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Ukrainians are ready to die for the European perspective. We want them to live with us the European dream..

European Photo,European Photo by Ursula von der Leyen,Ursula von der Leyen on twitter tweets European Photo

I thought everyone knew, but apparently not so I will say it here. Europe, (as in European Convention on Human Rights ) is NOT the EU. We are in Europe, we are Not in the EU..

📢 This just in! The European Commission will recommend granting Ukraine official status as an EU candidate country..

@anneapplebaum And which side should the Eastern European Member States choose, whose security is supported by the UK and undermined by the great powers of the EU?.

🚨 UEFA is planning to announce a new tournament from 2024. It will be held mid-August, most likely in the United States, involving four major European clubs, including the winner of the previous season. Four games: Final, Semi-finals, Third place. @lequipe #UEFA.

@hellokitty_ilvu Russia solely relies on its exports of oil and gas. European countries are moving as quickly as they can to phase out Russian imports. France has just announced they’ve done this. Russian will pay for its aggression, give it more time..

Press TV
Press TV

The Russian president has warned that Ukraine will turn into a semi-colony of Western countries if Ukraine goes ahead with joining the European Union..

War in Ukraine · LIVE European leaders meet with Zelenskyy in Kyiv; this dangerous..

This drizzy album reminds me exactly of when club owners/operators go to European islands for the summer and then come back to the club and want the DJ to play the same ambient house they were vibing out to in Mykonos. Takes about 2 weeks til they shake that island vibe-lag.

@Conservatives on the payroll? Zero hour contracts, lowest pensions in Europe ( we are still European) lowest min wage..

@scrowder @elonmusk tbf he had help but i get you. i love me some elon. sure he has a european attitude when it comes to guns. but no one is perfect..

Jubilation as European Commission recommends EU candidate status for Ukraine but leaves UK more isolated (Road for Scotland? ).

⚠️38,983 Deaths and 3,530,362 Injuries Following COVID Shots in European Database as Mass Funeral for Children Who Died After Pfizer Vaccine Held in Switzerland. 🔗Source 🇺🇸Join Us👉 @SGTnewsNetwork.

Zoe Daniel: “No one anticipated a major European conflict at this time. This is not money they had factored in; it should have no impact on the state of their businesses. Any argument about sovereign risk on the windfall is a furphy.”.

Can you imagine how cool a flat earth would actually be though, time zones wouldn’t be super insane and you could vc with your European friends at reasonable hours.

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