U19T20WorldCup! Well done, #GirlsInBlue 🇮🇳.

It’s not easy picking England’s most beautiful castles but here are 8 which really put on a show for visitors. 🏰.

serious question, has Gove ever met anyone from the North of England?.

This is a big loss, should be eye opening one. So basically India lost when their girls won the match in U19 WC and England girls in U19 pulled out of a hiest and their men got on the other side of the heist 💀.

@Robbanw95 Tänker också att tajmingen är perfekt. Han får en halv säsong att komma in i England sen en försäsong in nnan PL.

The politician in charge of policing in West Yorkshire says she would not judge someone for stealing food to feed their family..


@adzmk2 right and Haaland kept quiet by the worst defender in England gets u through to the next round.

That was clinical from India. Incredible fielding and immense work from their bowlers. They’ve almost got one hand on the trophy. Gonna be a big challenge for England to defend this! #U19T20WorldCup #bbccricket.

@ziggy6769 “Why is there so many career politicians in Scotland who have never worked outside of politics ?” Ditto England I’m afraid, and USA too. It’s the only job you can enter with normal finances and exit 40 years later a multi millionaire. Should be a maximum of two parliaments.

INDW vs ENGW : छोरियां छोरों से कम हैं के? इंग्लंडच्या टीमला नमवत भारताने जिंकला पहिला वर्ल्डकप #U19T20WorldCup.

@Namrata_Ydv I think we need to rest tooney within the next two games. Next game is Everton who are 6th but they just lost to Birmingham. The game after is Tottenham who are 8th but could steal the game if we aren’t careful, with players like Beth England in form rn..

India wins inaugural Women’s U19 T20 World Cup defeating England by seven wickets . Congratulations Team India!.

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@notlistenning1 The other day I was looking at ScotGov website and the empty properties (homes) in Scotland and there are nearly 10,000. Yet they have a huge homeless problem. The amount in England will be staggering..

Asylum seekers missing from Hove Hotel are arrested for drug offences.

@StefHa_11 They’re a strange side. Always seem to beat England and India but can’t beat Netherlands..

Presenting the 😎Bash Favs Tour😎 @BashHoopsNE and the crew are traveling throughout New England to find some Fav players before Spring SZN starts 🏀📸✍️ Registration is LIVE‼️ 🔗 Details and info ⤵️ 🔗 More updates to come!.

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@Anthony_Hornsby I enjoyed him for us, at that level was good but not a fan currently, especially for England..

📷 queencatherineparr: JENNIFER WIGMORE as Catherine Parr, Dowager Queen of England HBO’s The Royal Diaries: Elizabeth I - Red Rose of the House of Tudor (2000).

@sunflowerdales The England wanted ppl to believe that everywhere was as stinky, if not stinkier than them. Or that baths were straight up sinful.

@Michele24729158 No climate change trajectory looks scientifically sound. I do have doubts about extrapolation the central England temperature record as the initial conditions for forecast models..

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