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Christian Eriksen lost possession more times against Olympiacos (22) than any other player on the pitch. An uncharacteristically wasteful display. 😫.

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[1049] Extensive modeling-based bone formation after 2 months of romosozumab treatment (subgroup FRAME trial). Erik F Eriksen et al. Oslo. #ASBMR2019 ... convincing indeed, but curious for data after 12 months of treatment.

Rose Eriksen Aurier Alderweireld Vertonghen Could all be gone next summer. 😦.

Citen este tweet con su frase favorita de Marshall Eriksen..

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You can’t blame likes of Alderweireld and Eriksen wanting to leave and win something and also, why would Dybala want to join this shitshow.

Changes needed, need to freshen the team up in all areas and need to get rid of the dead wood like wanyama and get at least some money for Eriksen #THFC #COYS.

@AFC_Carys Thing is spurs are in a worrying position. I wonder how long it’ll take Son,Kane and co get tired just like Eriksen.

I think I’d like to see Ndombele Winks Sissoko again as a 3. It didn’t look great Vs Villa but in theory it should and we need to be more solid in the middle and restrict chances. Then Kane Son + any of Moura Dele Eriksen lamela Sessegnon. And Lo Celso can drop in when fit 🤔.

Some People are shocked that Eriksen was anonymous again, literally 85% of all games he’s played in the last two years he’s been utter dog wank. Putting up with the shit isn’t worth the handful of games a year when he’s a world beater . Get fucking shot.

Awful day yesterday for Eriksen his team lost to PSG and he did not even bother turning up for Tottenham..

Every club has players that are a bit of an enigma and you’re not sure one game to the next what you’re going to get. The problem for Spurs at the moment is we have a few. Dele, Aurier, Sanchez, Eriksen, NDombele, Moura & Lamela. You just don’t know how they’ll.

@MarkYoungTruth @chuckwoolery Yes Kaj-Erik Eriksen, we did see you, you were the one in you back yard that we photographed playing with yourself while we flew over!.

@fullback03 Biggest problem is that when Eriksen plays bad, it seem like the rest of the so called star players can’t play football anymore .. we’re too dependent of Eriksen which he is struggling to right now.

Thoughts on #OLYTOT -The changes hugely disrupted the side but have to be made. -Lo Celso & Sessegnon STILL not being fit & NDombele not looking match fit’s a big problem. -When Davies plays we invite pressure. -Eriksen still frustrating. -A points ok. Home matches vital. #COYS.

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I moan very much during sex, if this does not scare you, call me on whatsapp Real Madrid Zidane Bale sacklaurakuenssberg PSGRMA Hazard Di Maria Courtois Gueye Eriksen Cuadrado AtletiJuve Kroos Navas Rhett Keylor Herrera Kevin Spacey Powell Ronaldo Beyond Meat.

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Tonight makes you realise Son lamela and Sissoko is where the majority of our energy comes from. Eriksen and Dele can be incredibly slow and ponderous at times ☹️.

2失点どっちも不必要な失点 心配なんて先ずしてないしEriksen今あっち行っても活躍なんて出来ねえわ 飼い殺しにされるだけJamesくらいのクオリティをEriksenは持ち合わせてない 昨日のEriksenボールロスト22?23? めちゃくちゃ多かった 2失点目もEriksen取られてから ゴール前での球離れクソすぎ.

@elchiringuitotv SI! Esto es la verdad. Este senor Zidane ha dicho NO a van de beek, NO a y si pierde ahora contra sevilla y atletico , va a tener a asumir la responsabilidad!!! ;))).

Y hablando del verano, el Madrid se centró en Pogba y en nadie más. Si no quería pagar 150M, o los que fueran, por él, había otras opciones más asequibles y que le hubieran venido igual o mejor. Eriksen o VdV, por ejemplo..

Jan has got away with murder tonight. All well and good slating Eriksen but that was an absolutely terrible performance from Jan.

“Eriksen had a ‘rare’ poor performance” is this geezer for real hahahahaha he’s been shite since Juve away 2017/18.

@SpursOfficial It’s not just it’s the WHOLE attack. None of them are doing anything right. Eriksen will get the majority of the blame because people can’t see he’s taking risks and not playing typical boring passes..

Imagine actually wanting Eriksen out after one bad performance. Yes he was shit but he is one of, if not, the most important player in our squad rn..

FT. Olympiacos 2-2 Tottenham. ➔ No fue una gran noche para los de Pochettino. ➔ Cuando mejor estaba Olympiacos, Kane (penal) y Lucas marcaron. ➔ Cuando los spurs mejoraban, Podence y Valbuena (penal) empataron. ➔ Un error de Eriksen condenó. ➔ Qué poquito de Dele Alli..

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Christian Eriksen lost possession more times against Olympiacos (22) than any other player on the pitch. An uncharacteristically wasteful display. 😫.

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NEW: A profile of Christian Eriksen, a player who constantly chases and a man who constantly chases simplicity. #COYS.

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